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AWESOME!! The Simpsons EXPERTLY Trolls Liberal University SNOWFLAKES And SJWs

Published on April 21, 2017 By Dyno Rush

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RUSH: “I Woulda Done It!” Obama Is Acting Like ‘BART SIMPSON’

Published on April 17, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Get this headline. “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Were Obama Still President, He Would Have Ordered ‘Similar If Not Identical’ Strike In Syria.” Really? So I read further here. “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria discusses his experience with ‘Trump derangement syndrome,’ where people’s hatred and anger towards the president is so intense –” Oh, that is right, Fareed […]

WooHoo! Homer Simpson Votes For Mitt Romney In 2012 Election

Published on September 21, 2012 By Dyno Rush

OUCH! Arianna Huffington Gets Heart Ripped In Half By Obama

Published on April 29, 2012 By Dyno Rush

To paraphrase Bart Simpson, “You can actually pinpoint the second when her heart rips in half.” Watch the Bart Simpson clip and you’ll see what I mean.