Howard Stern: Roger Waters Of Pink Floyd Should “Shut His Mouth” About His Anti-Israel Views

[CONTENT WARNING: Very Strong Language]

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Popular SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern went off on a belligerent caller last week after he argued Israel is “at fault” for the current conflict between the Jewish nation and the terrorists of Hamas in Gaza. Stern has been consistently pro-Israel in his views.

The caller first claimed that Stern would “change his tune” and turn his back on Israel when Comedy Central host John Oliver was in the studio — and Stern was having none of it.

“I’m not gonna change my tune. Israel’s at no fault,” Stern said.

“Israel is at fault, actually,” the caller said.

“F*** off!” Stern shot back before calling the caller another very profane name.


Stern also said Roger Waters of Pink Floyd should “shut his mouth” about his anti-Israel views.

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RUSH: ‘Public Christianity’ Helps Sportswriters Dump On Tony Dungy

RUSH: The media was just orgasming over this.  They couldn’t get enough of it.  It was the storyline.  It was, “Oh, what a great country. Oh, we’ve overcome,” all of this.  Well, when they went and talked to Dungy and Lovie Smith about it, they didn’t fall in line.  Dungy and Lovie Smith said, “You know, that’s not what’s important to us.”  I don’t have the exact quotes, but I could dig ‘em up. 

Dungy said that the important thing was, “Yeah, we’ve got two black head coaches here, but two men of God. Two devoutly Christian men have risen to the pinnacle.”  That was what Dungy said.  That, to him, was what was noteworthy about this Super Bowl.  He didn’t relegate the racial component to irrelevancy, but it was not the most important thing to him — and the media?

You could see they just didn’t quite understand. They wanted these two guys to jump on the first two black coaches in the Super Bowl storyline and just take it all the way to end zone. They just wanted that to be the thing, the greatest thing. “Oh, wow, look at us! We’re cool! Look,” and the media was thinking, “Look what we made happen because we’re the ones who have been pressuring these owners to hire people,” the Rooney Rule and so forth.

The media said, “Look what we did,” and here these two guys say, “No, we’re Christians first.”  I’m just telling you that that’s why it is thought that there’s a “subculture” of Christianity, the Christian right in the NFL. It makes people nervous.  So Dungy saying what he said about Michael Sam, the other leg that he’s standing on there — this public Christianity, devout Christian stuff — makes people nervous.

That will help and facilitate sportswriters dumping on Dungy, ’cause they already don’t like that about him.  And then if they want to, they can blame his Christianity for his views on Michael Sam and his statement that if he were a coach, he wouldn’t draft him.  “Yeah…”  They probably are whispering this to each other already.  These sportswriters talk. “Yeah, you know the real reason?”

I can hear them now. 

“The real reason is he’s a Christian. You know what THEY think about gays. That’s why! He’s not gonna say that but that’s why.” I guarantee that undercurrent is out there circulating, and it’ll pop up. It’s effervescing, and it will rise to the top, if it hasn’t already.  I haven’t looked. I haven’t spent any time looking at every sports media outlet seeing what people are saying, that may have already been said and reached the surface.

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RUSH WAS RIGHT! Election Of First African American President Will Create A Greater Racial Divide

RUSH: Well, on that day in January of 2009 I said a lot of things.  I said I hope he fails. I said if you think that voting for a black president is going to end racism and convince everybody we’re not a racist country, the slave days are over, you’re dead wrong.  The election of the first African-American president is gonna lead to more racial criticism, more charges of racism. It’s gonna create a greater racial divide because presidents get criticized, presidents’ policies are disagreed with.  But this time, when anybody disagrees or objects to an Obama policy, it’s gonna be automatically chalked up to racism.  We’re gonna move backward on race relations, I said.  And I think that’s been borne out.  And another thing I said on that day, January 16th, was that we were not gonna end up being more unified.  It was going to be the exact opposite.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m happy to be the last man standing. I’m honored to be the last man standing. Yeah, I’m the true maverick. I can do more than four words. I could say I hope he fails and I could do a brief explanation of why. You know, I want to win. If my party doesn’t, I do. If my party has sacrificed the whole concept of victory, sorry, I’m now the Republican in name only, and they are the sellouts. I’m serious about this. Why in the world, it’s what Ann Coulter was talking about, the tyranny of the majority, all these victims here, we gotta make sure the victims are finally assuaged. Well, the dirty little secret is this isn’t going to assuage anybody’s victim status, and the race industry isn’t going to go away, and the fact that America’s original sin of slavery is going to be absolved, it’s not going to happen. Just isn’t, folks. It’s too big a business for the left to keep all those things alive that divide the people of this country into groups that are against each other. Yes, I’m fired up about this.

