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RUSH:  When is the last time you remember a journalist not standing up for another journalist?  (interruption)  No, this is the first.  I can’t remember a time where a journalist did not stand up for another one.  This guy at the New York Times just threw Jorge in the back of the coyote wagon. (interruption)   Well, okay, but that was the Neil Munro thing, Neil Munro, he asked — well, that’s my point, Snerdley.  In that case, Obama was not taking any questions, and Neil Munro, The Daily Caller, asked questions, and the media chumped him right out of there, chased him all the way to the Washington Monument for embarrassing Obama and violating protocol.

But this is different.  This is illegal immigration.  This is the cause celebre of the campaign.  This is the Democrat Party voter registration drive, is what this is.  And the lead, the general of the Democrat voter registration drive among Spanish speaking people of this country is Jorge Ramos. He stands up, it’s his turn in his mind. He’s gonna get Trump. He’s gonna expose Trump. He’s gonna finally show everybody what a phony Trump is. He’s gonna end Trump’s campaign last night.  Instead he gets deported, he gets thrown in the back of coyote wagon, and the New York Times supports Trump.

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