RUSH: FBI Confirms NY Times Story On Trump And Russia Is INACCURATE

LIMBAUGH: This Is Why Trump Refers To CNN As ‘FAKE NEWS’

RUSH: This is why Donald Trump refers to CNN as “fake news.” Okay. Now, two questions here. First question is: FBI tells Priebus, “Hey — wink, wink — we know that the reporting in the New York Times story about you guys and the Russians is not accurate.” How does that conversation get to CNN? Who told CNN that this even happened? Did McCabe call CNN and tell them? Did Priebus call CNN? Well, we can rule Priebus out. Who might have overheard this? We have no idea. But how does CNN learn about this?

McCabe knocks on the door, comes into Priebus’s office or wherever it happened. I don’t know if they were in the Oval Office. I have no idea. But McCabe says to Priebus whatever he says.; CNN reports it. How does CNN know? In other words, who is leaking? How does CNN find out about it? The second thing is, why isn’t the headline of this story: “FBI Backs White House, Says New York Times Stories About Trump-Russia Contacts Is Not Accurate”? Why isn’t that the headline? Because that’s the story!

The story is that the FBI told Priebus (paraphrased), “We know that these New York Times stories — and the Journal, too — about your dealing with Russia is not accurate.” That event produces a headline at CNN: “FBI Refused White House Request to Knock Down Recent Trump-Russia Stories.” How do you get there? Well, you get there because apparently Priebus responded somehow. I don’t know if he asked McCabe, “Well, can you tell the media that? Why are you telling me! Can you tell the media?” Or, “Can I share what you’ve just shared with me?”

Who knows, folks? This is above my pay grade in terms of the dynamic. But the thrust of the story, the real news in this story is that the FBI knows the story is flat-out BS. That’s the story, and CNN knows that’s the story. Yet not if you read CNN or watch it, and they spend hours with panels discussing how the Trump administration’s flouting the rule of law and trying to co-opt and politicize the FBI. This is why people say the media is in bed with the opposition to Republicans. There’s no question about it! There’s no doubt the media is. It’s like the flag business at CPAC today.



RUSH: Now, you see, this is how the Drive-By Media works. So we had the tweet that Bob Creamer’s group somehow got into CPAC and passed out a bunch of little flags that looked like the Russian flag and people are waving them around, and that gets tweeted out. And O’Keefe comes along and says, “No, no, no. Robert Creamer’s group,” we just explained who that is, “got in there and gave these things out.” Anyway, “CPAC Attendees Seen Waving Russian Flags.

From the Raw Story: “CPAC Scrambles to Control Damage After CPAC Waves Russian Flags.” This is from another website, The Week: “CPAC Attendees Wave Russian Flags Ahead of Trump Speech.” It didn’t happen. Totally planted stuff. The Drive-By Media probably knows it’s fake and a sabotage attempt. Doesn’t matter. It’s all about perpetuating this silly idea that the Russians actually are the reason Trump is president.


Rush Limbaugh Does Impromptu Interview With SCOTT BAIO: “I WILL NOT ABANDON TRUMP”

SCOTT: Sorry. Sorry. I’m in Hollywood so it’s the same thing. Sorry about that.

RUSH: You’re in Hollywood?

SCOTT: Yeah.

RUSH: Okay. Let me see the Scotts I know in Hollywood just off the top of my head. Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.

SCOTT: No. I don’t know you. I know people you know.

RUSH: I know but try names.

SCOTT: I’ll give you my last name if you want.


SCOTT: Baio.

RUSH: You are Scott Baio?

SCOTT: I am.

RUSH: Well, it’s an honor to meet you. I’m happy that you’re in the audience. It’s great that you’ve called.

SCOTT: I’ve been in the audience every day, I’m a huge fan, and I’m dying to play golf with you, Rush.

RUSH: Well, where do you play out there?

SCOTT: I have a local course out here where I play. I could play wherever.

