RUSH: Reggie Bush Has No Idea That He’s Just Painted A Bull’s-Eye On Himself

RUSH: Here’s a story from Fox News. Remember, it might have been yesterday, might have been yesterday, Reggie Bush out of USC and New Orleans Saints and now with the Detroit Lions. We played an audio sound bite of Reggie Bush, was on radio. He was talking about what happened to Adrian Peterson and what Adrian Peterson did whooping his four-year-old son.

Reggie Bush said, “I got what we called whoopin’s so, you know, whooped with belts and stuff like that. For me growing up it was normal. I’ll most definitely discipline my daughter. I have a one-year-old daughter. I definitely will try to, obviously. Not leave bruises or anything like that on her, but, um, I definitely will discipline her harshly, you know, depending on what, you know, again what the situation is.”

So I pointed out: Reggie Bush just painted a bull’s-eye on himself.

From sports: “Reggie Bush’s Comments on Daughter Could Prompt Investigation, Experts Say.” See? You can see this stuff coming. He’s trying to help out Adrian Peterson and he’s trying to stand up for what was a cultural norm, and he’s trying to do… He thinks he’s being helpful. He has no idea that he’s just painted a bull’s-eye on himself.

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Ha! Ha-Ha! RUSH: Obama And Hillary Go All-In On The NFL And The War On Women

RUSH: Two different national figures have weighed in on our pop culture and politics and sports leagues. One of them, the president of the United States. This is at the White House today. Obama hosted an event to launch the It’s On Us campaign. Do you know what that is, the It’s On Us campaign?

Well, it’s “a new public awareness and action campaign designed to prevent sexual assault taught at colleges and universities and to change the culture on our campuses and to better engage men in this effort.” So within a week of this subject blowing up in the NFL, the White House has an instantaneous plan — the It’s On Us campaign — to straighten this up. It’s On Us to engage men and to get them to shape up. It’s On Us to design programs to prevent sexual abuse at colleges and universities.

Here is a portion of what President Obama said.

OBAMA: Today we’re taking a step and joining with people across the country to change our culture and help prevent sexual assault from happening. ‘Cause that’s where prevention … (pause) Uhhh, that’s what prevention’s gonna require. We’ve gotta have a fundamental shift in our culture. As far as we’ve come, the fact is that from sports leagues to pop culture to politics, our society still does not sufficiently value women. We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should. We make excuses. We look the other way.

RUSH: How can he say that? With this orgy of blame that is going on here, the amount of conversation taking place, the attention focused on sexual abuse against women just in the NFL, and he says, “The fact is, our society still does not sufficiently value women? We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should?” In what world is the man living? That’s all that happens in the NFL media today is the condemnation of sexual assault.


HILLARY:  Look at violence against women. Twenty years ago this week, my husband signed the Violence Against Women Act.

RUSH: (groaning)

HILLARY: It was a great victory, thanks to years of hard work from leaders like Vice President Biden.  But celebration of this anniversary was tempered by troubling news on many fronts, from the outrages of the NFL, to more assaults against women in uniform and at college.

RUSH:  War on Women.  They’re not going to abandon it.  They’re gonna ride it for all that it’s worth.  I mean, seriously, to brag about her husband’s record on women’s rights?  Ha! Ha-ha!

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RUSH: Sports Media Are Trying To Do To The NFL What News Media Did To Nixon

RUSH: Now, I want to build up on Todd from Toledo, our last caller. He said that sportswriters today are not writing “like men,” and he’s comparing it to sportswriters of days gone by. His basic point was that he believes that the sports media is as cowed as anybody else by political correctness and fear, and they’ve got to write a certain way to keep their jobs and so forth.

I just want to stress again that that is not the case. There’s a very good analogy to explain the sports media today, and I’ve said this in numerous ways in an attempt to have my opinion understood, ’cause that’s what I’m into. I’m a primo communicator here, and I keep sticking to it ’til I’m convinced people understand what I’m trying to say. What we’re looking here is the sports media flexing its muscles.

