TRUMP: We Will Let Your Pastors, Ministers, Rabbis, Priests, ‘SPEAK AGAIN!’

TRUMP: ‘Establishment Media’ Assault On Me “GREATEST IN POLITICAL HISTORY”

C-SPAN Caller Picks Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Reminds Every Man of Their Ex-Wife

RUSH: Quickly: On C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today, a viewer called in. Listen to this.  It’s a guy named Victor from Silver Spring, Maryland.

VICTOR:  Hillary is personal for me.  I’m 69 years old.  I’m legally blind.  My sighted wife — who is an extreme liberal — as soon as the Clintons got into office, she gave me an ultimatum:  Either the marriage or Rush Limbaugh.

C-SPAN HOSTS: (chuckling)

VICTOR: I picked Rush Limbaugh; she dumped me.  Rush has said on his show many times that Hillary will remind every man who’s been through a divorce — with the way she screams and yells, she does remind me of my former wife, who I cannot stand.

RUSH:  That’s Victor from Silver Spring, Maryland, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today.  You heard them chuckling there, whoever the guests were on the roundtable. They were chuckling.  He chose this program over his wife. She gave him an ultimatum when the Clintons got into office, and he chose me. He chose this program.




RUSH: Everything Hillary’s Accused Trump Of Doing, SHE DID!

RUSH: For example, “March of 2007, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist Mark Penn wrote a campaign memo that proposed painting Barack Obama as un-American.” This is from the memo itself:

“[Obama’s] roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values.”

This is Mark Penn, chief strategist for Hillary, advising her campaign on the ways they were gonna go about attacking Obama, and one of the things they were gonna do, “Look, we’re at a time of war, this guy, we’re not sure that he really is pro-America. We don’t know where he’s from.”  They’re pushing the meme that he’s Muslim and the birther aspects.  It was the Hillary campaign that got all of this started.  People just either didn’t pay attention to it back then or have forgotten.

But everything she’s accused Trump of doing she did, her campaign led.  And, folks, I remember it.  One of the reasons I did Operation Chaos, to keep her campaign alive.  But I remember some of the things that she was saying about Obama.  And I made mention of them here, because this was Democrat-on-Democrat kind of crime.  She was saying things that supposedly Democrats don’t even think about African-Americans.  She was characterizing Obama in ways that we’re told Democrats never, ever do.



RUSH: Hillary Calling Trump A Racist Was An Appeal To Never-Trumpers To Abandon Trump

RUSH: Hillary Clinton A “Four Year De Facto Felon”

RUSH: Here we have Hillary Clinton, a four-year de facto felon, with this private email server and who knows what she has been selling to all of their donors to the State Department via the Clinton Foundation. She’s been selling access to the State Department. She’s no question been selling access in advance of her becoming president, and we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of access.  We’re talking 30,000 emails that we now learn were not just deleted; they were hit with an app called BleachBit.  You know what BleachBit is?  You never heard of BleachBit?  You know how when you delete something off a computer hard drive, it doesn’t really delete it.  It just destroys the directory to it so it can’t be accessed, but the data — let’s say there’s 30,000 emails, she deletes 30,000 email address, okay?  They’re still on the server, but the directory, computer lingo for the pathway to them is what’s destroyed.

And when the directory is destroyed, then they can be overwritten when that space is needed. So if she has, just to make up some numbers, if those 30,000 emails are on a one-gigabyte hard drive, those emails wouldn’t be destroyed until she starts saving other data that needs the space where those emails are.  If you really want to delete the data, you have to get a program like BleachBit, which scrubs the hard drive and gets rid of some of, but not all of, just enough of the data to make whatever you can salvage seem like hieroglyphics.

Well, they used BleachBit.  Now, why would you go to that — I mean, this was not just deleting.  This was not just saying, “Ah, those are yoga and wedding-related emails, and that’s not relevant to what you want.  I’ve gone through all 60,000, and there’s about 30,000 that would be useful to you.”  If the other emails that she didn’t submit were just yoga and wedding planning stuff and wedding reception stuff, then it wouldn’t be any big deal if someday people stumbled across it.  But apparently it would, because they used BleachBit and who knows what other techniques to really scrub that server.

Now, you’ve heard there are another 14,900, maybe 15,000 emails.  How’d they get ’em?  They got ’em from the people she sent them to.  And we have learned that in those 15,000 emails, that’s part of the 30,000 she claimed that were not relevant and that she destroyed, didn’t turn over.  Well, it turns out that half of them do indeed have relevant data to what the FBI and other investigators wanted.  So don’t tell me that there isn’t quasi-felon behavior going on here.  There most definitely is, and not for the first time with this woman or her husband.