RUSH:  I said it, January 16th, 2009.  There was no interest in solving these divides.  There was no interest in ending the racial divide.  There’s too much money in it.  There’s too much power to be accrued.  There’s too much prominence you can achieve by being in charge of the racial divide, or the race business, however you want to put it.  But I knew back then that none of what they were telling us that Obama was gonna bring was gonna happen.  It was not possible for it to happen because — I know this sounds so pedantic — he’s a liberal.  They don’t unify people.  They don’t do anything but exacerbate and expand problems.  They live off of it.  They need victims.  They need an underclass.  They need dependent, subservient people.

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LIMBAUGH: WAR Is Not Something You Do Halfway

RUSH: See, if you’re gonna do war, here’s the thing.  I don’t want to be misunderstood.  I think it should always be the last option, but when you commit to it you better go all-in.  It is what it is.  The purpose of armies, I’ll never forget this. My late friend out in Sacramento said that the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things.  And it is that simple.  That’s exactly what happens in a war.  You kill people and break things. 

Now, if you’re gonna turn your agents of killing people and breaking things into a social experimentation playground, if you’re gonna turn it into a laboratory experiment for equality and sameness and fairness, you deserve what you get, because if you don’t go all-in for victory, you are going to lose.  And that is unacceptable.  As Patton said, “Americans love a winner.  Americans hate a loser.”  But that was 1940s Americans.  Today we have a lot more Americans who think America’s guilty just because we exist and because of our existence and how we have used our existence. 

It’s a sick place out there.  And that’s why I think you need really, really smart, brave people who understand exactly what’s at stake every time this kind of policy is instituted, meaning war.  It is not something that you do halfway, if you’re serious about it.  There’s another truism.  The aggressor always sets the rules.  You can have all the Geneva Conventions you want, and you can have all the laws of war and all the rules of war.  If you’re up against somebody in war who’s breaking ‘em, what are you gonna do, go to court?  “Hey, they’re cheating on the battlefield! It’s not fair.”  You’re gonna be laughed off the battlefield.  That’s not how you deal with it.

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RUSH: To Obama Admin ‘Israel Is A Problem’

RUSH: We’ll start in Jerusalem.  This is Elvin, and I really appreciate your call.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi there, Rush, good to speak with you.  Thank you for having my call.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to briefly just share three points with you, if I may.  Number one, I think the people in America — and I lived there for 14 years.  I was born there.  I feel very much American.

RUSH:  Elvin, just slow down a little bit. You’ve got a cell phone connection.  I want people to understand what you’re saying.  Slow down just a little bit.

CALLER:  No problem.  Having been born in America and having lived in America for many years, I understand very much the American psyche.  But I wanted to share with people, they should understand, this war that’s going on between Israel and Hamas, if one excludes the moral component and just looks at it from a purely personal safety point of view. If, heaven forbid, something were to happen to Israel and we would no longer be here to fight this enemy, the first thing America needs to understand, we are next.  We are the great Satan and we will have terrorism at our doorstep.  And it’s not only, you know, someone else’s war.  What’s going on at the moment in Gaza, those folks are fighting America’s war, and people need to realize that.  Because, without Israel, heaven forbid –

RUSH:  Elvin, I actually think this is a great point.  The second thing you said first.  People — and I’m gonna include the Obama administration in this since what they do is what matters.  I think they do have a bit of a superiorist view of this, as though this is something taking place way far away, no impact on us really. They don’t even view Israel as an ally. They say that because they have to, but I guarantee you this bunch does not look at it that way. 

Israel is a problem.  And I’m not speaking in religious — it’s ideology, folks.  Israel is a problem for John Kerry, I don’t care, pick a liberal Democrat, it’s a problem.  This conflict with Hamas or the Palestinians, however it manifests itself on a day to day basis, it’s over there. It’s a thorn in our side, something they gotta deal with, but they don’t think it has any practical application to the United States at all.

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LIMBAUGH: Let Israel Win