EPIC MONTAGE! Limbaugh Demonstrates How Democrats LIE

RUSH: I’ve got a golden opportunity here. There are, I mean, millions of new people listening to this program, first time, ever. In some cases first time in a long time.

I’m going to take the occasion here of the new expansive listenership to illustrate how the Democrats do not change in how they oppose things they don’t like. I want to demonstrate how they lie. I want to demonstrate how their playbook doesn’t change. I want to show you how they go about it. The reason for this, I just saw Pelosi, a tape of Pelosi on CNN, claiming that Republicans want to take health care away from people. And this is simply a rerun of many pages in their playbook.

This is not what the Republicans are going to do, obviously. But this is how the Democrats play it. So we’re going to start here with a series of sound bites to illustrate this then and now. Up first is Poppy Harlow on CNN this morning. And she is speaking about the Republican replacement health care bill. April Ryan of the Urban Radio Network is also on set.

HARLOW: Now, if this makes it through, this is on Republican’s watch, right? Every sick kid is on Republican’s watch. What is the political risk for them?

RUSH: Every sick kid is on — this is an anchorette at CNN. This is not even a Democrat. Oh, sorry. Of course she’s a Democrat. This is the media. Every sick kid is on Republicans watch. Why? Was every sick kid on the Democrats watch? No. There weren’t going to be any sick kids with Obamacare. Nobody was ever going to get sick. And nobody was ever going die. And everybody was going to be taken care of cradle to grave. It was the most wonderful, beautiful thing. Now every sick kid is on the Republican’s watch.

Not every sick adult. Not every sick woman. Not every sick man. Every sick kid. It’s the Republicans’ fault. Here’s a montage of Democrats going back to the same old playbook. We have Cory Booker, Anthony Brown, Jim McGovern, Joaquin Castro, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, all claiming Republicans will kill people with this health care bill.


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