LIMBAUGH: The Vetting Process Of Immigrants And Refugees Is A SHAM!

LIMBAUGH: Trump Is NOT A Conservative

RUSH: There’s a genuine adversarial relationship.  It isn’t new, folks.  But it keeps intensifying.  I mean, the adversarial relationship was plain as day back in the seventies when Reagan was attempting to become the Republican nominee.  And establishment Republicans of that day had similar animus to Reagan, and they did their best to discredit Reagan with his supporters.  Back in the day they joined a bunch of Democrats in the media trying to portray Reagan as dangerous with his finger poised on the nuclear weapons button, the launch button.  And I think it’s becoming more and more irrational.

What’s fascinating about this is, compared to Reagan, Trump is not a conservative, and the bulk of Trump’s support is not the Republican base.  As we mentioned yesterday, if you look at the demographics, at least as expressed by polling data, the bulk of Trump’s support is what we all have been led to believe the Republican Party wants.  Blue-collar people, moderates, and independents.  I mean, there’s the fact that they don’t control Trump and the real thing is, they don’t have any money invested.  And as such, they have no say so over what he does at all.

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RUSH: Trump Is SCARING People In The Media

RUSH:  Donald, a little bit of advice.  They’re not interested in finding out if you really made a mistake.  They are objective is to convince people you’re lying.  The objective of the media right now is to convince people that you’re just making it up. That you’re a racist and you’re a bigot and you’re flying by the wire here and you just say whatever you say and you’re dangerous because your people are believing you, and you’re ginning up all this fear and hatred of Muslims and there shouldn’t be any fear and hatred of Muslims and you’re irresponsible and you’re scaring the people in the media, Donald.  You’re scaring them.  So their objective is to try to convince as many people that you’re crazy and making it all up.  That’s why they ignore the Washington Post story that did report on this on 9/11 in New Jersey.  And here’s, in fact, Trump referencing that.

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RUSH: Trump Is Only Exaggerating, But He’s Not Wrong About Muslims Cheering 9/11

RUSH: Let me try to break down something here.  Last… Maybe it was yesterday.  I forget which.  This is already Tuesday.  This statement of Trump’s that tens of thousands of Muslims cheered on 9/11, and he’s challenged on it. “I saw it! I saw it! I saw it! They were in New Jersey; I saw it!” The media goes into fact-check mode.  The media can’t find any stories, except there was one in the Washington Post.  There was a Washington Post story in which it was reported that there were Muslims cheering 9/11 the Towers being hit on 9/11, in New Jersey, on the date 9/11.

None of the fact-checkers reported it.

They overlooked it.

They did not report that the Washington Post had actually reported what Trump is saying.  The only difference is, the Washington Post does not say “tens of thousands,” and Trump is.  So the Drive-Bys leave that out, and they think they’ve got Trump.  They think they’ve got Trump in a lie, they think they’ve got Trump exaggerate.  Except Trump, if anything, is only exaggerating, but he’s not wrong.  There were Muslims in New Jersey cheering 9/11, and the American people — and this is key: The American people know it.

The American people saw videotape of Muslims around the world cheering on 9/11.

The American people know full well that Obama’s pastor from the pulpit said, “America’s chickens…”  See, the thing is, the great disconnect is that Trump is not wrong on fact.  He may exaggerate and blow it out of proportion, but he’s not wrong on fact.  The Drive-Bys are trying to make it look like he’s wrong on fact when he’s not, and the American people know it before Trump says a word about it.  Then when you found out that the Washington Post did report it and the Drive-Bys are ignoring that in their fact check, they double down on their support even more for Trump because they don’t trust the media and the way they’re trying to discredit him.

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