RUSH: Cruz Has Hastened UNIFICATION Behind Trump

RUSH: In fact, I actually think as I said an hour ago, I think what Cruz did last night as actually hastened the unification behind Trump, particularly among GOP Establishment people who were gonna hold out.

They saw what not unifying looks like last night, and they don’t want to be in the same class as Ted Cruz.  They don’t want to be in the same room. They don’t want to be thought of in the same way.  They actually saw last night, the people who didn’t want to unify behind Trump, they saw what it looks like when the vast majority of Republican voters and convention delegates think that you’re not unifying, it’s not a pretty sight.

I don’t think this is going to lessen the establishment’s resentment of Cruz much at all.  And, in addition to that, I can tell by calls that we’ve had, calls that are on hold, emails I’ve had, a lot of Cruz supporters are disappointed.  Cruz has a lot of people that are devoted to him, and many of them, not all, but many of them wanted him to follow the script, you know, do what you have to do here and get ready for your next turn, get ready for 2020 and join the effort to beat Hillary Clinton.  All of this is academic if Hillary Clinton does not lose the election.

If she wins this election, all this is nothing more than an academic discussion.  Talking about who’s gonna be up in 2020, you talk about the epitome of selfishness, that’s four years from now.  We don’t want those four years to make 2020 important to somebody who’s not an incumbent.  That’s not what we’re angling for here.  I don’t think anybody is.  Now, I don’t know what contingent of GOP establishment who six months ago, three months ago were publicly saying and some of them for attribution that they would vote Hillary.  I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  I think they said it, I think they probably meant it when they said it, but I think when the rubber hits the road, they’re not going to, and they’re certainly not gonna be out there actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Republican, Republican establishment types.

So the unification is something that I think actually was hastened last night by what Cruz did, but he remains ostracized.  And he did further damage to himself by putting distance between him and some of his supporters who really did want him to follow the playbook, endorse Trump, and then vanish and let Trump sink or swim, maybe do a couple of campaign appearances or whatever, but don’t tie yourself to Trump, don’t link your success to his, don’t do any of that. But certainly appear to be a party guy, appear to be unified in the singular cause here of defeating the Democrats.



RUSH: Trump Pulled Off A MASTERFUL Move By Letting Cruz Speak At RNC

RUSH: Trump Pulled Off A MASTERFUL Move By Letting Cruz Speak At RNC

RUSH: One of the crucial things here that we have now learned about this is that Trump knew what Cruz was gonna say.  Right?  That story has been reported, that Cruz’s speech was submitted.  Cruz has said that the Trump people knew what he was gonna say. The Trump people say that they knew what Cruz was gonna say.  And everybody involved let it happen.

So what is the end result of this?  There are two overwhelming, inarguable results from this.  Number one, we’re gonna have a ratings bonanza tonight. And number two, we may be seeing the actual first threads of unity build behind Donald Trump because of this.  And it could well be that Trump has pulled off a masterful move letting all this happen.

I think that the argument that he may have done that is sort of rubber-stamped by the fact that he walked in to that convention hall at the exact moment that he knew Cruz was gonna be unloaded on by the audience.  He walked into that convention hall last night to his box at the exact moment that it was gonna become, it did become clear to everybody that Cruz was not gonna endorse.



RUSH: Cruz Has Hastened UNIFICATION Behind Trump

LIMBAUGH: Trump Has Changed The Rules Of Politics, Media Covering Wrong Things

RUSH: Grab sound bites number eight and nine at least, because this is more of the same here. This is NBC Special Coverage, Republican National Convention, and the NBC crew is Tom Brokaw, F. Chuck Todd, Nicolle Wallace, and Savannah Guthrie.  We’re gonna play you audio sound bites of that moment in time when they realize that Trump has changed the rules of politics and that they’re covering the wrong things.  They’re focusing on the wrong things, like the plagiarism.

Nobody cares!

