RUSH: Hillary Should Join Action Against Jeffrey Epstein In Underage Abuse Victims Case

RUSH: Jeffrey Epstein is a New York billionaire, donor to Democrats left and right.  He has endowed universities with various departments.  His name’s on them.  He was discovered to have been running a child sex ring, for all intents and purposes. It was called a “massage operation,” but it was underage girls that he would hire and bring into his homes and for his buddies would treat them to whatever these girls offered.

Well, Bill Clinton has turned out to be one of these guys. He’s one of Epstein’s big, big friends, and Epstein flew Clinton all over the world on his airplane while Clinton ostensibly was making fundraising appearances at various disaster sites or other places.  Epstein was tried and convicted, and put in jail for a year, and then it was house arrest after that.  A number of people — Prince Andrew, a number of famous A-listers — had been identified as being in the Epstein, including Bill Clinton.  Now, none of the women who have come forth.

They’re now adults. None of them have ever said Clinton participated, but some of them have placed him on the premises.  So I was thinking, Mrs. Clinton is losing women, right?  Millennial women.  The only women that Hillary Clinton’s able to attract are 65-plus.  This is the demographic. In all the polling data in New Hampshire, that’s the only demographic she won: Women 65-plus.  So I was thinking that idea for Hillary Clinton to ingratiate herself to young women would be to take a personal interest in the Epstein case, the underage abuse victims.

They are suing the government, saying they were kept in the dark about a sweetheart deal that Epstein got, immunity and all that after he pleaded guilty to hiring teenagers for sex.  Some of them are now trying to sue him civilly.  Well, this would be a perfect example for Hillary to show that she can relate and feels bad for young women like this, by joining this action against the Epstein.  The problem is, her husband’s involved here.  But then they could fall back on, “It’s just sex. It’s nobody’s business.”

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LIMBAUGH: NFL Teams Adopt Gang Colors To Keep Players Happy

RUSH: “Most owners wanted to avoid a Raiders return to Los Angeles because of the co-opting of Raiders team apparel,” by southern California gangs, concerns so deep that some wouldn’t even consider Carson.  The bottom line, what’s been revealed here is that deep in the bowels of NFL hearings, meetings, somebody said, “We don’t want the Raiders back anywhere in LA, Carson, Inglewood, southern California, we don’t want ’em anywhere because gangs here are gonna co-opt ’em and the Raiders are gonna end up wearing gang apparel and the gangs are gonna wear Raiders apparel and we don’t want this kind of an image in the NFL.”

Now, some of you probably know this, but others of you might not.  And it’s not just true of the National Football League.  Have you noticed — like for those of you fans of Rutgers, what’s the name of the Rutgers — Scarlet Knights or something.  Their color is red.  UCLA, powder blue.  Have you noticed that now and then they wear all black uniforms or all black jerseys?  Do you know why this is?  You don’t know why this is?  No.  The players want this because black is an acknowledged gang color.  That’s why so many NFL teams have a third alternative jersey that has black.

The Detroit Lions never wore black in a hundred thousand years until a couple years ago.  The Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, their colors are not black.  They’re Columbia blue and silver and white.  All of a sudden the past couple, three or four years they’ve had black.  Baltimore Ravens, purple and white, never black, but all of a sudden they’ve got black.  My point here is the NFL is worried about something that’s already happened.  I know, people that don’t know this are hearing this and thinking, “My God, this Limbaugh guy is off his –”  Before you challenge me on this, I challenge you, do your own work on this, Google search it, whatever.  There is no question.

And, by the way, some of this is even pushed by the manufacturers of the apparel, which is either Adidas, depending on the team or league, or Nike.  But I mean the point is, it’s already happened.  I didn’t know it.  When all these teams started adopting alternative jersey colors as black or putting black somewhere in the uniform predominantly when they had never, ever had black as part of the color scheme.

I saw it referenced by a number of sportswriters who acknowledged that this was the subtle reason.  Never announced that this is why.  You’ll never find a story that announces this is why.  It’s just the players wanted it.  Coaches want to keep the players happy in this kind of regard.  If wearing black makes ’em feel different, more dominant, whatever, fine.  We don’t care.  So put it in the color scheme, petition the league, takes a couple years, change the uniform or add an alternative color, and bammo, you’re in there.

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FLASHBACK: June 27, 20

RUSH: Sports Teams Using Gang Colors In Uniforms

RUSH: Hillary Is In A Knock-Down, Drag-Out With Sanders To Own The Left

RUSH: Hillary is blowing this.  If there’s a strategy here to make her look like a centrist, if the strategy is to have Crazy Bernie be crazy wacko leftists so that Hillary can look unlike she’s that and more moderate and more reasonable?

She’s getting into an argument with him over who can be further left.

If that’s the strategy, she herself is blowing this, because she has entered the fray as, “I’m a better liberal than Bernie.  I will go farther left than Bernie will.”  Whenever Bernie scores with some wacko liberal point, Hillary is right in there saying, “I’m the real progressive in this race, and I have done what Bernie says he wants to do, and I’ve been there and I’ve already made it,” blah, blah, blah.  So she’s not taking advantage of here to occupy the center.  She’s in a knock-down, drag-out with the guy to own the left.  Now, this, to me, represents just a golden opportunity for the Republicans.  Whether they will seize that opportunity, that’s a whole ‘nother question.

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RUSH: Hillary Has A Track Record Of Denying Minorities Their Rightful Place In America

RUSH: Here is Gwen Ifill asking Crazy Bernie if he is standing in the way of history.

IFILL:  Senator, do you worry at all that you will be the instrument of thwarting history, as Senator Clinton keeps claiming that she might be the first woman president?

SANDERS:  Well, you know, I think from an historical point of view, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interests, I think a Sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well.

RUSH:  Come on, Bernie! You’re gonna put that up against the first female president? Don’t even mention that you’re Jewish?  The question needs to be asked of Hillary Clinton.  She’s the one on record. She is the one who already has a track record and history of trying to deny minorities their rightful place in this country: Barack Hussein Obama, the Reverend Jackson — who at one point wanted to be president, and her husband gets in the way.  Now she tries to stop Obama, and now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish guy from becoming president, and they ask the Jewish guy if he’s the one being unfair.

You want to rig a game? Do it that way.

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RUSH: Sanders Supporters Are In The Process Of Being ‘SHAFTED’ By His Communist Ideology

RUSH: Now, can we be a little honest here? Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Cuba. Bernie Sanders’ ideology is communism. Forget this “socialism” business.

Bernie Sanders’ ideology is communism. Bernie Sanders’ ideology, communism, is responsible for at least a hundred million deaths around the world. By the time you finish with what they did in Russia and the Soviet Union, Ukraine and you name it — and couple that with Mao Tse-tung. Wherever you have found communism imposed on a people, one of two things is true. They have to build walls to keep people in. They murder dissidents. It is a fact of life of communism. Look at Cuba. And this is Bernie Sanders ideology.

And they try to tell us that Trump represents utter ugliness. By the way, you Bernie people, can I tell you something? You are in the process of being shafted. All these young Millennials and idealists who have bought into the silly notion that social is utopia, and we cut them some slack because this is what they’ve been taught.

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