NEWSMAX: Malzberg ABSOLUTELY PWNS Michelle Fields: “I Don’t Think It Works That Way”



HUGE, HUGE LOSERS!: RUSH: If Great Britain Gets Out Of EU, EU TANKS!

RUSH: So the European Union is requiring its member nations to be accommodating in ways they don’t want to be. And what the European Union is actually attempting…

You’ve heard John Kerry talk about a borderless world.

You’ve heard some liberal elites in this country speak longingly of that day in the future when there are no borders. John Lennon sang about it in the song Imagine. They literally dream that one day there will not be any nations. There will not be any borders. It’s just gonna be a global thing run by a global elite, and everything will remain where it is, but there won’t be any dividing lines. We will all be united, and we’ll all be in utopia. It will all be wonderful. But if Great Britain gets out of the European Union, then the European Union tanks, and then other countries are gonna fall out too.

It’s gonna be a domino thing. It will not just be the Great Brits getting out. That will be stage one. If this success… If this vote Thursday happens and they exit, it’s gonna cause other nation states to get out of the European Union, and all those people who set it up to benefit themselves — the elites, the establishment of Western Europe — are going to be huge, huge losers. And it’s interesting to note, folks, that all of the elites — the entire establishment, the media, all elected officials, all government types in the European Union — are practically united in their opposition to Brexit.

But it’s close.

The vote is close because the people of Great Britain are sick of living with the results of a large governing body of people who aren’t even Brits making decisions for their country. Oh, yeah, they have some members in the European Union. They got some representatives there. But it’s got representatives from all kinds of European countries. These nations that joined the European Union, I think, did so in a misguided way.

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RUSH: Twenty-one million dolalrs! She’s out there attacking Trump for making a fortune filing bankruptcies and ignoring creditors?

She makes a fortune by strong-arming people and selling access to her future presidency. I have to think… I could be wrong. I have to think if some of these low-information people… I know I could be wrong, but as she starts beating up on these bankers and trashing them and blaming them, what do you think would happen if someone had a massive information campaign to make sure that every Democrat voter knew she made $21 million in two years making speeches to these people? What you think would happen if we could successfully inform all of these Democrat voters that she and her husband and the entire Democrat Party are in bed with these bankers?

And contrary to the Democrats’ ravishing these bankers and keeping them honest and all that, that they’re in bed with ’em!  Because it’s true; the average Democrat voters hates these banks.  They hate Wall Street.  They hate the big banks.  They make the assumption that these are all Republican ties.  There is no economic growth.  Everything she’s saying can be exposed as untrue, dramatically untrue.  If there’s anybody in this race that’s unqualified, it’s Hillary Clinton.  Now, some of you say, “Rush, look at all the experience.”  I don’t care about experience.  Let’s talk about smart.

She’s not smart.

She’s wrong on everything she believes.

Why isn’t that a factor?

Screw experience! She’s wrong on everything.  She’s dangerous.  She hasn’t done anything to earn this job, other than be Mrs. Bill Clinton and be loyal by making sure the things he’s done outside the home have not come back to haunt him or her or the Democrats.  That’s why she’s running for president, plus it’s the quest for power that the Clintons all have.

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OUTRAGEOUS! RUSH: Hillary Economic Speech “Typical Hillary/Liberal Democrat Speech On Economics”

RUSH: Let me share with you some of the tweets that Trump fired off during Hillary’s speech. And, again, we were rolling on it.

We’ll have some audio highlights of it. It was outrageous. It was a typical Hillary/liberal Democrat speech on economics. It was as wrong — and, frankly, as dangerous as it could be — and it mischaracterized Trump, and it mischaracterized the opponents of Democrats and what they want to do. It’s the same old thing. Hillary and the Democrats are gonna protect the poor and the middle class while they’re putting them out of work. They’re putting coal miners out of work. They’re putting union workers out of work.

The Democrats and their economic policies are causing 94 million Americans not to work. But the Democrats are feeding ’em, and the Democrats are paying for their cell phone coverage, so I guess it’s okay. Anyway, here’s some of Trump’s tweets, as Hillary was making her speech, and it says these are the bottom up. “I’ll be making a big speech tomorrow to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary.” “Hillary says this election’s about judgment. She’s right. Her judgment has killed thousands, unleashed ISIS, and wrecked the US economy.”

“Hillary Clinton surged the trade deficit with China 40% as secretary of state, costing Americans millions of jobs.” “How can Hillary run the economy when she can’t even send emails without putting the entire nation at risk?” “Hillary Clinton’s open-borders immigration policies will drive down wages for all Americans and make everybody less safe.” “Obama, Clinton inherited $10 trillion in debt and turned it into nearly $20 trillion. They have bankrupted…” That’s an Instagram, by the way. And the last tweet that I have that Trump sent out: “I am the king of debt.

“That’s been great for me as a businessman, but it’s bad for the country. I made a fortune off of debt, but I’m gonna fix America.”
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RUSH: 51 Dissenting State Dept. Officials Are Hillary People Trying To Separate Her From Obama’s Disastrous ISIS Policies

RUSH: When it comes to ISIS, we’ve got the CIA and elements in the State Department now publicly disagreeing with and whatever else you want to say Obama on this.  My original thought was, “Is there a revolt going on here?  And, if so, what could be the explanation for it?”  And then I had to grab hold of myself and say, “Wait a minute. It’s not that. There’s no revolt going on.  Not in the sense that you probably understand it.”  I finally figured out, these are all Hillary people.  I don’t know about Brennan, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

These are all Hillary people who are doing everything they can to separate Hillary from Obama and this disastrous policies of his involving ISIS.  Because they think the Hillary campaign can clearly see… The Hillary campaign does not want to run for office having to echo what these clowns at the Regime are saying.  Hillary doesn’t want to have to run against Christians.

She doesn’t want to have to blame the Second Amendment for this.  I guarantee you… Well, I can’t guarantee you.  I am surmising that what this actually is, is Clinton people trying to separate her from what they see as very potentially damaging, disastrous, incompetent, immature, irrelevant Obama foreign policy.  That’s the explanation.

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