VERY SMART! RUSH: Rick Perry’s Mugshot Looks Like GQ

RUSH: So, anyway, they indict Perry for exercising this veto.  He’s responded to it extremely well, but he’s always gonna have the word “indicted” now in every headline, and he’s gonna have a mug shot in every story, although I don’t think he will.  I don’t think he will.  Because he’s learned there are ways to do mug shots.  The way to do a mug shot is to make it look like an official portrait.  You go in there dressed well and you smile. You smile and you look happy, and the media will not use it, particularly if you look good. 

Now, the female, the drunk-beyond-control DA of Travis County, her mug shot looks like you would think a mug shot of a perp looks.  I mean, it’s not flattering.  But Perry’s looks like GQ.  So they won’t use it.  Very, very smart on Perry’s part, to smile. It just looks like an official state portrait, his mug shot.  So it won’t be.  But the word “indictment” will be in there.

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Gov. Rick Perry’s Mugshot. Wait, What? Is That Josh Brolin

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