$3 Million +! Limbaugh Breaks Another Record For Annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Cure-A-Thon

RUSH: Greetings, my friends, how are you, El Rushbo, Rush Limbaugh, here having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. 

Before I even start having what is more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, how about that?  And the reason is we just had a bang-up weekend here with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society radio Cure-A-ThonFolks, again, I’m in awe and I’m kind of, well, not speechless, obviously, ’cause I’m speaking, but I don’t have the words. Look, we’re facing a country with massive unemployment, skyrocketing mandatory health insurance premiums. People’s income tax refunds being stolen in some cases by the IRS to supposedly settle debts that previously deceased family members incur.  Nobody has any money!

Fewer and fewer people are getting raises and so forth, and yet you came in with an increase over the previous year.  It’s just mind-boggling.  I guess you could say we broke another record.  I don’t know if we keep records here. We just keep an annual total, and we had more donors this year than last, which is really one of the telltale signs of growth.  I think the average donation was down a little bit, but, just as I said, the fact that there were more donors, we ended up raising more money.  We’re over three million bucks.  Three million bucks for what is less than three hours, ’cause we don’t get wall-to-wall.  I mean, I do not sit there all three hours and just throw the phone number to you.  We do the rest of the program at the same time, so it’s not even three hours. 

So again, you all are just the best.  Everybody in media says this, but there isn’t an audience out there that can hold a candle to all of you, and I’m honored and proud. I’m humbled and in awe of the way you all come through.  (interruption)  Well, I know.  It’s a great thing that I do, too, giving people the chance to give back, giving people the chance to make a difference.  I ought not sleight myself in this.  I need to give myself the proper amount of credit because, if I didn’t do this, you wouldn’t give anything.  It’s that simple.  (laughing) Just kidding. 

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Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh Kick Off The 2014 Leukemia And Lymphoma Cure-A-Thon With $500K Donation


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