RUSH: All right. Well —

SCOTT: I’m in the West Valley in the San Fernando Valley.

RUSH: San Fernando. Okay, look, when we finish here if you stay on line, if you give an email address to Mr. Snerdley —

RUSH: — next time I’m out there, we’ll play. I’d absolutely love that. Now, look, your premise is right on the money. But, see, identifying Ryan, I know a lot of people think this. I think it’s bigger than that, though. I think it’s the entire establishment. Not just Ryan. He probably personifies it ’cause he’s speaker. But I think it’s the entire Washington establishment that is against Trump. There’s no excuse for this. We won everything; the Democrats can’t stop us. If they were really desirous of implementing tax cuts, they could be working on it right now.

SCOTT: What frustrates me — and pardon the expression, but — power, I think, trump everything for those people. So if they want the power, what people voted for was his agenda. And, you know, you can have your own personal feelings about anybody’s agenda, but at a certain point, I want to keep my power that gave it to me.

RUSH: That’s the point. They don’t think Trump had anything to do with them winning. They thing their donors made that poss. Hang on, Scott. Let me get back with you when we get back from the break.


RUSH: How much time — or how much patience are you going to give Trump before you start questioning things? I mean, he could do that today, could do it tomorrow. He could do it in his CPAC speech tomorrow if he really wanted to. He could do it any time. And I think when you said what you said, I think a lot of people in the audience were probably standing up and cheering in agreement with you. So but if he doesn’t do it next week, next month, I mean, how long does Trump have to do this before you start losing support for Trump?

SCOTT: Well, I have this theory about Trump. I will give him eight years if he does nothing, because I don’t want the other side doing anything. I don’t want liberals getting any more of their agenda through because I think they’re killing the country.

RUSH: Amen. Right on.

SCOTT: So if he does eight years of absolutely nothing, I’m okay.

RUSH: So you are not gonna abandon Trump no matter?

SCOTT: I will not abandon Trump. Absolutely not.

RUSH: Hubba-hubba. Okay.

SCOTT: I believe in him!

RUSH: Hubba-hubba.

SCOTT: I believe in him a hundred percent.

RUSH: I think his supporters are the same.

SCOTT: Yeah, I do, too. But I want the other people that are hurting that still voted for Hillary to see what conservative ideas do, and how they help, and how they make the country strong and safe.


Rush Limbaugh Offers FREE Advice On What Democrats Should Do To WIN Again

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are searching for a new chairman of the Democrat National Committee. I have been listening, and watching, and observing, and I’m developing some ideas.

Democrats want to win again obviously, and I want to offer my admittedly free advice on what they should do if they want to… Don’t get frightened, don’t get frightened, I’ll detail it…


RUSH: I think the Democrats should take what they’re doing now and make it their platform for 2018.

I think they should run on this rabid anger that their constituents are exhibiting. I think it ought to be a major campaign plank. The Democrat Party should openly fight for transgender bathrooms. The Democrat Party… They should be honest. They’re being flushed out. So the Democrat Party should be running campaign commercials now that perfectly illustrate their support for anybody claiming to have a confused gender identity to be able to go into whatever bathroom they want, wherever your kids are, in the name of fairness and tolerance.

They should just openly come out and admit that they support this. They should then openly admit and campaign on the notion of higher taxes. They should make it clear that they want to neuter and nationalize the police and penalize them. They should campaign on continued unaffordable, state-run health care. They should by all means… I mean, since they’re opposed to what Trump is doing here on immigration, the Democrats ought to go out and let everybody know that they’re for open borders!

I mean, if this is what you’re doing to stop Trump, don’t you think you Democrats need to do this in your campaigns? You’re showing up at town halls, you’re showing up on cable TV, and you’re making it clear what you’re for. You are for open borders. You are for transgenders being able to use whatever bathroom they want. You are for high taxes. You are for an expanding federal government. You want people to be angry all the time! That’s how you get what you want in politics.