MARK LEVIN: Senate Health Care Bill Is 95% OBAMACARE

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LIMBAUGH: CNN Should Use A Picture Of Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer To Cover WH Press Briefings

RUSH: The White House today announced that the press briefing, no cameras. It’s audio only. It’s being conducted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who does good — she does well — with these briefings. And the Drive-Bys, they’re just livid. You know, the White House canceled the briefing the other day and just did a gaggle, and that drove ’em nuts. Did you see Newt’s idea? Newt thinks that the White House ought to cancel the CNN credentials. Just kick ’em out of there.

CNN’s not doing journalism. CNN’s not doing news. CNN represents the opposition and don’t give them a credential. They’re not doing journalism. Kick ’em out of there. And of course some people going, “Yay, Newt! Right on, Newt! That a way!” Others: “Oh, that would be the worst thing you can do! you can’t cancel the credential of CNN!” (interruption) That’s what I say: Why not? Why can’t Trump…? Trump could do whatever he wants to do here. If he wants to fire Mueller, he can. Do you know I found this out after the fact?

Trump took the brood up to Camp David for the first time, and from the Drive-Bys, there was all kinds of speculation that Trump was gonna fire Mueller from Camp David, that that’s why he went there. Apparently, you fire people when you go to Camp David if you’re president. Nixon fired a lot of people when he went there. (interruption) Oh, I know. Jim Acosta lost it. He’s another CNN, lost his mind after the gaggle. No microphone, no cameras. So, anyway, here’s Wolf Blitzer’s reaction. This is just like 20 minutes ago.

BLITZER: All right, unfortunately, uh, you saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders walk up to the lectern there on the podium. Uh, but the White House rules are that none of the cable networks, none of the broadcast networks are allowed to carry this briefing, even though it’s a briefing that’s very, very important on a day where there’s a new Republican health care bill that affects tens of millions of Americans out there. A sixth of the U.S. economy! A day when the president, uh, tells the world that as far as he knows there are no tapes or recordings of his conversations with James Comey. Unfortunately, the White House won’t allow us to bring that briefing to our viewers here in the United States and around world live.

RUSH: Not true, Wolf! You can cover the audio. Put your picture up there. You know, Wolf, have ’em take a picture of you frowning and then run the audio from the press briefing. Or get a picture of you and Jake Tapper. You know, get a group picture: You, Erin Burnett, Alisyn Camerota. Go get Pelosi in it, Jim Acosta. Get Don Lemon in there. Take a group photo. You know, flip ’em off. Do something. Do a group obscene gesture and put that picture up while you carry the audio of the briefing. You know, don’t let ’em freeze you out, Wolf!

You gotta learn how to promote CNN. If they’re not gonna let your cameras in there but you want to carry the briefing, the briefing is happening; it’s audio only. Carry the audio and then promote whatever else you want with your visuals on CNN, instead of going (crying), “They won’t let us turn our cameras on and (sobs) so we can’t bring you the news. Wah-wah!” Wolf, you’re admitting that you want the cameras to be able to embarrass people. You are just admitting it. The briefing, you could carry it, Wolf. You could carry the audio. Wolf says, “We’re TV.”

It doesn’t matter, Wolf! You can take care of that. I’m looking at a great group shot now: Six sullen faces. Put ’em up there, pick any six from CNN you want while the briefing is going on. Put a picture of Sarah… You know, put a picture of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and put that up there. Be creative, Wolf! Come on. You people sitting around acting like your noses are out of joint here, you’re letting Trump win! You’re not covering the briefing, even though it’s happening and microphones are allowed!

(crying) “He won’t let us turn on the cameras! There’s so much important. He’s got health care! People are gonna die, and Trump didn’t say tapes and so…” What a bunch of whining crybabies. Fox carried the audio. They had a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders up there. And they were carrying the audio, for a while.


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LIMBAUGH: Obama Stayed Quiet On Russia Because He Thought Hillary Was Gonna Win

RUSH: Now, this is where it gets interesting. Obama knew about Russian election cyber mischief because everybody knew about it. The way this story’s been presented is that Russia has been a country and the Soviet Union’s been a union and they’ve been out there, but for the first time, for the first time ever, ever, the Russians tried to hack an American election. For the first time the Russians attempted to collude. For the first time the Russians tried to involve and cheat, for the first time.

And of course it isn’t the first time; it’s not the last time. It’s something that happens constantly and frequently, so much so that Obama knew about Russian election cyber mischief, he had even commented on it, and he even said it was not possible. But Obama stayed quiet because he knew Hillary was gonna win, and win big. People ask me, “This Russia thing, why didn’t it start before the election?” Because they thought they were gonna win, folks, and there is no way that they were going to taint Hillary’s victory.

Hillary knew that the DNC servers were infiltrated. This is another thing. Hillary Clinton knew, and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz knew that the Democrat National Committee computer network and their servers had been hacked. They had hired a third-party outfit forensic examination unit called CrowdStrike to go in there. They wouldn’t let the FBI examine the network.

