FLASHBACK: “Shatner’s Raw Nerve” Rush Limbaugh Interview From 2009 Is AWESOME

DR: Just enjoy.

This Via RushLimbaugh.com

Rush Tapes Shatner’s Raw Nerve

RUSH: I said that he talks to his guests about everything other than their area of expertise. Well, since I’m an expert in everything, everything was on the table, so we did discuss some political stuff. We discussed environmental wackoism. We discussed Obama’s health care plan, legacy, what we will leave for our children and grandchildren. And, for example, Bill was concerned about the environment. “I want to make sure that we leave a clean world and so forth for our children and grandchildren.” I said, “Bill, if you really are worried about what you want to leave in terms of this country for your kids and grandkids, then we have to defeat Obama and the Democrats.”

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