‘CONCOMITANT’: Limbaugh To Freepers: Screw All Of You!

RUSH:  I understand, ladies and gentlemen, that my occasional usage of the word “concomitant” and “concomitantly” is irritating Freepers at FreeRepublic.com.  “Yes, and if I hear that word and his pronunciation one more time, I will scream!”  I guess some prefer “con-com-i-TANT-ly.”  At any rate, I was watching a show, a BBC show — a fascinating show, by the way.  I hope it’s made available in America. It’s from the BBC, about Kim Philby.  It’s a two-parter. I think it’s an hour and 45 minutes each, whatever. It’s an hour, hour and a half, maybe it’s two hours.


RUSH: “Con-TRO-ve-see ” is the way the Brits, apparently some of them, pronounce “controversy.” There’s “ad-VERT-tis-ment,” and “advert” is the British word for commercial or spot.  The British say everything wrong, but now people are all over me for “concomitantly” and the way I’m pronouncing it. They want “con-com-i-TANT-ly.” That’s the way some people want me to pronounce it.  Screw all of you! You know what the word is.  The thing is, when I started using it, everybody here thought I had made up a word.  You Freepers at least know it’s a word. (laughing) Now the staff’s saying, “Gee, thanks, for making us look like idiots.” 
I’m just joking here, but the Freepers are really upset here, apparently, by the way I’m pronouncing it.

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