WHAT A MISS! RUSH: Women Quoting Trump Ad Is ‘FIRING BLANKS’

RUSH: We have that ad coming up, by the way.  Have you seen that ad? (interruption) You’ve seen that?  (interruption) Well, do you know that’s a Mitt Romney PAC that did that ad?

That ad could have come from any feminazi PAC, but that ad came from the Mitt.  That ad… There is so much instructive about that ad. Once again, it’s firing blanks at Trump.  This is incredible.  As a primary tool, it misses the mark so widely, it’s impossible to describe what a miss it is.


RUSH:  One of the comments he made about Princess Di. They have comments about he would have dated his daughter if he weren’t her father, that’s how good-looking she is.  And the problem with this ad is that it demonstrates, to me, I’m just gonna say this, it demonstrates to me the degree to which GOP men and, by extension, leftist liberal men have been buffaloed by the feminist movement all of these years.

This is how they think they have to fight the War on Women crap.  They accept the premise that normal male behavior or even braggadocio male behavior is Neanderthal, it’s criminal, it’s misogynistic.  They don’t allow for any humor.  They don’t allow for any of the circumstances in which these things were said.  But the point is the guys that did this think it’s gonna help them with women by showing they get it.  And all they’ve done here — see, I think voters are sophisticated in many ways, and they’ll look at this ad, the Trump people is who this is aimed at.  If you’re not voting Trump already, you already know why.  So this is aimed at Trump supporters.

Trump supporters are gonna see this as an ad run by the Democrats.  They won’t know it’s a Romney ad because who knows what Our Principles PAC is.  So they think it’s the Democrats, and the Democrats are the enemy.  And of course the Democrats would be opposed to Trump.  But the Romney people think that the Trump voter is so stupid that he doesn’t know what Trump is, he doesn’t know what a reprobate Trump is, we’ve gotta show ’em what a reprobate Trump is.  And this is the evidence they accumulate.  And it misses so many aspects.  It might work in the general election, maybe, but not now, for sure.

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