RUSH: “Obama’s Our Number One National Security Problem Or Risk”

RUSH: I forget where Obama said this. Was it 60 Minutes? Or maybe some interview somewhere? Anyway, we made mention of it yesterday that Obama said that Hillary made a mistake on this e-mail server business. And my observation was, that’s not good. Hillary’s out there trying to say nothing happened, wasn’t any big deal. When the president comes out and says she made a mistake, then that puts the onus on her. All of this on the Democrat side, now, and media side. I mean, this doesn’t affect us ’cause we’re dealing with a bunch of — well, people are strangers to the truth.

But on the Democrat side, you know, the Democrats, a lot of people, the donors are really worried about this e-mail. They’re worried about Hillary’s plummeting on the polls. They’re really worried about a lot of things and they’re worried about all this excitement about Bernie Sanders. They don’t know what they’re gonna do with him except they know they’re not gonna let him have the nomination. Now they gotta figure out how they’re gonna make that happen. So Obama’s come out, and he added to this. He said that Hillary’s illegal server was not a national security problem, which is rich coming from Obama, because Obama is America’s number one national security problem, if you ask me. No, I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not going for laughs here. I really mean it.

I think Barack Obama’s our number one national security problem or risk, whether by accident, by design. I don’t know what else you’d call somebody who enables the Iranians to nuke up and then sees to it they end up with $150 billion to do with whatever they want, including buy new Boeing airliners and go out and sponsor terrorism in the Middle East. It doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in what’s going on with Syria and the fact that Putin and Russia are making a move on the entire Middle East. Yeah, it doesn’t exactly comfort me that the president of the United States is who he is, doing what he’s doing. I think it’s rich claiming that Hillary hasn’t posed any national security problems, when he is it, the number one risk, if you ask me.

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RUSH: Here’s A Ligit Question For Hillary To Be Asked At Democrat Debate

RUSH: Another question for Hillary, since I know that nobody’s gonna ask the Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick question.  I know that’s not gonna happen tonight.  So here’s a question for Hillary that would be legit and could well be asked.  Well, it won’t be, but, I mean, it suffices.

“The Clinton Foundation, Mrs. Clinton, has taken million dollars of dollars from Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia strictly enforces a legal system in which discrimination against women is the official law of the land.  Women are treated as property in Saudi Arabia, which has donated to your campaign.  Women are not permitted to leave the home without their husband’s permission in Saudi Arabia, which has donated to your foundation.  Women are not permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia, which has donated to your foundation.  A woman’s testimony in a Sharia court of law is worth half a man’s.  In other words, a woman is presumed to be lying half the time.

“Women are imprisoned, beaten, and killed for violations of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia.  Women who engage in sex outside marriage are subject to the death penalty.  Women who are raped can be severely injured legally by their husbands. The premise being that it’s the Saudi woman’s fault for being raped because she obviously violated Islamic law.  Women who renounce Islam are subject to the death penalty.  Mrs. Clinton, what is this War on Women you say that the Republicans are conducting, when all of this happens in Saudi Arabia, which is donating handsomely to you and your husband’s foundation?”

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HEHEHEHE! Listen To The First Question Rush Limbaugh Thinks Debate Moderator Should Ask Hillary Clinton

A BIG DEAL! RUSH: Why Is CNN Downplaying Expectation Of Ratings For Democrat Debate?

RUSH: Have you noticed that CNN is downplaying the expectation of ratings tonight?

If you’ve missed that, don’t doubt me.  They’re downplaying the ratings.  It’s like Les Moonves of CBS is back again today talking about how ratings on TV, they’re not as important as they used to be.  It’s tough to find them.  Man, what a built-in excuse for not getting any ratings, and that is to say that they don’t matter anymore.

Now, here’s CNN, and they’ve been salivating. They’ve been chomping at the bit. They’re going wall-to-wall here from the Wynn resort in Vegas promoting this debate and going overboard with countdowns. And everybody that works at CNN is seemingly in Vegas, seemingly on the ground at the Wynn resort just hyping this thing and promoting it out the wazoo and then telling everybody, “Well, don’t look for the kind of ratings Fox got.”  Why not?  I think expectations ought to be raised.  After all, who’s in this debate?  The smartest woman in the freaking world is in this debate.