They think it’s a disqualifying thing for Donald Trump that his wife plagiarized Michelle Obama.  They’ve been harping on that ever since it happened.  It’s been that and whatever else they think. Too many Trumps on stage, the hate of Hillary Clinton.  They’re missing it all.  They don’t understand at all what is unique and different about this campaign.  And they’re starting to realize it, is the point.  That’s why I asked the question about Cruz.  I’m telling you, folks, you should see it.

At various blogs, conservative blogs and in the Drive-By Media, the question of the day is whether Cruz is gonna endorse Trump. And obviously to them, the answer to that question means a lot! It may mean everything! To them, I guess we’re to conclude that if Cruz doesn’t endorse Trump, “Why, whoa! That’s more party disunity! Oh, wow, that could be the end of Trump! My God! If Trump doesn’t get Cruz’s endorsement, then Cruz is simply using the occasion of the evening to promote himself for 2020! Oh, my God, this is horrible for party unity!”

Others are saying, “Don’t kid yourself. Everything every speaker says is vetted. Trump’s not going to let him go out there unless he’s going to endorse him.” Yeah, but once he’s out there he can do whatever he wants. If they don’t grab the hook, you get away with it. The point is, it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter! But it does to them. They think it’s huge, ’cause they’re looking at this all wrong. They’re looking at this the way they’ve always looked at things. So let’s go to the audio sound bites.

It starts with Tom Brokaw and Savannah Guthrie…

BROKAW: (convention background noise) He has changed the rules of American politics. We just have to begin with that. We can’t look at it in terms of what the past is. It’s about how he has changed it.


BROKAW: We’re playing by different rules. I mean, everything that we have grown up knowing about politics and how you succeed in it, Donald Trump has set aside in the last year.

RUSH: Yeah, see, this is the moment in time the NBC crew is starting to figure out that the standard ways they have always been able to rely on to take out Republican candidates is not working. They’ve been trying to take Trump out since last June! They have been trying to take Trump out every moment of every day. They can’t do it! They thought they were going to take Trump out with Melania’s plagiarism!

They think they’re going to take Trump out because Chris Christie had the audience shouting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” They think they’re going to take Trump out because there’s too many of his kids on stage. They think they’re going to take Trump out because Patricia Smith went up there and blamed Hillary for the death of her son. And now that Trump is triumphing and Hillary and Trump are tied, for the most part, in all these important polls, they’re pulling their hair out! They’ve launched their bazookas. They’ve launched their RPGs. They have deployed their IEDs!

And Trump is still rolling.

It’s not supposed to be. Trump’s supposed to… Remember, he was supposed to have been destroyed in June. Remember that meme? “Oh, yeah! Presidential elections… If you look really deep and honestly, presidential elections are decided in June.” That’s when Hillary had her 11-point lead and was running all her ads. Trump didn’t have any money, wasn’t spending any, and they thought it was over. And now Hillary’s continued to flitter away, Trump is slowly regaining ground, and they’re coming to the realization that maybe they’re going about this the wrong way.

RUSH: Michelle Obama PLAGIARIZED Her Speech From Elizabeth Dole

RUSH: Do you know that Michelle Obama plagiarized her speech from Elizabeth Dole? Yes.  You want to hear it?  Here we go, chronological order in reverse.  Melania Trump Monday night in Cleveland…

MELANIA: You work hard for what you want in life, and your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise.

RUSH:  Michelle Obama in 2008…

MICHELLE:  You work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you’re gonna do.

RUSH:  And in 1996 in San Diego, Republican convention, Elizabeth Dole…

ELIZABETH:  Because they know he’s honest, trustworthy, a man of his word, his word is his bond, and they know he has exceptional leadership.

RUSH:  Well, not word-for-word, of course, but look how similar the statements are.  And, you know, this is what real people understand.  This is not… These are commonly expressed bromides. They are philosophy.  And there’s only so many ways to express them.  And there is no… Michelle Obama didn’t originate these words and therefore the whole notion of plagiarism, I think, ordinary people? No big deal.  They don’t see it.  They don’t understand what the big deal is.

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