‘Voter Fraud’: Tumult On The Left Over Limbaugh Winning Children’s Choice ‘Author Of The Year’

RUSH: I can’t — yes, I can.  I can believe it.  I don’t know what the word is.  After 25 years, nothing should surprise me.  But winning this award, Author of the Year, Children’s Book Council, has just caused tumult like you can’t believe out there on the left.  Whole television networks are leveling charges of voter fraud. (laughing)

It’s not amazing, and it’s not surprising, but at the same time, it is.  Something as harmless as an award for writing a children’s book is such a threat to these people.  It is a real threat.  They’re really irritated.  They’re really bothered by it.  And they really think it’s illegitimate. 

The Associated Press even has a story.  Snerdley found it.  I don’t read the AP.  The AP is his responsibility.  And he says, “Yeah, the AP, they’ve got this real long story,” he said, “Rush, it doesn’t matter. They spell your name right in it in every instance.”  Yeah, I know.  But the AP didn’t even know I had a book out.  See, these people are the ones out of touch.  They’re the ones not aware of what’s going on. 

I’ve got two books in the current New York Times Top 10, the children’s list.  One’s at number three, one’s at number five.  And they go back and forth.  The second book, The First Patriots is at number three.  Brave Pilgrims is at number five, and Pilgrims goes back and forth to four and five. But we’ve got two books and the first book has been on the list now for seven months, and it was number one for half of that time.  They don’t even know it.  So I get the award and they’re shocked.  A children’s book, Rush Limbaugh?  And then they can’t believe that it isn’t political.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Rush Limbaugh Wins Children’s Choice Book Awards “Author of the Year”

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