RUSH: If Not For Trump, We’d Only Be Talking About “FAT LESBIANS DRINKING”

RUSH: Jerry in Clark, Missouri.  I’m glad you waited, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Good to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you.

CALLER:  I had a comment.  Without Donald Trump in the race, we would be talking about global warming and why fat lesbians drink too much.  That seems to be where the race would be.

RUSH:  You know, folks, before you start laughing, that’s absolutely true.  The things that we would be talking about in this campaign. The media would be leading and be in debates asking these questions about such things as global warming and all this other stuff. There’s no question.  And Trump… Because Trump dominates the media and he leads the media around, the questions have become, “Senator Cruz, what do you think of what Donald Trump said about you?”  “Governor Christie, what do you think about what Marco Rubio said about you?”  You’re right.  Jerry here has got a good point.  I don’t know about fat lesbians drinking, but surely something close to that.  I get your point, yes.

CALLER:  That’s what they talk about the most are the most ridiculous things.  I mean, global warming, my foot! (chuckling)  I mean, there is no such thing.  It’s been this way since I’ve been born, and that is a long time ago.

RUSH:  I know.  Global warming is… We know.  So is this a way you are expressing your thanks that Trump is in the race?

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  So you’re a Trump supporter?

CALLER:  Absolutely. And when it comes to Missouri, I’ll vote for him.

RUSH:  All right.  Well, I appreciate the call out there, Jerry.  Thanks much.  You know, that is an interesting point, the things that would be discussed. That is valid.

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RUSH: Chris Rock Could Learn Something From Beyonce’s ‘POLITICAL’ Super Bowl Performance

RUSH: I saw a story today… Snerdley, you’d be interested in this. It was in the New York Post.  Was it the entertainment section? I think it was a woman.  I didn’t get her name.  It might have been a guy.  I did not recognize the name of the writer, so that’s why I don’t remember it.  But it was lauding this Beyonce show.

Oh, this was the greatest political statement in the history of sports!

This was in-your-face, and the people whose face it was in didn’t even know what was happening to ’em!  Beyonce was telling these people what-for and they didn’t even know it. These people that are out there being attacked were applauding it and singing along with it, and it said that this is what the Oscars ought to learn how to do. This is how you do politics in entertainment and jam it down people’s throats.  But Chris Rock and whoever’s gonna be appearing in a host or guest role at the Oscars, Beyonce is how you do political statements during such things as award shows or halftime shows in public.

So there are a lot of people really jazzed about this.  But what good is a protest song if the people being protested don’t recognize it, if they’re sitting there applauding it? “Oh, man, it’s Queen Bey.  They got Beyonce at the halftime show the Super Bowl.  This is cool.  Look at those cute little black berets.  Isn’t that cute, Mabel?  Look at those.”  These people have no idea they’re being called a bunch of crackers, and they’re sitting out there saying that. What good’s the protest if the people being protested, the people being told they’re SOBs, walk out of there thinking it was the greatest thing they’ve ever seen?”

Don’t you kind…? If you’re being protested, don’t want to…?

I mean, if you’re Black Lives Matter, don’t you want the targets to end up being ticked off at you?  Don’t you?  Me, I’m not of the public protest mentality, so… (interruption) Okay. (interruption) Well, consciousness. You want them to be aware that you think that they’re reprobates or whatever.  I don’t know that… I mean, you have two coded performances here.  The Beyonce thing was probably easier to recognize.  I mean, the black berets, the Panthers and Beyonce out there.  I thought something was wrong with the Super Bowl sound system, ’cause I was able to hear it.  Well, normally you can’t hear the lyrics those things. Normally you watch, and people who can hear can’t understand what’s being said, but you could.

So I was thinking, obviously somebody screwed up.

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WHOA MAMA!! RUSH: If Jeb Bush Comes In Second In NH He Will Be Treated As The WINNER

RUSH: I’m just gonna tell you right now, I want to prepare you, because if Jeb Bush finishes in second place tonight and if this Emerson poll is right, then you are not going to recognize the news tomorrow.  You are not going to recognize the Republican primary.  You are going to think you have been asleep and tomorrow you have just awakened, and nothing that’s happened up to tomorrow will mean anything.  If Jeb Bush comes in second place tonight, Jeb Bush is going to be treated as the winner, particularly if Trump’s margin is not 15 points or whatever Frank Luntz says it has to be.

But the margin doesn’t matter.  I’m just telling you that the establishment Republicans and their cohorts in media are not going to be able to contain themselves.  And you’re gonna see stories like: Has all the polling up to now been wrong?  Have we been worried for nothing?  Has it been Jeb from the get-go?  Has Jeb’s money not been wasted?  You have no idea.  And all it’s gonna take is a second-place finish because expectations are that Jeb is not even gonna be breathing after tonight.  So I’m just warning you.  I have no idea if the Emerson poll’s right; who does?  It was right in Iowa, but that’s it.

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Limbaugh PERPLEXED!: How Does George W. Bush Stay Quiet About What’s Been Done To America Since He Left Office?

RUSH: I have to tell you something, folks.  I have been perplexed.  I understand the Bush family, and I know them and I appreciate them, and I know the reverence they hold for the office of the presidency and the traditions therein.  I understand all that.  But what’s been done to this country since George Bush left office, I don’t know how he stays quiet about it.

Now, there are certain things — let me put myself in the equation, the best way to explain this.  If I were ever president for two terms and had succeeded in the agenda I believe in and had succeeded in promoting some of my ideas, and the next guy comes in and starts tearing it apart and ripping it to shreds and lying about me, I am not going to stay silent about it.  If it mattered that much to me that I ran for president to try to save the country, to try to put my ideas into action nationally, somebody comes along — and I guarantee you, Obama’s not gonna remain silent.

I am here to tell you that whoever the next president is, Republican or Democrat, that does one thing to Obamacare or anything else that he holds dear, he’s gonna be out there calling whoever he likes in the media that day, and they’re gonna make him the lead story of the nightly news saying Barack Obama is warning the United States of what the new president is doing.  He’s not gonna sit by and let somebody undo this.  Which only makes sense if your heart and soul’s in it, if you really believe it.

So making a pledge not to criticize your predecessor when your predecessor has admitted that his objective was to transform this country and turn it into something it was never founded to be, and you’re saying that for praise, like getting a gold star, somehow that means you’re polite and well manner and you’re going to be executing proper presidential decorum?  At what point do the ideas matter?

At what point does your core belief and your principles matter, and at what point do they not?  “Well, Rush, it just isn’t done.  Past presidents are supposed to disappear.  It’s the polite thing to do.  The American people have spoken.  New man’s been elected, or woman, and it’s time for you to –”  Yeah, I understand that, maybe for a couple weeks.  But if I’d poured my heart and soul in it and my core and everything else, and some lying SOB comes along, lying about me and impugning the things that I had done for the country, especially the successes that had been had, I’m sorry, the first on my mind is not gonna be, “What’s the tee time today?”

I don’t know.  Maybe that wouldn’t be the case.  Maybe if I were actually elected president, served two terms and left, maybe the power of the institution and its protocols and its traditions would overcome me. I don’t know.  But I’m just trying to find a way here to express to you when the power of ideas, why I think they are important, words mean things. And I’m just befuddled by people who think or who want applause and credit for not criticizing my predecessor or my opponent, even.  I mean, what criticism of Obama’s going on now, for crying out loud?

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