WAIT, WHAT!? RUSH: CNN PRAISES ‘WALL’ In Special Coverage Of UK Terror Attack

RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 23, Nic Robertson. This is our old buddy Nic Robertson at CNN.  I don’t have time to tell you why he’s our favorite because I’ve got limited time before the next break, but this is on CNN’s special coverage of the U.K. terrorist attack.  They’re very upset that the police in the U.K. are calling this a terrorist attack.  They’re afraid Trump’s gonna benefit from that.  CNN is very, very worried this is being called a terrorist attack.  Nic Robertson was on CNN, one of their foreign correspondents to talk about it.

ROBERTSON:  This is an iconic landmark in London. We’ve talked about this already.  It has long been a concern of the security services that it could become a target, and — at the moment — the police are saying — at the moment — describing it as a terror incident until they get further information.  There has been that concern that it could be, uh, a target of such an incident and that’s why security around the building has been strengthened in recent years. That’s why there are armed police. That’s why there are barricades. That’s why cars can no longer get close to the building. This one was prevented by the fence and by the wall itself.

RUSH: What?  What?  W-what did he say?  Did he say wall?  Did he say there’s a wall around Parliament and that it worked?  Really?  Nic Robertson says there’s a wall? He’s praising the fence, he’s praising security measures, he’s praising the wall that kept this car from doing even greater damage?  And yet this is the same guy that no doubt supports sanctuary cities harboring known criminals, felons from apprehension by the U.S. government if they happen to be illegal immigrants — and no doubt opposes a wall to protect this country.


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