LIMBAUGH: BAMMO, IT’S BACK!! ‘Russia-Trump Collusion’ Is Back Within Hours Of North Korea Story

RUSH: Well, with the Russia story — and by the way, don’t misunderstand me. I’m talking about as a media event. I’m not saying that Mueller is relaxing or letting go. I’m strictly speaking as a media event, it was beginning to wane. Human nature. Mueller isn’t leaking anything he’s learned here. They are leaking that they raided Manafort’s house, for example. Then this North Korea rears its head, and this is the last thing, the last thing that the anti-Trumpers and Never Trumpers want.

Anything that would allow Trump to behave as a unifying strong and steadfast leader, that can’t be tolerated. So when the Nork situation happens, guess what’s leaked? The Manafort raid. And what’s put right back on the front page? What’s the lead at the Drudge Report today? FBI: Manafort Raided Bank Records. Bammo. It’s back. Russia and Trump and collusion is back within hours of whatever the North Korea story was.

The Manafort raid happened back on July 26th. So take the North Korea thing off the front page, move it down below the fold, bring Russia back with Manafort, FBI raid, bank records, documents, predawn, wow, “Matilda, it must really be bad,” is the hoped-for reaction. Then the way they’re gonna deal with the North Korea thing is, “Oh, my gosh, it’s bad enough that Kim Jong-un is insane. Now Trump, oh, my gosh, it’s two insane people.” And that’s how they’re gonna try to portray Trump and his policy on North Korea. They’re already doing it.

They’re trying to blame Trump for his fire and fury comments last night for Kim Jong-un’s further saber rattling. It’s astounding. They’re trying to blame Trump for the way North Korean’s acting. Because Trump’s unstable, Trump doesn’t understand, he’s not sophisticated or cosmopolitan enough. Trump doesn’t know that you just don’t go out and taunt these lunatics. You just don’t do it. You don’t try to alpha male ’em off the front page. You just don’t do it, and yet Trump’s doing. And that’s why we’re in this North Korea situation precisely because of —

But I’ll tell you, Rex Tillerson, you hear what Tillerson’s saying? Tillerson says, “Sleep easy. There’s nothing here. There’s nothing gonna happen here. Don’t worry about it.” I understand exactly what he’s talking about. We’re dealing with media-created frames of mind, states of mind here. The North Koreans have been who they are for months. The North Koreans have been launching missiles for months. The North Koreans have been doing this and testing this. They’ve been failing at everything they’ve been trying for months.

Then all of a sudden we get a Washington Post story claiming they’ve miniaturized nuclear warheads, they got about 60 of ’em fit inside their missiles, and bammo, everything changes. It’s exactly how they lead you down the primrose path. It’s exactly how they get you all emotionally fired up and invested in something. It’s exactly how they take a story that’s not got anything really new in it on either side, good or bad, nothing really new, but you write a story, make it look like, “Oh, my gosh, he’s got 60 miniature nuke warheads, oh, no!”

And then you’ve got a brand-new theme, a brand-new narrative, and then from that you can go “Trump’s unqualified, Trump himself is a lunatic like this guy is. And the evidence for that is Trump’s talking big with this guy and it’s just further stoking this guy, he’s threatening this guy, he’s challenging this guy. Trump’s gonna be responsible if there’s any warfare that breaks out.” Then they take that and they go back to the Russia story.


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