HILARIOUS! RUSH: There’s No Question Jan Brewer Is Being Bullied

RUSH:  This is unbelievably hilarious, and I had no idea it happened.  I had literally no idea.  I was on CNN last night.  I was the totality of CNN programming last night, and I didn’t even know about it.  I just now found out about it when Cookie sends me the audio sound bite roster.  There’s something like 10 audio sound bites.  And you know what it’s all about? 

I happened to say that the governor of Arizona is being bullied.  Is there any doubt she’s being bullied?  And yet this was thought to be the most outrageous, insensitive, over-the-top comment that anyone could make about what’s going on in Arizona, the fact that I said that Governor Brewer was being bullied.  Look, when the National Football League threatens you with taking the Super Bowl away from Phoenix unless you do what they want you to do, are you being bullied or not?  I mean, it is hilarious.  I’ll let you hear the sound bites.


RUSH:  I have no trouble admitting to you, folks, I find this hilarious. It’s such a teachable moment.  It is so hilarious.  There’s no question she’s being bullied, and yet I’m the bad guy for pointing it out.  There’s no other conclusion you can draw, in terms of the pressure that is being exerted on the governor in order to achieve the outcome they desire.  They’re not just passively waiting for the governor to make up her own mind.

There’s no passivity going on out there.  There’s not any patience or people just waiting to see what she does.  Of course they’re engaged here in bullying. You know, I guess what bothers them is that they think “bullying” is exclusively a conservative thing.  That’s what bugs them. I’m turning around on it, calling them bullies.  Of course, they’re incapable of that kind of behavior.  You know, if they don’t like “bullying,” what would be a better word be? 

Extorting? (interruption) Well, I don’t know if “extorting” would be right. (interruption)   Threatening?  Are they threatening?  Blackmailing?  How about “hostage taking”? (interruption)  Well, that’s what they say about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. They took the budget hostage or they were holding some process hostage, the deficit hostage. How about calling them hostage takers here?  That would really tick ’em off.

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