“Who The Hell Caved On Our Side!?”; Limbaugh’s Reaction To ‘Special Counsel’ News Was To ‘MUTTER OBSCENITIES’

RUSH: This is A. T. in Dallas. It’s great to have you. I’m glad you waited, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hello.

RUSH: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a woman. I didn’t know. It says A. T.

CALLER: Oh! (laughing) Yes. (laughing) We have initials to. You know that Comey asserts the authority of the Department of Justice, and there were many other irregularities in how he covered the Clinton server scandal —

RUSH: Mmm-hmm?

CALLER: — enough to get him fired, doesn’t this justify reopening the Clinton investigation and perhaps appointing a special counselor with a broad assignment?

RUSH: See, when this happened yesterday… As I say, I have been somewhat distracted the past two or three days, so I didn’t know this happened until, like, two hours afterward, until I got home. So I saw this, and my initial reaction was… I was muttering obscenities. I was mad about it. I said, “Who the hell caved on our side? What the hell?” I’m going through all these emotions. “They lost the freaking election! Why are we giving them what they want?” I was going through all that. I said, “Okay, what’s this cover?” And I looked at it, and it’s only Trump and Russia! There’s nothing about the Clintons! There’s nothing about their illegal server. There’s nothing about any of their violations.


RUSH: “What in the name of Sam Hill are we doing? Why don’t we just commit suicide? Why don’t we just point the gun at ourselves and be done with this?” That was my initial reaction to this. Now, to the extent that it depends on what the investigation turns up. But, no, this counsel is not gonna be looking into any of that. That would be another one. And who do you think —

CALLER: Wouldn’t they be justified in opening another one? I mean, they made the case for her mishandling everything.

RUSH: They’d be more justified in opening that than this one, absolutely right.


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