WOAH! RUSH: Feminazis Don’t Want Trannies Anywhere Near Them

RUSH: Here’s Nash in Stratford, Connecticut, as we head back to the ponies.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  First off, happy 26th anniversary, mega, mega dittos.  I’ve been listening for 22 years.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I want to credit you for, during my rebellious teen youth, bringing our family together because you were the one thing I found that we could talk about and you displayed for us that politics was something we all shared. So no matter how crazy I got I was still a conservative.  So I’ve been dying all week to hear you actually talk about this story but I haven’t heard you actually illustrate it yet.

RUSH:  Yeah, I just now waded into the shallow end of the pool.

CALLER:  Well, are you speaking about the TERFs by any chance?  They’re a radical wing of a feminist party that believes that —

RUSH:  Nash, while I’ve got you here, let’s explore the story together, all right?  It’s in The New Yorker, and here’s how it starts.  I’ll read just enough to answer whether or not this is about what you’re interested in.  “On May 24th, a few dozen people gathered in a conference room at the Central Library, a century-old Georgian Revival building in downtown Portland, Oregon, for an event called Radfems Respond.” Radical feminazis respond.

“The conference had been convened by a group that wanted to defend two positions that have made radical feminism anathema to much of the left. First, the organizers hoped to refute charges that the desire to ban prostitution implies hostility toward prostitutes. Then they were going to try to explain why, at a time when transgender rights are ascendant, radical feminists insist on regarding transgender women as men, who should not be allowed to use women’s facilities, such as public rest rooms, or to participate in events organized exclusively for women.” So the fight here is that the feminazis do not want transgendered women anywhere near ’em.

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Rush Teases: War Going On Between ‘Militant Feminazis’ And ‘Trannies’

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