Tapper Accuses Limbaugh Of Misrepresenting What He Said About Media Treatment Of Benghazi

RUSH: Jake Tapper, I think he was on Hannity or somewhere last night, he’s got a book out, ABC reporter.  He said, (paraphrasing) “Well, the reason we didn’t report on Benghazi before the election is the Republicans were lying about it.  So there was nothing to report.  I mean, they were telling stuff that wasn’t true, what they were saying was lies, so there wasn’t anything to report there.”  I’m paraphrasing what Jacob said.

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This Via Andrew Kirell @ Mediaite:

After receiving word that Limbaugh paraphrased him as such during the radio show, Tapper took to Twitter to accuse the conservative host of misrepresenting what he said during any of his cable news appearances:


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