RUSH: Ditka Won’t Be Working For ESPN For Long After He Unloads On Liberals Over Redskins

RUSH:  Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I happened to pass along to you the information that Phil Simms (who used to be conservative) and Tony Dungy have decided they are not going to use the word “Redskins” during NFL telecasts this fall.  Tony Dungy is gonna call ‘em the Washington whatever, and Simms… Well, they’re just not gonna do it. They’re just gonna call ‘em “Washington” during the whole game. 

Well, the Hall of Fame has a very outspoken member by the name of Mike Ditka who still works at ESPN but probably not for long.  Ditka was interviewed (let’s see here) on the website by Mike Richmond.  And during a discussion about this “need” to change the name of the Redskins, Mike Ditka unloaded.

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RUSH: Obama’s New Slogan “No, I Can’t”

RUSH: You notice how often Obama says he’s powerless to do anything, even stop the rioting in Ferguson. Powerless to do anything about Benghazi. He’s just powerless to do anything. He told the Hispanic community (paraphrasing), “Hey, look, I can’t just do amnesty. I’m just the president, there’s this thing called the Constitution. I can’t do it myself. I’d like to, but I just can’t.” He loves telling people, and he loves having it said about him, how powerless he is.

This is the guy who had as his campaign slogan, “Yes, we can.” Now his new slogan is, “No, I can’t,” while he goes out and does everything he does.

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VERY SMART! RUSH: Rick Perry’s Mugshot Looks Like GQ

RUSH: So, anyway, they indict Perry for exercising this veto.  He’s responded to it extremely well, but he’s always gonna have the word “indicted” now in every headline, and he’s gonna have a mug shot in every story, although I don’t think he will.  I don’t think he will.  Because he’s learned there are ways to do mug shots.  The way to do a mug shot is to make it look like an official portrait.  You go in there dressed well and you smile. You smile and you look happy, and the media will not use it, particularly if you look good. 

Now, the female, the drunk-beyond-control DA of Travis County, her mug shot looks like you would think a mug shot of a perp looks.  I mean, it’s not flattering.  But Perry’s looks like GQ.  So they won’t use it.  Very, very smart on Perry’s part, to smile. It just looks like an official state portrait, his mug shot.  So it won’t be.  But the word “indictment” will be in there.

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Gov. Rick Perry’s Mugshot. Wait, What? Is That Josh Brolin

RUSH: ‘Other-Than-White’ Cop Shoots Unarmed White Man

RUSH: James, Salt Lake City, your turn.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  How are you today?

RUSH:  Excellent.  Outstanding.

CALLER:  Thank you for taking my call.  Hey, I was calling you from Salt Lake, and we had an officer shoot an unarmed white man, and then we found out later that it was a other-than-white officer is how they reported it.

RUSH:  Wait, wait ho-ho-ho.  Wait a minute now.  You’re in Salt Lake City, an officer shot an unarmed white man.


RUSH:  And the officer in the media was portrayed as other-than-white?

CALLER:  That is correct.

RUSH:  Was he an illegal alien cop?

CALLER:  Well, at first we thought he might be, but then they said no, he was an African-American. They will not release his name or the video from his camera that he wore on his vest, or the 911 call that was placed because of the shooting.

RUSH:  When did this happen?

CALLER:  Last week, I believe Wednesday or Thursday.

RUSH:  Last week.  Has Anderson Cooper been there yet?

CALLER:  Say that again?

RUSH:  Shep Smith, has he been there yet?

CALLER:  No, nobody’s been here.  As a matter of fact, I thought with all the rioting and looting that’s going on here, somebody would have come by and at least filmed it.

RUSH:  Is there rioting and looting that’s going on there?

CALLER:  None whatsoever.

RUSH:  There’s no rioting and looting. There’s no Shep Smith. There’s no Anderson Cooper.


RUSH:  Has Michael Eric Dyson or anybody been into town yet?

CALLER:  No.  And I thought maybe we would put a call into Al Sharpton and see if maybe he can come down and give us a hand ’cause this could really turn ugly.

RUSH: So you have a white person shot by an other-than-white cop? 

CALLER:  That’s a fact.

RUSH:  And the other-than-white cop was wearing a camera, they’ve suppressed that feed, and they have suppressed the 911 call?


RUSH:  Wow.  Wow.

CALLER:  I know.  It’s amazing.  And nobody will report on it except all of the stations here, of course.

RUSH:  You did of course, yeah.  Other-than-white cop.  Okay.

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RUSH: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Can’t Go To Ferguson

CALLER:  Rush, he’s eminently qualified to go to Ferguson and fix all this because he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  He just wears that bling around his neck and everyone’s gonna bow down.

RUSH:  You know, that is another brilliant caller observation.  The callers are two-for-two today.  You know, Scott, you and Bill deserve special commendation today, because that is so true.  This guy, he got the Nobel Peace Prize, what, two months after being sworn in, and they asked the committee, “Wait a minute, uh, peace prize winners normally have done something.” 

“Well, we know we will.”  Oh.  There’s never been better prospects for peace, the election of Barack Hussein O.  And here we are now. We’ve got the absence of peace in St. Louis.  We’ve got militarized police due to the Regime.  The Regime’s defense department has militarized local police departments.  The Nobel Peace Prize winner, he can’t go to St. Louis ’cause the White House hasn’t decided whether or not to send him.  And he can’t go because — well, he just can’t go.  So maybe, if he continues to do nothing, he’ll win it again when he leaves office.  You never know.  Scott, thank you. 

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RUSH: Obama Not Going To Ferguson Because There’s Nothing He Can Do