Levin Goes Nuclear: I Don’t Care What Paula Deen Said 30 Years Ago! The Country’s Going To Hell!

On Friday’s show Mark Levin was fuming and  fed up with the Paula Deen story and the Zimmerman case and how America is being depicted as a racist country.

Levin said, “America is a great country. America is not a racist country. Yes there may be individual acts of racism. No question about it. And there are individual acts of hate. No question about it. But the nation is not a per se racist country. Otherwise it’s kinda funny how all kinds of people from all over the world, mostly the Third World, are coming into this country illegally. Why would they be coming into a nation that’s so racist? Has anybody figured that out? So I’ve had it with America bashing! So that won’t be tolerated. And I’ve had it with these stupid soap opera events on TV.”

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Mark Levin Asks ‘Why Is Zimmerman Case Deserving Of Nonstop National Attention?’

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