Limbaugh Defends Trump’s ‘POKAHONTAS’ Tweak: “Right Out Of My Playbook”

RUSH: Yesterday at the White House some reporter at the White House briefing asked what possible political advantage did Trump see in calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. Now, folks, I have to tell you, this is right out of my playbook. I absolutely love this. Here is Trump, he’s honoring Native American code talkers, which were a very valuable group in terms of transmitting messages and decoding coded messages during times of armed conflict.

And Trump had them to the White House to honor them. And I know how this happens. I know how Trump’s brain works. You know, he’s in the process of honoring these people. There’s a script, he’s learned it, it may even be on the teleprompter, but he decides to go off the script because something, a synapsis fires in his brain, something reminds him that the Democrats have a fake Indian among them named Elizabeth Warren.

So while these Indians are there, the code talkers, Trump decides to point out that, “Hey, you know, I like you guys — and we have one of you in the Senate. We have Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren,” and then all hell broke loose. Pocahontas — which happens to be a real name of a real Native American person — somehow has now become a racial slur, and Trump has continued his known bigoted way ways. This reporter said, “What possible political advantage did Trump see in calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas?”

Well, we’re seeing it right now. The Drive-Bys are collectively once again making fools of themselves trying to claim the word Pocahontas itself is a racial slur, when it’s not. And they also look stupid by not understanding or asking about what this really is about. We have a United States Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who made up her heritage in order to get a job at Harvard. She claimed she is 1/64th Cherokee, and the evidence for it is that her mother or grandmother or somebody had high cheekbones like the Indians did.

Now, why isn’t that the real outrage? Somebody lying about being something that they are not. All Trump is doing is pointing it out, and you can see this is not done. The left does not have their sacred cows attacked like this. And when it happens, they lose it. They go bananas. So what the reality is is that a day after all of this nonsense, it is being driven home to many people that Elizabeth Warren lied about her heritage to gain status in the world of the academy, which is obsessed with identity politics.

That’s the political advantage. The political advantage is taking an event that happened, that constitutes — once again — phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollerism by Democrats and making it widely publicly known. And this is what Trump does. He simply attacks their sacred cows. He pierces political correctness. He refuses to accept the lies and the phony constructs that they create in order to protect themselves.


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