RUSH: Did Hillary Know We Had Mounted A Failed Rescue Attempt?

RUSH: I think this is a good time to once again remind you of something that happened on this program, what is today? One week ago today.

I asked a question on this program just a week ago. One of the items up for discussion was Mrs. Clinton and her public criticism of Obama. She was very public in criticizing Obama’s foreign policy, which led people to go ask Obama about it. And he answered by saying it was horse manure. That then led to the big party on Martha’s Vineyard late last week or early this, whenever it was, at Vernon Jordan’s palatial mansion, where there was gonna be a hug-in. Yes, Hillary and Bill were gonna show up, and Barack and Michelle, and they were gonna hug, and they were gonna make up, and it was all gonna be so beautiful, and it didn’t happen.

Well, all of that was because Hillary started publicly criticizing Obama. And now in the interim, since then, we’ve had this horrible beheading of an American journalist by ISIS, and a week ago today I asked, “Is the reason Hillary is separating now, because she knows how bad it is?” She was up close, she knows much more than you and I about foreign policy and whatever errors and mistakes have been made, that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near when they blow up. I do not doubt that for a minute.

So I think now, in the aftermath of the death of James Foley, the question, does Hillary know how bad things are going to be get? I wonder if she knew how bad this ISIS business was. I wonder if she knew that we had mounted a failed rescue effort, and I wonder what else she knows that we don’t that dictates her separation. ‘Cause I guarantee you, there’s more.

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RUSH: Why Is Hillary Trashing Obama Now?

RUSH: Obama Slammed For Releasing Details On ‘Jimmy Carter Style’ Rescue Effort Of James Foley

RUSH: If The Drive-Bys Had Just Bothered To Listened To Me

RUSH ARCHIVE: I didn’t see cool. I don’t see elegant. I see somebody not even really human. I see somebody devoid of passion. You can spin it in his favor and you can say he is cool under fire, or you can be more realistic and say he’s cool only because he’s cold. And there’s a big difference. He’s without feelings; he’s without passion; he’s a programmed robot.

RUSH: This is me advising and informing everybody my take on Obama. October 16th, 2008. That’s what I mean. If the Drive-Bys had just bothered to listen to me, they wouldn’t be surprised today, ’cause they’re all out saying their own version of this — that Obama’s cold, that he’s detached, and that they’re all surprised by it. Here’s Karl Rove who says the White House made a bad decision to have Obama play golf.

See, that kind of plays into the Limbaugh Theorem. “The White House” made Obama play golf? One of our guys is saying this? So Obama finishes his speech, his remarks about Jim Foley, and then he looks at his BlackBerry for instructions from the White House, and on his BlackBerry it says: “Hit first tee next”? Is that what happened? The White House told Obama to go play golf?

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RUSH: Ditka Won’t Be Working For ESPN For Long After He Unloads On Liberals Over Redskins

RUSH:  Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I happened to pass along to you the information that Phil Simms (who used to be conservative) and Tony Dungy have decided they are not going to use the word “Redskins” during NFL telecasts this fall.  Tony Dungy is gonna call ‘em the Washington whatever, and Simms… Well, they’re just not gonna do it. They’re just gonna call ‘em “Washington” during the whole game. 

Well, the Hall of Fame has a very outspoken member by the name of Mike Ditka who still works at ESPN but probably not for long.  Ditka was interviewed (let’s see here) on the website by Mike Richmond.  And during a discussion about this “need” to change the name of the Redskins, Mike Ditka unloaded.

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RUSH: Obama’s New Slogan “No, I Can’t”

RUSH: You notice how often Obama says he’s powerless to do anything, even stop the rioting in Ferguson. Powerless to do anything about Benghazi. He’s just powerless to do anything. He told the Hispanic community (paraphrasing), “Hey, look, I can’t just do amnesty. I’m just the president, there’s this thing called the Constitution. I can’t do it myself. I’d like to, but I just can’t.” He loves telling people, and he loves having it said about him, how powerless he is.

This is the guy who had as his campaign slogan, “Yes, we can.” Now his new slogan is, “No, I can’t,” while he goes out and does everything he does.

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