Limbaugh BLASTS Media ‘IDIOTS’: Stephen Miller Simply Recited ‘COMMON SENSE’

RUSH: It’s making me revise my thinking just a little bit. One thing is for sure. The Drive-By Media is populated with people who are not just biased and bigoted and prejudicial. It’s obvious that they are also the victims of an absolutely pathetic education system. I think we have to now conclude, after what we saw yesterday in the White House, that some of these people are just idiots.

They’re just ignorant. They just don’t know anything. They have not been taught truth. They have not been taught history. They’ve not been taught fact, which is one thing, but then this smug, arrogant condescension that you get from them thinking they know everything is more than you can handle.

Greetings, my friends. Great to have you. Gonna illustrate exactly what I’m talking about here. Wish I didn’t have to do this. This is such a teachable moment. This little episode here is a microcosm of why we are paralyzed in this country into a state where we can’t get back to our greatness. Where we cannot return to the portion of our history where we were triumphant and rejoicing and positive and moving forward.

We have had people for so many generations dumbed down, literally dumbed down, who are now in positions of awesome and extreme power with influence over others, that we’re paralyzed. And if we’re not paralyzed, we are backtracking and moving backwards. We are actually regressing, I should say, from magnificent progress that we as a nation and a culture and society have taken over hundreds of years.

Now, what I’m talking about is yesterday’s rollout of the legal immigration bill by Senators Cotton and Perdue, which was followed by a press briefing in the White House by Stephen Miller, who is a senior adviser to the president. Stephen Miller is from Santa Monica. He was educated I believe at Duke. He has worked for Jeff Sessions. He’s in his thirties and he’s brilliant. He is literally brilliant.

He is one of the — if not the — best spokesmen that the Trump administration can roll out to make the case for whatever policy positions they’re trying to advance. He can make the case ideologically. He can make the case in common sense, and he did so yesterday. The chore fell to Stephen Miller yesterday to conduct a briefing at the daily White House press briefing on the details of the immigration bill, legal immigration bill, which has not been revised since 1965.

Stephen Miller did one thing: He simply recited common sense. This is a common sense immigration bill. If there was ever a piece of common sense legislation, this is it. That term is thrown around by politicians ’cause it polls well, common sense climate change, common sense energy policy, common sense whatever. It polls well. It focus groups well.

In this case, what Stephen Miller did was nothing more than common sense, and yet it was interpreted — it went right over their heads, the White House press corps, not just Jim Acosta and Glenn Thrush. It went over all of their heads because they didn’t understand what he was talking about, either because of the fog of hatred they have for Trump and his administration, or they are just ignorant.

But regardless, it’s simply common sense. We have gone for decades now with no immigration plan. Now we have one. It’s a common sense immigration plan that has proven to work. It’s the same one in Canada, same thing in New Zealand and Australia. One aspect of the plan is merit-based entry into the country. You heard it explained yesterday. You get in based on merit. It’s a point system. You get in on your ability to speak English, and you get in on your ability to hold a job and work a job and produce an income.

People come here to get educated. What’s happening now, we educate them and once they have their degrees, we send them home. What this bill does will allow them to stay and work, they will enter the U.S. workforce, and they will become taxpayers. This plan is about legal education. It allows educated people who want to become Americans to stay and become Americans. It was nothing but common sense. It went over the heads of the media because their prejudicial bias did not permit them to even understand this was about legal immigration.



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