RUSH: This Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was never going to do anything other than what they did. This was a political opposition maneuver. The court cited the president intimating during the campaign that he might implement a Muslim ban. Candidate Trump spoke on the campaign trail of implementing a Muslim ban. Except this isn’t. But it doesn’t matter even if it was, this isn’t! Seven countries plus Syria.

Eighty-five percent of the Muslim population is not covered by this executive order. There is no way that this was a religious ban in any way or a Muslim ban whatsoever. The fact that it’s obviously not a Muslim ban and the fact that Trump did not say anything in the executive order about it being a Muslim ban and that they have to go and find a statement Trump made on the campaign trail to associate with this in order to uphold this so-called judge in Seattle?

This is simply a ruling that has nothing to do with the law. This is pure Democrat hackery. This is pure left-wing hackery. They get to make it look like it’s law because they wear robes, and they are judges on a court. And so that imagery conveys all the authority and the rights that they have to do this kind of thing when it is in clear violation of the Constitution.


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