Limbaugh Blasts Sebilious: A Combination Of Absolute Incompetent Ignorance And Willful Arrogance

RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites.  Kathleen Sebelius on CNN last night and it’s a train wreck.  Interviewed by chief medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, who was sitting in for Anderson Cooper.  And Sanjay Gupta, who is the staff doctor, CNN, “Just days before the launch a test was conducted.  The website crashed with just a few hundred users.  How was this decision made to still go forward?  I mean, it crashed with just a few hundred users, and you wanted and needed millions.  So what happened?”

SEBELIUS:  Sanjay, there are people in this country who have waited decades for affordable health coverage for themselves and their families.  I see them all over the country.  What’s clear is we have a product.  The product really works.  We have created a market where there wasn’t a market.  So waiting is not really an option.  People can sign up on the website, at the call center, in person.

RUSH:  They can’t.  I said earlier, no one is this stupid.  I want to take that back.  That, folks, is exactly what I was just talking about.  There is a combination of absolute incompetent ignorance, combined with a willful arrogance that makes this simply impossible.  This question, “Look, it crashed with just hundreds of users.  Why did you still go forward?”  “Because we have waited decades for this.  We Democrats have waited decades for this.  There are people who have to waited decades for affordable health coverage. I see ’em all over the country.”

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