LIMBAUGH: Democrat Response To Harvey Weinstein Is ‘Perfunctory, Formulaic, Tone-Deaf’

RUSH: Donna Brazile… You know, I said the other day that the Democrats do not know how to innovate, that they’ve got a playbook that tells them what to say and when to say it about any issue that comes up, and it’s not relevant to current, present time. It’s just a standard, cliche response. Hillary is famous for them. Well, “Former Democrat National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile deleted a tweet praising the Weinstein Company for taking the lead against sexual assault after they fired Harvey.” So this is exactly what I mean.

Harvey Weinstein admits to paying off… Well, he admits to mistreating. I don’t know if he has admitted to the eight pays off, but the eight women now paid off. The New Yorker is alleging three women say he raped them. It’s getting worse. In the midst of this they fire Harvey and they announce they’re gonna change the name of the Weinstein Company to the Popsicle Company or whatever it is, and Donna Brazile says, “Whoa, that’s the right thing! That’s great.” So she tweets out a praise for the Weinstein Company taking the lead against sexual assault after they fired Weinstein.

This is a classic, perfunctory, formulaic response that’s in the Democrat playbook that is tone-deaf and is unaware of present activity, things. How in the world do you praise the Weinstein Company for taking the lead against sexual assault? What she thinks she’s doing is being loyal to a donor. Well, the Weinstein Company wasn’t the donor; Harvey was. But she thinks that she’s being loyal to a donor. She thinks that she’s showing proper respect to a donor. It’s entirely tone-deaf, because all she did…

She probably doesn’t need the playbook because in many pages she probably wrote it. So an event happens, a programmed response is called for, and she utters it without any awareness of how hypocritical, ironic, or tone-deaf that it is. “The Weinstein…” This tweet was yesterday, or Sunday. This is Tuesday. This tweet was Sunday. “The Weinstein Company has taken the lead against sexual harassment and assault.” They got rid of Harvey! Donna Brazile is so used to doing PR for Democrats — so used to formulaically defending them — she just naturally tried to spin the story for the Weinstein Company because they’re good, loyal Democrat donors.

But this is as tone-deaf as Hillary’s tweet back in November 2015 when she tweeted at the height of sexual assaults-on-campus hysteria, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” This is from the woman who ran the “bimbo eruptions unit” in the Clinton White House, whose purpose was to destroy any women that came forth and alleged that Bill Clinton had done anything to them. Now, you may be saying — and if you are, it’s a good question — “Rush, big deal. So they’re formulaic.”

The reason I mention that, it’s not just the talk. It’s part and parcel of my belief that these people are ripe for being defeated, folks. Remember, it’s all about that, as far as I’m concerned. These people have to be defeated in the arena of ideas and at the ballot box and in the culture. They have to be defeated. So if they’re this inept, if they’re this formulaic and out of touch, to me it makes them easier targets. There’s no reason to be afraid of them, there’s no reason to fear them, even though the media is on their side. This is my point in pointing this out.

The fact that it’s a formulaic response and is tone-deaf and may even be hypocritical means nothing in and of itself, other than these people are not as brilliant as everybody thinks. But the real point about it is they aren’t innovating. They are not living in 2017 with their policies, their issues, their agenda. They’re ripe for defeat, is my point, and this is something that should instill confidence in the people fighting them, that they’re not (as so many people believe) unbeatable, that they are not formidable. They’re actually antiques, and they are ripe for being defeated in the arena of ideas.


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