For Crying Out Loud! Rush Finds Best Example Of The ‘Limbaugh Theorem’ Yet

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RUSH: This may be — and this is tough to say — the best example of the Limbaugh Theorem yet, and that’s hard to say because there are examples of the Limbaugh Theorem every day. The Limbaugh Theorem is almost like gravity. When Sir Isaac Newton finally explained gravity to people, that was it. Everybody understood that. The Limbaugh Theorem is the explanation of how the Obama Administration works, and there are examples of it constantly because it’s how they work. Some days the examples are better than others.

Now, today’s example comes from the New York Times, headline: “Obama, Before a Military Audience, Vows to End Across-the-Board Cuts — President Obama stood at this desert base on Wednesday before nearly 3,000 Marines, sailors and their families — and a captive audience of two Republican adversaries from Congress — and vowed that he would fight to end across-the-board budget cuts that have shaken the military.”

For crying out loud, I really don’t know of a greater example of the Limbaugh Theorem and there it is in the first paragraph.  Here we have the architect of military cuts.  Here we have the man who has been responsible for them going to an audience of marines and others at Camp Pendleton and promising that he would fight to end them.  Not only was the sequester Obama’s idea, he insisted on it.  You know why he insisted on the sequester?  Because it had automatic military spending cuts.  Obama knew that the sequester would cut military spending the most, and it did.

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Rush Explains How The ‘Limbaugh Theorem’ Came Together

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