RUSH: Trump Thinks He Got SCHLONGED In Iowa

RUSH: I think, folks, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump thinks that he got schlonged in Iowa.

Donald Trump thinking he was schlonged in Iowa, accuses Ted Cruz of fraud and is calling for a new election.  From The Politico: “Donald Trump on Wednesday –” that’s today “– ratcheted up his rhetoric after his loss in the Hawkeye Cauci,” accusing Ted Cruz of illegally stealing the election in a tweet that he subsequently deleted.  Accusing the Texas senator of fraud, Trump said later that a new election should take place or Cruz’s results should be nullified.  Mr. Trump said, “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he illegally stole it.”

Now, he had to pull that back.  He had to withdraw that tweet and take the word “illegally” out of it.  There were legal consequences to that, so he pulled it back.  People grabbed screenshots of it, though, and he retweeted it without the word “illegally” in it.  So it’s: “‘Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he illegally stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong any [sic] why he got more votes than anticipated. Bad!’ Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. The tweet disappeared within minutes of posting,” because of the word “illegally” in there.

“He then put up another tweet minutes later, correcting a typo and removing the word ‘illegally’ –” It wasn’t a typo.  That would have opened up all kinds of legal, what, libel possibility, so that’s why it was withdrawn and then retweeted minus the word “illegally.”  Final tweet was, “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

You know, folks, Trump calling fraud on the Iowa caucuses and saying that it should be done over might be the best proof yet that Trump is not your typical Republican establishment candidate.  No matter what happens, Republican establishment candidates almost never complain when they lose elections.  I know some people have been thinking that Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing with all these previous quotes people can produce of him supporting liberal causes and liberal Democrat candidates and so forth, but I tell you, when I see him protesting the results of an election, that to me erases any fear that he might be an establishment guy ’cause, let’s face it, establishment Republicans never complain about anything anybody does to ’em.

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Limbaugh On Seeing Bill Clinton: “I Saw Prep H, Geritol, Fixodent, Depends, Dripping Saliva”

RUSH: Bill Clinton standing behind Hillary last night, I saw that, too.  I saw it all.  I saw Prep H, I saw Geritol, I saw Fixodent, I saw Depends, I saw it all.  I saw dripping saliva. I saw it all, folks.  It was astounding.  You didn’t see it?  Well, it was striking.  And in front of him, Hillary’s running around screeching like a bunch of seagulls that have been starved out near Alcatraz for a while.

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RUSH: IT’S OVER FOR HILLARY, Whether She Knows It Or Not

RUSH: I have to tell you, whether she knows it or not, it’s over for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if that means she doesn’t get the nomination or if she does and doesn’t win the general.

This woman last night on her stage was just a sight to behold, parroting Bernie Sanders, calling herself the latest big, new “progressive,” talking about the same things Bernie’s talking about. Because last night in Iowa was the shock and the scare of her life.  It’s 2008 all over again.  “This is not supposed to happen,” Mrs. Clinton’s saying.  I don’t know if you’ve seen this in the television coverage of Mrs. Clinton’s speech last night. She did not declare victory, by the way.  And they are still saying in some places it’s too close to call.

How can that be?

How can it still be too close to call?

I mean, if it’s still too close to call, it means they’re playing games out there on the Democrat side.  Of course you’ve heard about the fact that Hillary won six coin flips in a row?  You know what the odds of that are? It’s 1.7%.  It doesn’t happen.  Anyway, I watched television coverage of Mrs. Clinton’s acceptance last night and there’s this guy that ends up being over her right shoulder as you’re looking at the picture, and he’s got two stickers on each cheek right below each eye, and he’s making weird, odd faces.  It turns out this guy has become a hero of the Internet today because people are replaying this and sending it, tweeting it, Facebooking it all over the place.

It’s a comedy piece.  Some guy stands there with Hillary stem-winder serious and telling everybody what she’s gonna do. She’s doing the Hillary screech, the voice that reminds you of your first two ex-wives.  This guy’s back there with these stickers on his face laughing and making faces, totally distracting everybody, and then if you notice Bill Clinton behind her.  And that was… What’s the word?  I was gonna say “scary,” but, no, it was shocking the way Bill Clinton looked last night.  It’s clearly not the 1990s, and there aren’t a bunch of bikini-clad babes running…

Well, there might still be that.  With Bill Clinton, you never know.

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RUSH: The Era Of Reagan Is NOT Over… It’s The SALVATION!

RUSH: We have Rubio.  We have Ted Cruz.  And I’m gonna throw Ben Carson in because this is a crucial point.  We have two genuine disciples of Ronald Reagan in the top three places in Iowa.  We have a very strong outsider in Donald Trump, who is showing the way in illustrating how to oppose the establishment and what not to be afraid of.  And then we’ve got Ben Carson.  And I would have to say Ben Carson is a disciple of Ronald Reagan.  When I listen to Ben Carson talk, I hear Reaganisms.

I know I hear them when I listen to Cruz, and Cruz openly admits he’s a Reaganite.  Ditto with Marco Rubio.  So three of the top four finishers last night are Reagan disciples with a party that is urging — its establishment is urging — that we get rid of “the Reagan fetish,” that we finally realize “the era of Reagan is over.”  It isn’t.  It’s the salvation!  We have tried it the establishment’s way I don’t know how many years starting back in Bill Clinton’s era. We have tried it with the Northeasterner moderates.  I mean, we even nominated a nice guy, Mitt Romney.

We nominated a guy who was the architect of Obamacare on the premise that we’re gonna repeal Obamacare.  It was… This is one of those things Saturday Night Live makes jokes about.  Sixty percent of the Republican vote in Iowa last night went for two Hispanics and an African-American, and 100% of the Democrat vote went for a couple of tired, old, decrepit white people.

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RUSH: ‘SMART BET’ Nothing’s Gonna Happen To Hillary With Email Scandal