Limbaugh: Democrat Convention Is Gonna End Up Celebrating Abortion. Psst, Let Them Do It.

RUSH: The Democrats are gonna try to go to town on this Akin thing as much as they can. Their convention is gonna be the pro-abortion convention. They’re gonna end up celebrating abortion at their convention. And, folks, psst, let me tell you something. I don’t want to you to tell anybody. Let them do it. Let them turn over their convention to Planned Parenthood and to NARAL and every other feminazi out there, you let them do it. Let them go right ahead and turn their convention into pro-abortion. If that’s what they think is gonna win the election for them, if they really think this War on Women thing, that they can play it out, let them do it. ‘Cause you and I know full well that their view on abortion is not the majority position in this country. Not their view on it.

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