RUSH: Trump Movement Is Not About Conservatism

RUSH: I say this honestly — I’m not trying to sound know-it-all-ish or condescending to anybody.  Speaking for myself, I have never thought of Donald Trump as a conservative.

My whole life I’ve known him. I know him socially, play golf with him now and then, I mean, I can reach him on the phone if I want to.  But I’ve never considered him a conservative, and I’ve never considered him a liberal, don’t misunderstand.  But as far as a movement conservative, Trump hasn’t been.  I’ve never been under the impression that he is.  And I’ve never held it against him.

And I’ve never felt like, well, he’s not worthy of speaking on things I believe in ’cause he’s not a conservative.  That’s not my attitude.  I know he’s not a liberal.  I know that he’s nowhere near what modern day liberalism is.  What I also believe fervently is that all of this support for Trump, this movement, whatever you call this that’s happening with Trump, it’s not about conservatism.  And that doesn’t bother me.

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RUSH: Golden Opportunity To Defund Planned Parenthood

RUSH: What a golden opportunity! I mean, just in the politics of this, what a golden opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood during the Obama administration.  Make President Obama take action to maintain funding for all that we have learned that goes on in there! What has happened to the…? I’m sounding like a broken record along with everybody else.  What in the world has even happened to the political instincts of the opposition party?

Even if you don’t have the votes, you don’t think, to override a veto, make him veto it!  Defund Planned Parenthood!  Everybody in the world needs to find out what’s happening in that place.  These videos have reached an audience, but they haven’t reached a wide enough audience ’cause the Drive-Bys are ignoring it.  Okay, so the Republicans in the Senate and the House pick up the movement to defund Planned Parenthood; this creates its own story. People say, “Why?  Why?”

“Take a look these videos, Average American. Low-information voter, take a look at this!” Get the videos out, and you broaden the base of understanding and knowledge.  And then you get people all fit to be tied over what’s happening in these clinics, those that will be fit to be tied anyway. Not everybody would be; liberals being liberals. But the point is in the world of politics, even when you can’t win you can, because you can turn this around on the Democrats and make this president veto efforts to defund this.

Put the Democrat Party firmly in everybody’s mind on the side of infanticide.

Republicans don’t want to do it.

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“Viewers View” Message To Obama: Get On TV And Say Violence Against Police Is Unacceptable


‘Solidarity Of The Vaginas’: Limbaugh Jokes About Megyn Kelly And Carly Fiorina

CALLER:  Yeah, well, but again, another important point with Trump is the political correctness issue.  The other candidates are just a little weak on that, particularly Carly.  You know, she jumped in and supported Meg Kelly against Trump and played the feminist victim.

RUSH:  Well, you know, that’s the solidarity of the vaginas.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Yeah.  Well, we need to fight this political correctness that turned into a —

RUSH:  Well, wait a second now, vaginas have monologues.  We know this.  There was a play…  All right, bleep it.  Let’s not even play… Mike, just hit the bleep. (interruption) No, it’s not too late.  We haven’t gone anywhere near… (interruption) You’re telling me it’s too late to bleep it now?

CALLER:  Anyway, we need to fight political correctness.

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Before I get back to my broadcast engineer — who may be yanking my chain here…

RUSH: Now, Mike, are you yanking my chain?  You weren’t able to bleep that?  Aw, come on.  We’ve got… I can’t give a… You just didn’t ’cause you wanted that out there.  All right.  Look it, Vagina Monologues, female solidarity. It’s all it was. Everybody knows I’m a big Carly fan, so just lighten up.  It’s a joke, folks. It was a joke.

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RUSH WAS RIGHT! Media Now Saying ‘Drip, Drip, Drip’ Of Hillary Emails Is ‘MUNDANE’

RUSH: Folks.  You know, my instincts are just incredible. I opened the program today by telling you that I’ve discovered the strategy behind the drip, drip, drip of Hillary e-mail news, meaning at some point I’m reading the latest story, and I just put it down, and I said, “You know what? I’m bored.  I don’t care anymore, ’cause I know nothing’s gonna happen.”  The lights went off. That’s what this is about!  They’re trying to bore everybody.

“There’s nothing to see here. This is just crap! There are no violations of national security here.  What is all this?”  Well, lo and behold, we have the beginnings… Remember the gravitas media montage when Bush chose Cheney?  We have the beginnings of another media word that they are all starting to use to describe the Hillary e-mail scandal.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Most of the 7,000 e-mails are mundane.
JOHN KING: You do see a lot of the mundane business of government.
NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: The kind of mundane machinations of working at the State Department.
MARTHA RADDATZ: (voiceover) Many of the other e-mails more mundane…
NANCY CORDES: Run the gamut from the sensitive to the stressful to the mundane.

RUSH:  The mundane!  Of course! Nothing to see here, folks!  You see my instincts, even before I know what the media is doing I know what they’re going to do.  In this case, they were doing it; I just hadn’t seen any of their reports ’cause I don’t tend to watch. During the show prep in the morning period, I’m devoted to my stacks here.  I’ve not got the TV on.  I sent Cookie a note, “Would you scan what you recorded and see if you can find a montage?”

Because I got an e-mail: “I’m hearing the word ‘mundane’ a lot Rush.”

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RUSH: Drip, Drip, Drip Of Hillary Emails Is Designed To Bore People