Hillary Clinton is in this debate.  What do you mean ratings are gonna be down?  Shouldn’t ratings be skyrocketing?  This is the presumptive Democrat nominee.  This is the next president of the United States, according to CNN and The Politico and the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, take your pick, she’s the next president.  What do you mean ratings are gonna be down?  I think expectations need to be raised, not lowered, and if Hillary Clinton fails to deliver, that’s her problem.

If I ran CNN I sure as heck would not be making excuses before the thing even starts.  But that’s what they’re doing.  And they’re admitting that this field of candidates, by the way, which is all white.  Even Van Jones, the acknowledged communist from the Regime — he got thrown out of the Regime in a controversial thing. When he was discovered to be a communist they had to get rid of him. He couldn’t hide it anymore, so he’s at CNN.  Just like environmentalism is the new home of out of work communists.  So is CNN.  So he’s over there, and he’s talking about how it’s horrible, it’s very bad, whitest field since 1992. There’s one woman and no people of color.  You look at the Republican lineup and you have diversity across the board.  And of course it never counts for anything.

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RUSH: Jeb Bush ‘Plant’ At Trump Event Was ‘JUVENILE’

RUSH: We had a sound bite yesterday from the No Labels convention in Manchester, New Hampshire, which now is run by Jon Huntsman, Republican and — ah, I’m having a mental block on the Democrat.  It’s Huntsman and there’s some Democrat, you know, used to be the guy that ran McCain’s media back in 2008.  I can’t remember.  Mark, can’t remember his last name.  Anyway, we played for you a sound bite from this yesterday where Trump got a question about women and so forth, and we played his answer, and it turns out that that woman who asked the question was a Jeb Bush plant.  The Jeb Bush campaign planted a woman in the audience at the No Labels deal.  Mark McKinnon, yeah, that’s the guy’s name, Mark McKinnon.

So, anyway, they plant this woman, the Jeb Bush campaign puts a ringer in this audience at No Labels, a woman who works on his staff, has worked on Huntsman’s staff.  Her name is Lauren Batchelder and she is an intern here and an intern there, but she’s a campaign activist for Jeb Bush, and she was sent in there to ask Trump a question about women and so forth, which is such a juvenile thing.  You know, the amazing thing about this is Jeb Bush would never do this to Hillary Clinton.  Nor would any of these other Republicans.

They’ll run tricks. They’ll run juvenile little things like this against other Republicans, but they would never do this, Jeb Bush nor anybody else in this Republican field, would dare try to stack a Democrat meeting like this and put a ringer in there to ask embarrassing questions of Democrats, but they will do it against their own.  Grab audio sound bite number 14.  This is how it started.  This is that woman, Lauren Batchelder at the No Labels Problem Solver convention, and she’s the woman that stood up and asked this question.

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HILARIOUS!! RUSH: CNN Democrat Debate Parody

RUSH: Back to the way Fox opened the debate with questions of Trump.  You remember that?  “Mr. Trump, you have said the following about women,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well, just to show you what you will not see on the Democrat debate tonight, we prepared a little “If Only” parody.

ANNOUNCER:  We now join CNN’s live Democratic presidential debate, brought to you by our sponsors, Prostate Magic and the League of Left-handed Transgender Voters.  Secretary Clinton is giving her opening statement.

HILLARY:  And I want to thank CNN for hosting this debate so that we as candidates can address the issues that are so important to the American people.  I look forward to your questions.

MODERATOR:  Thank you, Secretary Clinton.  Now, our first question of the night.

QUESTIONER:  Mrs. Clinton, let me mention seven names:  Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Beth Dozoretz, and Denise Rich.  Now, tell us, how can you look at anyone with a straight face and talk to them about family values when it takes a village to satisfy your husband?

HILLARY:  Okay, um, um, uh.


RUSH:  Just to show you the differences in the way the debates happened.  It’s a totally legitimate question.  I mean, if it’s legit to ask Trump about the things that he has said about women in the past, why is it not relevant to ask Hillary about her husband?  He’s gonna be the co-president or the vice president or first man, first gentleman, whatever.

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