Who Knew? RUSH: Democrats Privately Thinking They Might Lose The Senate

RUSH: Did you know about this?  Did you know that the Democrats were thinking privately they might lose the Senate?  Did you know that? (interruption) You did?  Have you seen that in the news, or is it because you’re talking to people privately and all that?  It has not been in the news.  It hasn’t been in the news… (interruption) Well, the point is the public doesn’t know. I mean, yeah, they have to defend more seats, but the media’s not reporting the Democrats are in any trouble in the Senate.  I mean, who knew? 

If you listen to the media, up ’til you heard this story, the question is, “Can the Republicans hold the House?”  But the apparent truth is that the Democrats have given up on the House, if we can believe this.  I mean, there’s always that caveat. (interruption) Well, I know, it says the donors.  Look, it’s Politico, it’s the Drive-By Media, and anything could be a feint.  It could be a trick.  I don’t know what the trick would be, but I’m just saying we have to remember who we’re dealing with here.

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