RUSH: Paris Climate Talks Are About ONE THING, ‘CARBON TAX’

Limbaugh Explains Trip To The ‘Bush 41’ White House

RUSH:  Okay, there’s so much wrong with what Jon Meacham said about my trip to the White House at the invitation of President Bush 41.  But let’s go through the things here that are just, in a sentence-after-sentence way, correct.  “Rush Limbaugh’s becoming more of a force.” I already was, but so what.  “Limbaugh endorses Pat Buchanan in the 1992 primary, so what does Bush do?  He invites Limbaugh to the White House.” That’s not why I was invited to the White House.  I was invited to the White House in June of 1992.  The Republican primary was over; Buchanan was not a factor.

It was Ross Perot who was the factor, and it was Ross Perot that was the reason I was invited to the White House.  I did endorse Buchanan way, way, way back, and for one stated reason.  And Buchanan, by the way, won the New Hampshire primary.  That’s what scared everybody.  I endorse Buchanan, he wins New Hampshire, and everybody says, “Oh, my God!” They started gulping.  And I did it for one reason.  Do you remember what it was, Snerdley? (interruption) I wanted conservatism in the debate, exactly.  I wanted conservatism in the Republican primary.

Bush was a sitting president. He had run in 1988 on the concept of being Reagan’s third term.  We had had the “Read my lips:  No new taxes.” We had had a bunch of things that had gone down that were not good, and was simply… When endorsing Buchanan, had no idea or thought that Buchanan was gonna win.  I simply suggested Buchanan, because I wanted his candidacy to survive more than a couple of weeks so that there is would be conservatism in the Republican Party primary debate process.  Pure and simple.  But by the time I was invited the White House, the Republican presidential nomination was a fait accompli, and Bush had it sewn up.

That is not why I was invited.  And we never discussed Pat Buchanan once! Not a single time.  What was being discussed was Ross Perot and things in general.  Now, the visit, Bush carrying my bags, I’ll tell you what happened.  I got to the White House. I went with a friend.  We got there, and I was told — it was a weekday night — we’re gonna have dinner, and then we’re gonna go to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts with President and Mrs. Bush and come back to the White House, chew the fat, and then I was to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom (all of which happened) and then leave the next day.

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Limbaugh HILARIOUSLY Puts Together Various Responses To DiCaprio Being RAPED By BEAR

RUSH: Back to this DiCaprio story. “DiCaprio Raped by Bear in Fox Movie.”  Would you star in a movie in which you know going in — because the scripted — that you’re gonna get raped by, say, Yogi Bear in Jellystone Park?  Would you…? (interruption)  So here we have The Wolf of Wall Street meets Yogi Bear.  But I was thinking when I saw this headline, “What kind of reactions will there be?” When we have there’s rape all over college campus, we’re told, and when rape is all over college campus?

The usual suspects start chiming in about how rotten American culture is and the Republicans are to blame and conservatives and their strict, judgmental lifestyle is causing all this stuff.  So I had a little fun here putting together various responses from people who have responded to the stories of campus rape and so forth, to this story of Leonardo DiCaprio being raped by a bear in a movie.  Whoopi Goldberg:  “I know it wasn’t rape-rape. It was something else. But I don’t believe it was rape rape.”  John Kerry:  “Well, there was a sort of particularized focus, perhaps even a legitimacy in terms — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, ‘Okay, they’re really angry because…'”

That’s what he said about educational background, that’s what he said about Muslims, militant Islamists blowing up Charlie Hebdo. “Well, they had a rationale for it.” Well, maybe the bear, hey, had a rationale for it, if we’re being consistent.  Hillary Clinton when told of the story, said, “What difference does it make at this point?” Oh, did you hear about Hillary?  She now claims her concussion was so bad, she called the NFL.  I made a joke about that and it’s coming true.  Details coming up.  Obama blamed climate change for the rape of DiCaprio by the bear in the Fox movie.

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RUSH: Millennials Love ‘TRAUMA And SUFFERING’ On TV

RUSH: I watched a bunch of television shows that through the process of reading my tech blogs and I’m focusing more and more on reading things written by Millennials, TV critics, sportswriters and this kind of stuff.  I’m really trying to get a handle on that generation.  I have picked up on something that is, to me, upsetting and disturbing, and it’s very simple.  Once I point this out to you, I think if you pay attention as you go forward you’ll notice it, too.  It ties in with everything going on at college campuses today, student protests and so forth.

They don’t want to be upset. They want these safe areas. They don’t want anybody disagreeing with all these childish little, immature demands that they’re making.  What I have noticed is, the more trauma in a TV show — the more personal trauma, the more suffering — the better.  These young Millennials, they love television shows and movies depicting stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma. The worse the better, the suffering. And the purpose of television these days, for them, is to demonstrate how to cope with all of this.  And the reason that they enjoy this, I have concluded, is ’cause that’s what their lives are today.

I’m not saying all Millennials.  I’ll talking about these media oriented critic, TV movie critics.  I don’t know how representative of the entire generation it is, but it’s gotta be pretty sizable.  The more trauma, the greater they think the TV show or the movie is, because that’s what their lives are now: Trauma and suffering and how to cope.  And a great TV show to them is one that demonstrates how to cope with all this trauma and suffering.  Now, you say, “What trauma? What stress?” There isn’t any!  That’s the whole point.  It’s made up.  What have I always said?

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