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RUSH: Meet The Depressed

RUSH: I gotta get a call here first because this is something that I saw while I was out that I had near the top of the Stack today. So we’re gonna go to Raleigh. Paul, glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m glad you’re back and doing good.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: My question for you is, does your percentage of being right go up when you call Meet the Press, Meet the Depressed, with the news out of NBC and the psychologist checking out David Gregory.

RUSH:  You know, is this not the most amazing story?  I mean, I’ve got a Stack here today that I could call everything in it, is it not the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard?  There’s four or five of ‘em in the Stack.  I don’t know which one’s more amazing than the other.  My accuracy rating ought to go up, you’re absolutely right.  I’ve been calling the show Meet the Depressed for years.  Paul, what have you heard about this?  I’m gonna be up to speed with the latest ’cause you’ve been out there consuming the news on it.  What’s the latest you’ve heard on this?  What do you think you know about this story?

CALLER:  I don’t know how accurate I have it, but NBC hired a psychologist to check out David Gregory and his family and friends.

RUSH:  Yeah, but why?

CALLER:  Because of the ratings.

RUSH:  Yeah.  That’s right.  Folks, in the old days you know what would have happened?  He’d get fired.  If your ratings went in the tank you would get fired. It happened to me seven or eight times.  It is absolutely true.  “NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ has fallen to such ratings lows that network brass ordered psychological research of the host David Gregory and his family, in a bid to make him more likable.” It’s unheard of!  You either are or you aren’t in this business.  Psychological research for the host and his family in a bid to make him more likable.  Why did he get the gig in the first place?

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RUSH: I Decided To Get A Cochlear Implant On The Right Side

RUSH: You people on the other side of the glass have gotta help me out. What was said about my absence? I don’t even remember what I said, does anybody know? Does the audience know where I was and what happened? (Interruption) Right. Okay, weeks ago I did. But did the guest hosts specify where I was? (interruption) Okay. All right. Okay. Sorry for the confusion here, folks, but it’s been a week, hasn’t it, since I’ve been here. It has been a week.

Anyway, what I did, and I alluded to this, but of course I’m so famous now I can’t tell anybody in advance what I’m gonna do or there will be a mob where I am going, to either try to sabotage it or to report on it or to misreport on it or what have you. But after exhaustive research, which included even witnessing a live surgery, I decided to get a cochlear implant on the right side.

When I got my original cochlear implant 13 years ago — I still can’t believe it’s been that long — 13 years ago I was told to leave my right ear alone, ’cause what happens in a cochlear implant surgery, well, I was told back then that they take, in essence, the guts of the ear out. So if there were to be a cure, I need my right side untouched so that the cure could be applied to it. I was told the cure might be happening in 10 years. Ten years came and went and I was assured there’s not gonna be a cure for what caused my deafness any time soon.

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