They didn’t want the FBI to find whatever evidence was there. They wanted a third-party group that they hired that they could control. Hillary knew the DNC servers were infiltrated, but why bring that up? If you’re Hillary and you’re running an illegal off-the-grid, unsecured server from home, and if you are trafficking in classified data, why bring it up? Why make a big deal about the Democrat servers being hacked?

This is why Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is saying Jeh Johnson lied because in the aftermath of the election Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Hillary are both trying to rewrite history saying, “No, no, no, there wasn’t a hack. We weren’t penetrated.” They’re trying to downplay it because they knew the servers had been infiltrated, but if you bring that up, the Democrat National Committee, that’s a big computer network. That’s lots of security. That is a lot of money spent on big-time security. If that network got hacked, if the Russians or somebody found their way into that network and over here Hillary’s got an unsecured server in her basement, nobody wanted that to come up, any more than it already was.

And of course back on July 5th Comey had exonerated Hillary from anything that might have happened with her email server because he couldn’t find that she intended to traffic in classified data. But he demonstrated that she had. So they had to downplay this hack of the DNC because to blow it up would have been to call attention to Hillary’s own unsecured network.

What has been the media narrative since the election? Trump is obstructing justice. Trump is guilty of a cover-up. And it’s the exact opposite. Hillary Clinton was and is in cover-up mode, and she wasn’t about to say diddly-squat about a foreign government hacking anything during the campaign before the election. She wasn’t gonna get there. Obama wasn’t gonna go there because they’d already gotten into the Democrat servers. Hillary’s out there lurking with her unsecured server. They didn’t want any talk of this. And keep in mind, at all times, in all of this, they think they’re winning, they think they’re winning big in a landslide. They think Trump may not even get 30% of the vote. Even going into election night.


RUSH: Gutting Obamacare Is ‘GUTTING The Obama LEGACY’

RUSH: Folks, let me tell you what’s going on with this Obamacare repeal and replace stuff. This is before we get a final result. It may be something that we’re not crazy about, we don’t know. But that’s for later. What’s happening right now in the real world, to understand this, as I said, you have to watch the media, like the Reuters poll, the push poll that shows a majority of Americans think the Republican health care bill will harm people. They don’t know. I mean it’s this kind of bias and bogus misrepresentation, because here is why.

Gutting Obamacare is gutting the Obama presidency. Gutting Obamacare, repealing it and replacing it, just the very attempt, and it’s gonna succeed to some extent, there’s going to be something. I don’t know whether we’re gonna like it or not, but what is happening is that the signature legacy of Barack Obama is about to be gutted from American politics and American society. This is in effect gutting the Obama legacy, and this will not stand as far as the media is concerned and as far as the Democrats. This will not stand. This will not be permitted.

They will do everything they can to preserve and protect the Obama legacy. And going after health care — it’s taken the Republicans awhile to get there, and don’t think for a minute the election in Georgia is not a factor, because the Republicans now, they don’t really have an excuse. The Democrats can’t win elections. The Republicans are winning. There’s no excuse now for continuing to sit on the sidelines.

This is not to say, you know, I’m not an idiot. I’m not saying the Republicans are on board. I’m saying the Republicans are now gonna make it look like they are trying to move the Trump agenda. Whether they do or not, time will tell. But they can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and wait for Pence, which is what many of them have been doing. The theory that Trump’s gonna be gone, they’re gonna get rid of him, they’re gonna impeach him, Trump’s gone. This has been a popular, and in some cases even on our side, a hoped-for eventuality. But that ain’t gonna happen.



RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, a little helpful reminder. So McConnell goes out today on the floor of the Senate; he announces the Republican Senate version of the repeal Obamacare bill. Now, the initial thing that people do is wait for Democrats to react, and Chuck You Schumer did. He went out and reacted on the Senate floor. Wrong thing to do, folks. The place to watch is the media, not the Democrats. If you want to see what the reaction is, and if you went to learn what the Democrat battle plan is going to be, you must watch the media reaction.

You must read the AP. You must pay attention to CNN, New York Times — painful though it might be. I’m saying this is an option. If you want to find out what the reaction is, it’s not prudent today to go to Democrats. They are the arm of the primary power. It’s kind of like back in the old days, we had Kremlin-watching. We would watch the Kremlin. Whenever the Politburo would line up for some outdoor ceremony, you’d have Gorbachev there or Brezhnev or Khrushchev, whoever.

They’d line up there as they watched their missiles go by, kind of like Kim Jong-un does, and that was Kremlin-watching, and you watched who wasn’t there, who maybe had been demoted, who’d been assassinated, who wasn’t there. That was from whom we took our cues, the Kremlin. And the media is, in this analogy, the Kremlin. That’s what you have to do to follow the reaction to this.