The sports media is attempting to demonstrate its power to change things, to move people, both people in a particular business (the NFL in this case) and public opinion. The sports Drive-Bys are trying to do to the National Football League what the news Drive-Bys did to Nixon. They are trying to demonstrate their power. They are trying to show that they can change the game and the attitudes that accompany the game.

Both by players, coaches, owners, and fans. The same way they think they changed the presidency and politics in general. Watergate for a journalist — sports, entertainment, food, you name it, Watergate — is the seminal moment. Before that it was Vietnam. Watergate. They took down a president, they think. It’s not me asserting it. They believe it. Woodward and Bernstein? Gods! 60 Minutes, a close second.

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RUSH: This Is UNREAL! Jack Ma Is Talking About REAGANOMICS!

RUSH: One more here. Carl Quintanilla, says to Jack Ma, “You are now worth, Jack, more than the entire GDP of Estonia. What are you gonna do with all of your money, Jack?”

MA: Fourteen years ago I asked my wife, “Do you want you husband to be a rich man or a respected business guy?” She said, “Of course a respected businessperson,” because she never thought I would be rich person.

QUINTANILLA: (chortling)

MA: ‘Cause we were — we were having fun. So today I think… And then later I said, “When I’m — before I’m 50 years old, my job is making money, helping other people making money. After I’m a 50 years old, which is today 50 years old, I will spending money trying to making sure more people get rich,” ’cause you cannot spend all the money, right? So my job is spending money, helping others.

RUSH: This is unreal! We have a ChiCom guy talking about the benefits, the fun, the happiness, the worthwhile of getting rich — and in this country, what’s going on? The rich are hated and despised. Well, except for Zuckerberg and Buffett and Gates, and the Kennedys. Everywhere else the rich are despised. They’re suspects. They’re accused offing be criminals. And here’s this guy, Jack Ma, talking about Reaganomics!

Jack Ma is explaining, in his own words, trickle-down. He’s gonna help everybody get rich — and he’s not gonna give anybody any money. I guarantee you, when he says help people get rich, he doesn’t mean welfare. When he says he gonna spend money to make people rich, it means he’s gonna hire them, and he’s gonna build up businesses where they work so that their productivity will lead to raises and maybe good careers.

But the fact that this kind of talk is coming out of the ChiComs, and the exact opposite kind of talk is occurring in this country? Wake up. Well, you people are awake. But I mean we’ve got gazillions of people in a daze, just asleep. Maybe in a way you can’t blame ‘em. They’re pounded every day. They’re literally hit over the head every day about how rotten it is in this country and how there is no future.

“It’s hopeless. The best days are behind us because the rich have taken all the money, and they don’t give it to anybody.”

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RUSH: Drive-Bys Are Beside Themselves… 90% Of Americans Don’t Care About What’s Going On In The NFL

RUSH: I’ll tell, folks, the Drive-Bys are beside themselves. I, frankly, am not surprised by, this, but the Drive-Bys are. Nearly 90% of Americans say they don’t care about all of this going on in the NFL. “Nearly 90% of Americans say the recent outcry about domestic violence in the NFL hasn’t changed how much professional football they watch,” or their enjoyment of it, “and less than a third of the nation believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign.”

Now, you have to understand. The Drive-Bys will look at this and they will chalk this up as total failure. The people that write the daily media narrative, that write the daily media soap opera measure their success by learning how much of the general population’s thinking on a subject they’re able to move or manipulate. And this is the second in a row that they’ve bombed out.

They tried to take what happened to the gentle giant in Ferguson, Missouri, and they tried to turn that into a national scandal of Republican Party proportions, and that bombed out on ‘em. That didn’t work. They really thought that they were on the verge here of getting this commissioner forced to resign or be fired. They thought they were on the verge of getting the Redskins name changed.

They thought they were on the verge of major upheaval in the NFL. Much of journalism — and don’t doubt me on this. Much of journalism’s success is determined by how much upheaval they can cause in citadels of power. Now, it used to be that anybody who held power was a target of the Drive-By Media. That’s no longer the case when avowed politicians of the liberal Democrat stripe are in power.

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