LIMBAUGH: Media Out To Destroy ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Before He Even Gets To A Hearing

RUSH: All The People That Symone Sanders Is Upset By Are ‘DEMOCRATS’

RUSH: And then the “microaggressions.”  This is why you need me to explain this to you, the last aspect of what she said.

SANDERS: And that is not the only form of racism.  There are microaggressions. There are, “Oh, you speak so well.”  These are microaggressions that are forms of prejudice and discrimination that we have to address.

RUSH:  That would be Joe Biden who looked at Obama and said — a Democrat, by the way. Joe Biden, a Democrat, who looked at Obama and said, “It’s about time we’ve got this clean, articulate black guy.  It’s about time! A clean, articulate black guy.” Al Sharpton was livid when he heard this.  He takes showers. (interruption)

Well, Harry Reid said it. Joe Biden said it.

“Clean, articulate black guy.”  Harry Reid said (summarized), “What I love about Obama is he can turn on that ‘Negro dialect’ whenever he wants.”  All of the people that Symone Sanders claims to be upset by are Democrats! Symone, they are in your party! They are not Donald Trump, and they’re not Donald Trump supporters.  But she says, “People that admire Obama microaggression ’cause he speaks so well.”

That’s a put-down, you see?  Why is it a put down to compliment Obama on the way he speaks?  Who…? Why…? What must you think if you believe that?  This is all on her.  Symone Sanders is telling us who she is and trying to lay that off on Trump and his supporters.  This is why I say — and, by the way, the Clinton campaign believes every word of this, folks.  You’ll hear coming up in a second.  This is not exclusive to Symone Sanders.  They, on the Democrat side, believe this.


RUSH: Van Jones While Talking ‘Trump Country’ Describes The ‘Limbaugh Radio Show’

RUSH: Van Jones doesn’t know it, but he has just described this radio show.  He went to Trump country to try to figure out what this is all about.  He admits, he went out there to Trump country.  Actually, play 14 and 15.  Play them in order.  Here’s the first one.  It was on CNN last night.

JONES:  It’s interesting.  I’ve just spent the past several days in Trump country.  I got a chance to be in Pennsylvania, Ohio, talking to Trump voters. I’m gonna tell you, that speech sounded differently to his voters.  He said, “Now is not the time to downsize our dreams.”  He said, “I’m asking you to dream big again.”  There are people out there who are hurting economically, and they have felt that the elites just want them to settle, just to kind of swallow the technology, swallow the globalization and settle.  And he’s pushing back on that.

RUSH:  Is this not amazing?  Now, stop for just a second.  Here is a guy who was an original member of the Obama Regime and because it was discovered that he’s got communist ties, a big deal was made of it and he’s out.  Now he’s been on CNN where communism lives in America.  And he actually went to Trump country.  Remember, he called the election originally a whitelash. Meaning a bunch of racist, bigot, angry white people decided to get back at having had to endure a black president.  And folks, they believe that.


LIMBAUGH: Trump Didn’t Give Carrier A ‘Tax Break’, They Got ‘TAX RELIEF’

RUSH: So now Trump decided that he’s gonna try to keep these jobs, and Carrier is an example where he’s done it. And I think we need to focus on the fact that he did it. Now, a lot of people are coming along and criticizing it, trying to. “Well, yeah. Well, Carrier got $7 million in tax breaks. Of course they’re gonna stay!” Wait a minute now. Go back to what I said at the top of the hour. We won! We are on offense. Nobody got “tax breaks.” Carrier got “tax relief.” The language is key. Carrier didn’t get a tax break.

We didn’t give Carrier a loophole so that they can now be criticized.

We gave them tax relief. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. One of the reasons why companies have so much money offshore is because it’s cheaper! It’s simply cheaper to operate the business offshore than it is domestically because of the tax rate, 35%, which is higher than anywhere else in the industrialized world. And one of the things the Trump team says they’re gonna do is lower that to 15%.


Limbaugh Uses SEX Vote In ‘Extreme Example’ For Defense Of Electoral College

RUSH: This whole Electoral College confusion, you can trace it directly to how American history is taught and how it is misunderstood. How the entire electoral process is misunderstood and how so many people don’t even know what a republic is versus a democracy. They really think a democracy is majority rule and that’s what we have here, that democracy is morality, and it isn’t.

One of greatest illustrations, you want pure democracy, try this. We have a group of people. We have four — it’s gonna be an extreme example, but this is how people remember. You have seven people in a room. Four men, three women. One of the men raises his hand, “I submit that we all have sex with the women.” Put it up for vote. The three women say no, the four men say yes, guess what happens? In a democracy, the women submit. They lost.

Well, obviously, that’s not what we have here. We do not have a democracy in that sense. Democracy pure majority rule. We have protections against such tyranny, which is what that is, Democratic tyranny. You can have tyranny with democracy. That’s why the founding of this country and the assembly of it is so, so brilliant, but it’s not taught.