RUSH: The first thing is that the ratings for opening night the National Football League are down.  Yes!  Here it is.  “Ratings for the NFL Are Down From a Year Ago.”  In some cases — the original reporting for the overnights before the entire national rating sample had been calculated — they were down like 11%.

This is the Sunday night game within not Thursday. The Sunday night game between the Garoppolos and the Arizona Cardinals, down 11% over the same game a year ago.  It’s not panic time by any stretch. But nobody expected this.  Everybody was expecting the NFL just to continue to grow.  I wasn’t. Don’t misunderstand.  But I mean, everybody involved in it believed, “There’s nothing stopping us! There’s nothing on TV out there that’s any better. We still have all the ingredients. We have fresh, we have unscripted, we have we have drama.

“We have an unknown ending! We have everything it takes. We have stars.”  Yeah. They’re sitting their stars down. (chuckles) They’re suspending their stars like Brady.  I will never understand that.  But if you look at the NFL as a TV show…? Have you ever heard of a TV show — other than Charlie Sheen. Have you ever heard of a TV series suspending its star for anything?  I know the NFL’s bigger than any one player, don’t misunderstand.

But, man, they were so eager to suspend Brady.  They spent two seasons trying to suspend Brady.  So Brady’s sitting for four weeks, and their numbers are down.  People thought, you know what, you know what with Garoppolo, they’re gonna be watching in droves just to see how the replacement does.  And then when Brady comes back in Week Five against Cleveland, man, those ratings are gonna be off the charts!”

But it’s not working out that day.


RUSH: Well, that’s out the window now, because ESPN is all politics all the time.  Politics even occurs before sports on ESPN now, and they’re losing subscribers left and right.  They’re losing cable subscribers in huge numbers.  It’s phenomenal what’s happening to ESPN, and the NFL is losing audience.  Meanwhile, the left is happy ’cause they got more people going to college and their people are getting smarter than the rest of America and they’re more “progressive.”  They’re happy for all of these selfish reasons that are not responsible for anything really improving.


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