Hmmm! RUSH: Why Are So Many People Reacting Like They Don’t Want To End Up On Trump’s Bad Side?

RUSH: Angela Merkel! “Germany intends to increase its defense spending in coming years to meet NATO’s target of 2% of GDP, Angela Merkel announced yesterday.”

I only mention this to point out that Trump is the only one who’s demanded that. Trump is the one who says, “Everybody in NATO should get out of NATO if you’re not gonna pair your fair share. We’re tired of it. We’re not gonna pay your share and ours.” Ask yourself a question: Angela decided to fess up and pledge Germany’s membership fee, which is 2% of your GDP on defense in your own country. She decided yesterday to do this. Why? Why would Angela Merkel…? If she’s watching the news in the United States, why would she do anything Trump wanted?

Why wouldn’t Angela Merkel be sitting there thinking Trump’s gonna be history in a couple of months? Why wouldn’t Angela Merkel say, “I don’t have to do what Trump asked me to do! I don’t have to react to Trump. Trump’s history. Trump’s gone. I can see what’s happen.” Why would she do this? Why would border patrol agents wrap up apprehension and deportation if Trump’s gonna be going places, he’s history, the media’s won? Why are all these people reacting like Trump’s gonna be there for a while and don’t want to end up on his bad side, hmm?


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