LIMBAUGH: As Fox News Diminishes In Ratings EXTREME LIBERALISM Is Gonna Get LOUDER

RUSH: With Fox no longer ruling the roost, these people will not have to pretend to take Fox seriously any longer. They will not have to acknowledge that Fox is credible as their reason for going on, and what’s gonna happen is they’re now gonna calculate, many of these people that MSNBC and CNN are the best places to go to get face time. And in that case, they will be back to their unbridled, extremist liberal worldview. And it’s gonna get even worse.

My point is as Fox diminishes in the ratings, the extreme liberalism and anti-American leftism is going to get louder, it is going to become more common, it’s gonna be all over the place. Whereas those people on Fox had to modify a little, or if they didn’t, they were challenged. Their worldview was challenged by a host or by another guest. And they had to explain it and justify it, which many of them couldn’t do.

This is going to change the landscape in a lot of ways that people are not even seeing. And that’s because they’re not highly trained broadcast specialists like I am, who can see these things coming. But that’s just something to keep an eye out for. Now, I’m not saying Fox can’t rebound or won’t rebound, but they have aced out the management team that built the place. They have aced out executives who were there and helped the people who built it and thus had central roles in maintaining it and growing it.

And now people who for 20 years, 15 years have always been on the outside saying, “I can do better, I know better,” now it’s their turn, and they are demonstrating that they may not really know what they’re doing. We’ll see. MSNBC and CNN are not gonna change. I mean, they’re as incompetent as ever, but the difference, big difference in this equation is Fox.

And I just want to warn you, you may already think that has happened even before the events of the past year. I mean, I’ve heard people complaining to me that Fox isn’t what it used to be for a long time. Haven’t you? So just expect that to accelerate.


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