Too Much! RUSH: CNN Has Chosen Sides On Israel-Hamas Conflict

RUSH: Now, back to the Israeli-Hamas situation, ’cause this is good.  Last night on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront she interested the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Dermer.  Now, there’s been all these arguments, all of this pressure on Israel, because they’re just not fair. They’re not telling Hamas early enough that they’re gonna bomb ‘em.  When have you ever heard in a war that the person bombing you gives you 20 minutes lead time to get out of the way?  Never, right?

Well, the Israelis are doing this.  They’re sending in little warning bombs that don’t do any damage. They go off, and when that happens you’re supposed to vacate the building ’cause an attack’s coming in like five minutes. 

Do remember that time when you were in school and you ended up in the janitor’s office and you found all those surface-to-air missiles hidden in there?  Remember that time?  Yeah, right, because there wasn’t.  Well, they found missiles in schools in the Gaza Strip.  And we played the sound bites on this yesterday.  They gave the missiles back to the police in Gaza, which is Hamas. 

So, anyway, there’s been all this reporting about the schools and Israel, and how children are being killed and so forth.  And this ambassador is just livid at CNN for misreporting this.  He was on with Erin Burnett last night.  There’s three sound bites here.  Her first question:  “What happened here is horrific, and we don’t yet even know the scale of how many children may have died.  Initial reports indicate at least 16 are dead and that this attack had come from Israeli tanks.  The Israeli military said it may have come from Hamas and a rocket which misfired.  Mr. Ambassador, do you know any more at this point?”


RUSH:  This was not over.  This was not over, ladies and gentlemen, and this next one is too much because in this one the infobabe suggests that the warning shots from Israel are not enough! When has anybody ever been so humanitarian as to warn a target that an attack is coming?  This is what Israel has been reduced to in order to be perceived as fair by the media and by the United Nations and by Hamas.

Because, see, Israel is like the US — big, powerful, and that’s just not fair — and poor little Hamas doesn’t even have a chance. So the Israelis, in order to try to get fair coverage are warning their targets with harmless little missiles that hit the roof of the building with a puff of smoke. It’s enough to let you know that it’s hit, and it’s a warning that a bigger attack is coming, and CNN here is unhappy that the warnings are not enough.


RUSH:  But it won’t be because the media doesn’t want the outrage on Hamas.  Hamas is the innocent victim — the small, little, just-barely-eking-out-a-survival victim, barely holding on against the evil Goliath that’s Israel. “They can’t be blamed for putting rockets in schools.  It’s the only way they can keep the Israelis from wiping them out,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, I wanted you to hear it because this doesn’t happen much where the media gets called on their absolute… It’s worse than bias.  It’s just a lack of professionalism and everything.  It is bias but it’s worse than that.

They’ve chosen sides here.

There’s no question.

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RUSH: Only Chance For GOP To Win White House Is Amnesty Was Bunch Of ‘CRAP’ From The Get-Go

RUSH: Chuck Schumer and the Democrats, they so want the Republicans to win the White House! They so want the Republicans to do the right thing, and they’re worried. So we had this headline for all these years. We had this story for all these years that Republicans better get on board, and a bunch of Republicans would say the same thing. Jeb Bush would say, “If they don’t get on board, we’re not gonna exist as a party.”

Any number of Republicans were saying the same thing, and the Chamber of Commerce said, “If the Republicans don’t sign on for amnesty, they’re done,” and then this story came 13 days ago that the whole immigration reform story has “fizzled” as a campaign issue for Democrats.  Remember how aghast I was?  How can something that has been conventional wisdom for years fizzle, three months before an election to boot? 

How can that happen? 

The only way it can happen is if it was never true in the first place, meaning this whole folderol that the only chance the Republicans have to ever win the White House again is amnesty was a bunch of crap from the get-go that they bought into and the Chamber of Commerce bought into, because I guess they wanted to believe it. I guess their consultants had polling data that showed, “Hey, the Hispanics hate your guts!

“The only way to make the Hispanics not hate your guts is to sign on for amnesty, and I’m the consultant to tell you how to do it,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway they were buying into it.  It was the law of the land, practically.  It was so simple.  It was just, “If the Republicans don’t sign onto this, if they don’t get on the right side, then it’s history for them.”  And then, 13 days ago, “Immigration Reform Fizzles as Campaign Issue for Democrats.”  

How the hell does something go away that fast?  And the reason it has gone away was because of this massive onslaught we’re facing at the border because people were able to see, “My God, this is what it means!”  So now, 13 days after the headline, “Immigration Reform Fizzles as Campaign Issue for Democrats,” we get, “House Republicans Fear Backlash From Punting Border Bill to the Fall.” (interruption) I know.

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: ‘Thank God For Bibi Netanyahu’

RUSH:  All right.  The Israelis have rejected the ceasefire proposal made by the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam.  The Israelis reject ceasefire deal.  The only thing a ceasefire does is allow Hamas to regroup.  I think Hamas is on the ropes and that’s why everybody wants a ceasefire.  I’m telling you, everything over there is ass backwards. Everything in this conflict is 180 degrees out of phase.  They want the ceasefire to give Hamas time to regroup. 

“Well, we have to make it fair, Mr. Limbaugh, because the Israelis have such an unfair advantage.  They’re richer and they’re farther advanced than the poor Palestinians and the Hamasians. Well, the Hamasians don’t have anything at all, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s just totally unfair.”  Well, that’s just tough toenails, as far as I’m concerned.  Thank God for for Bibi Netanyahu. 

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RUSH: Obama Knows That What He Believes Is A Minority Position

RUSH: There’s a new Gallup poll out, and Obama is in free fall.  Thirty-nine percent job approval.  That’s down three points from yesterday.  I don’t have enough in front of me to know why, if it even explains the specifics of the poll, or if it’s just a rolling day to day public opinion approval poll. But at any rate, down to 39%, in free fall. 

But, you know, he doesn’t care.  He’s never cared.  This has been my point all along.  My point, Obama has known from the first moment he thought about being president, he’s known — don’t doubt me on this — he knows that what he believes and thinks is a minority position in this country.  It is very important that you understand this.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m preaching.  I’m trying to be intense to be persuasive here.  He knows, the left knows, that they are a minority position.

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RUSH: There’s No Policy Against Hitting Your Girlfriend In The NFL

RUSH: So Bart Scott, not knowing anything, believed what he read, and he was out there saying that I had no business being in the league.  He’s now a CBS Sports analyst, and he was on CBS This Morning discussing with Norah O’Donnell the suspension of Ray Rice: Two games for knocking out his fiancee and dragging her out of an elevator.

O’DONNELL:  A two-game suspension.  I mean, the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has issued tougher suspensions for smoking marijuana and driving under the influence.  What’s going on here?

SCOTT:  Well, it’s not policy, really, in the conduct detrimental.  You know, we have numerous cases of, you know, PEDs and marijuana.  I think this may be something that’s gonna spark policy.  They have to first, you know, put into policy and have things in there written out where, you know, they can state that this is what’s gonna happen. 

RUSH:  What Bart Scott’s saying there is that, well, there’s no policy against hitting your girlfriend in the NFL, but that there might be now.  So their hands are kind of tied. They’re making it up as they went along ’cause there wasn’t any policy.  There’s policies on performance-enhancing drugs, and there’s policy on marijuana, and there’s policy on driving under the influence, and there’s stated punishments. 

There’s no policy against hitting your fiancee or your wife and dragging her out of an elevator at a casino in Atlantic City in full view of a hidden camera.  That’s what he means when he says they’re gonna have to put it into policy and have things in there written out where you know they can state that this is what’s gonna happen, meaning punishment.

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