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RUSH: Has TIME Mag Ever Called Obama A “Jackass,” Which Is The Democrats Mascot?

Published on November 7, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I’m gonna hold up this TIME Magazine cover here on the Dittocam for those of you who want to look at it there. It’s an Alfred Hitchcock-type silhouette from the side. It fills up the cover. He’s obviously a huge man. (interruption) What? What? (interruption) Not nice that they did that? (laughing) Don’t you […]

RUSH: Corporate Queen Bee Syndrome… Women Versus The Sisters.

Published on March 8, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: This is International Women’s Day. Did you know that? It is. And I have here, I’ve been holding this in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers for, well, two-and-a-half hours here. From the Wall Street Journal, a story by Peggy Drexler. The author of the story is a woman, and the title of the story is, […]

RUSH: Hispanics That Vote Obama Think Rubio Is Something That He’s Not. Think He’s A Sellout.

Published on February 7, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: TIME Magazine has called me a pope. They have a cover story on Marco Rubio. By the way, Rubio’s gonna do the Republican response to the State of the Union show. And he’s gonna do it in Espanol. He’s gonna do it in English, too, obviously. But he’s gonna have a response to the […]

Limbaugh: Obama’s ‘War On Women’ Has Backfired Big Time

Published on May 15, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Limbaugh: TIME Mags ‘Hero Of the Environment’ Has Recanted

Published on April 25, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Mark Halperin May Be Plagiarizing Rush Limbaugh

Published on October 11, 2010 By Dyno Rush

Limbaugh: Why Obama Is Losing The Political War – He’s A JackAss