LIMBAUGH: Dems Using Impeachment As A Positive

RUSH: Impeachment, I’ll tell you.  We’ve been back and forth and upside down on this.  But I think there’s an aspect to this the Democrats are not thinking of.  And even in the audio sound bites I have that were collected over the weekend, the Democrats are still out there trying to goad the Republicans into impeaching Obama, and Obama is out there trying to goad Republicans into impeaching him.  And it’s the Democrats that are doing all the talk about it. 

You got Juan Williams on Fox telling everybody that anybody wants to do this is a racist pig and so forth.  The one thing the Democrats are not stopping to think about as they continue to talk about this, would you want the word “impeachment” associated with your president so damn often, if you were a Democrat?  What do they think they’re doing here?  After a while, if you keep talking about the impeachment of your own president… I understand they’re succeeding with fundraising on it.  Do you realize they collected $4 million the last two weeks in just e-mail appeals based on this fact the Republicans want to impeach Obama?  So I understand they got their money out of it.

But I’m gonna tell you, I never follow the conventional wisdom.  I find out what the conventional wisdom is and I go the other way almost always.  And this conventional wisdom is that all this talk of impeachment’s gonna help Obama and it’s gonna hurt the Republicans and it’s gonna really force Obama’s base, the Democrat base, out in droves in November. If they keep it up, at some point people are gonna start asking, “Well, why would anybody want to impeach?  Why are you guys talking about?  Why is this threat even there?” 

Right now the Democrats are living off the answer to that question, “Well, the Republicans are mean-spirited, they’re extremists, they’re racists, and they hate the first black president.  That’s why they want to impeach him.”  After a while, if the Democrats keep this drumbeat up, common sense, folks, at some point is going to prevail with enough people that this isn’t gonna make sense.  Impeachment as a positive?  Impeachment, this is all they’ve got is to run around and spout empty threats that their president’s gonna be impeached?  To me this is the exact kind of thing that can backfire.  So I hope they keep it up.  ‘Cause they’ve got nothing.  The Democrats literally have got nothing going for ’em.

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