RUSH: Hillary Says Being Married To Bill Clinton Has Prepared Her For Trump

RUSH: I want to play this sound bite again here.  It’s from an interview she did with Jake Tapper that has not aired yet.  Jake Tapper’s show is at four o’clock this afternoon, but they are releasing excerpts to hype the Jake Tapper show this afternoon, and this is one of the bites.  And this has to be heard again to be believed.

Jake Tapper says, “Donald Trump has had some rather personal and pointed tweets,” meaning about you, Hillary.  “Have you learned anything from watching the way Republicans have dealt with Trump in the primaries that will inform you, guide you in how to deal with such unconventional candidate as Trump?”

HILLARY:  Well, you know, remember, I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.

RUSH:  Some?

HILLARY:  I’m not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me.  He can say whatever he wants to say about me.  I could really care less.

RUSH:  That’s not true.  That’s what the cards are all about.  She does care.  She’s offended.  This is the point.  Hillary and her cohorts, female age, they’re offended, they’ve spent their lives being offended. That’s how they’ve gotten where they’ve gotten, by being offended, victimized, agitated, enraged, members of a minority or what have you.  But I think this is profound.  This kind of admission, “I have had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak”?  What is she telling us?

She goes on to say, “I’m not gonna deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying.”  Is she telling us what’s gone on between her and Bill?  ‘Cause we always thought it was Hillary throwing the ashtrays in the White House, right?  Now, she’s potentially conveying here that Bill’s had temper tantrums.

She says she has a lot of experience dealing with men.  She’s only been married to one guy — men — who sometimes get off the reservation.  I think she’s been betrayed by a whole lot of guys.  Just my personal opinion, and this is kind of a reveal here.  When you get right down to it, she’s saying she has a lot of experience dealing with guys like Trump because she been married to Bill Clinton.

That’s what she’s saying.  Being married to Bill Clinton is what has prepared her for Trump, right?  And when you get right down to it, that sums up her experience!  That is it!

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RUSH: Soros Rent-A-Mob RIOT, Not A Protest, At Trump CA Rally

RUSH:  Those were not protesters.  See, this is how it works.  You have a bunch of left-wing probably George Soros bought and paid for rent-a-mob members, and maybe even some illegals in the crowd, and they start destroying police cars.  Meanwhile, Trump has the image that his people riot, and other people protest.  That was a riot last night.  There was no protesting going on whatsoever.  It was bought and paid for, and it was all a scam.


RUSH: I have a question here to make a point.  How many people at a rally supporting Trump would have to be injured for this president, or say Hillary Clinton, to condemn it?  I mean, here you have a riot that took place and there hasn’t yet been any condemnation of it.  In fact, the media’s all atwitter, and everybody’s all excited about it because they’re trying to portray this as a bunch of God-fearing minorities and lower middle-class people scared to death, terrified of Donald Trump.

That’s not what went on.  You had an actual anti-Trump riot.  They want you to believe that this is how pro-Trump people believe.  In the meantime, it’s anti-Trump people and they call ’em protesters, but it was not protesters.  It was a riot.


RUSH: We have this thing that happens at the Trump event last night in Costa Mesa that nobody’s condemning and, in fact, many people are looking for ways to applaud and mischaracterize it as a legitimate — that’s an important point — legitimate Trump protest, when that’s not what it was.  That’s left-wing bought-and-paid-for violence on demand.

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RUSH: I came across what I think is conclusive evidence that Obamacare is a scam designed to fail during implementation so as to hurry and further along single payer socialized medicine run by the federal government.  I found this in a story, a column at Forbes magazine, and it all focuses on the Obamacare benefit that allows you to keep your kids on your health care plan up until they are 26 years old.

Here’s how this works.  And this why I don’t think this is an accident.  I don’t think that this is a, you know, too many chefs cooking the recipe and not knowing what everybody’s doing.  I don’t think this is leftist incompetence.  I don’t think it’s, you know, bureaucrat malaise or any of that.  I think it was purposefully.

What do they need to make Obamacare sustainable, as designed?  I mean, they’ve told you.  This is not supposition.  They need young, healthy people in the 18-to-34 demographic who do not get sick and therefore who are not going to be making claims for coverage. They need them to buy policies, and that’s why we have the mandate.  The individual mandate is to force people to buy.  But the punishment for failing to do so and how they get it is where the trick here is revealed.

Two things.  Number one, a large percentage of that demographic, 18 to 34, is also aged 18 to 26.  And that’s important because they’re not buying their own policies.  They can stay on mom and dad’s up until they’re 26 years of age.  So the very financial foundation, young people required to buy insurance plans is already subverted by Obamacare’s own benefit that allows the same people requiring to buy health insurance to pay for it to stay on their parents’ plan, not paying anything, not having their own policies.

That means they’re not buying their own policies, they’re not paying their own higher premiums because of the Obamacare requirement that these children be covered on their parents’ plans.  So the imperative of getting young people to buy coverage is undermined by Obamacare’s own coverage mandate.  It’s designed to fail.

And then the second aspect of this, how do they collect the fine when somebody doesn’t pay?  You’re mandated.  We are required by law to go out there and buy health insurance, and if we don’t, there’s a fine.  How do they collect it, you know?  (interruption) Right.  Snerdley on the case.  They deduct the fine from your tax refund.  But what if you don’t get a refund?  They don’t collect the fine.  They don’t send you a bill.

So if you happen to get no refund, if you arrange your taxes, your withholding so that you don’t get a refund, which is the smart way to do it, actually, but I know people love getting a big lump in their hands, but if there’s no refund, there’s no way to collect the fine if you don’t buy it.  But the point is they’re undermining their own financing mechanism.  The whole thing is built on 18 to 34-year-olds who are healthy buying insurance, and they knew that 18 to 34 years old would not buy it on their own, that’s why the mandate.  That’s why the force of law making them do it.

At the same time, they let children up to age 26 out of the deal, stay on their parents.  They’re not even serious about funding it, folks.  In fact, they want it to be unfunded.  They want it to fall apart.  Now we’ve got United pulling out of the exchanges. We got some of these other health care plans saying we’re losing money, we’re pulling out, right on schedule.  Every time you open the paper, you crack the Web or do whatever and you find problems in Obamacare, your reaction should be, “Mission accomplished.”  It is designed not to work.  It’s designed to implode on itself.

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RUSH: If Trump’s the nominee and if he does unload on Hillary Clinton as he’s promising to do, let me just tell you something:  You do not know how many gazillion Americans are going to be delirious and orgasmic with delight and support.

There are gazillions of Americans who have had to suppress, have had to swallow, have had to sit there and take it, whatever the Clintons have gotten away with since they entered the public national scene in 1992. They’ve gotten away with everything, the dirty right-wing conspiracy, all this stuff, and nobody ever goes after ’em, nobody ever hits the Clintons, nobody seriously. Republicans have never tried it. They get away with giving $225,000 for a speech, various bankers and so forth. Stealing stuff out of the White House, claiming to be broke, and now just rolling in money and so forth, and all the other unlikable things about her.

If Trump hits her and criticizes her like the Clintons haven’t been, you’re gonna have people on that basis alone vote for the guy, in my opinion, ’cause I don’t think people understand how pent up the frustration and the opposition to the Clintons at what they have seemingly gotten away with all of these years.  And I’m reminded of our caller from Philadelphia yesterday, the guy Sean, was going on and on and on about how the Republicans have never fought back.  Bush didn’t fight back, and Trump does, Trump fights.

He said, “You know what?  I disagree with 80% what Trump believes, but I’m voting for him ’cause he’s a fighter.”  Eighty percent.  You wonder why the establishment’s going nuts.  They hear something like that, and the guy meant it.  He was a well-spoken guy.  So you can take some of these Trump negatives and you can wipe ’em out if he is the nominee and goes after Hillary.  And I don’t mean just “Crooked Hillary.”

I mean, if he exposes this email stuff and Benghazi and her general incompetence and Hillarycare and how she covered the bimbo eruption, all of that stuff, if he goes after that, because nobody ever has, nobody’s ever had the guts, nobody’s ever had the courage to do it because they know the media’s gonna come after ’em.  That alone is gonna wipe out some negatives.

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RUSH: ‘False Song Of Globalism’ Line Made Trump’s Speech “ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER!”

RUSH: The takeaway from Trump’s speech yesterday, the only thing that matters, as far as Trump supporters are concerned — and the rest of the people out there can analyze this, and they are.  You have some people calling it incoherent and vacuous and empty and wandering in vain for search of a thought.  There were people, pro-Trumpists, who said that it was the most important and timely substantive foreign policy speech since 1981.  Of course the people that said that caused a massive reaction from the professionals in the foreign policy corridors of elitism.

But as usual there’s just way too much analysis.  People overanalyze this and apply their own biases, prejudices or whatever to what Trump is doing, and there’s just really one takeaway.  If you want to know whether or not Trump’s speech yesterday was a hit with the voters that he has energized, all you have to know is Trump said the following:  We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.  That’s it.  Everything before and after is irrelevant.  That line made the speech one of the greatest ever.

That line, as far as Trump supporters are concerned, was all they needed to hear. That was awesome. That was right on the money. We’re gonna take it to ’em. We’re not gonna play second fiddle anymore. We’re not gonna sell American interests out. We’re gonna put America first. We’re gonna get rid of the globalists.  And I guarantee you that’s all they needed to hear.

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