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RUSH: Donald Trump Has Led The GOP To The Defeat Of The ‘SWAMP’

Published on December 21, 2017 By Dyno Rush

 RUSH: The Republican Party is now unified, and the Republican Party psychologically has now defeated the swamp. Donald Trump has led them to the defeat of the swamp. Donald Trump inspired them to fearlessly plow ahead without concern to what the media was gonna say about ’em. Do you realize how seminal that is? […]

Limbaugh Interviews Paul Ryan: “It Now Makes Sense To Be An American Company”

Published on December 20, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: We should be because the left says corporations kill their customers and don’t want to help anybody and they don’t give anybody raises or health insurance or any of that. Corporations ought to be made to suffer. That’s what the left has got people believing. SPEAKER RYAN: That is what they’ve got people believing. […]

LIMBAUGH: Every Single Democrat Voted ‘NO’ On Cutting Taxes

Published on December 20, 2017 By Dyno Rush

 RUSH: So looking ahead to 2018, every single Democrat in Congress, all 238 of them voted “no” on this. And what precisely did they vote “no” on? They voted “no” on cutting taxes. They voted “no” on allowing the American people to keep more of what they earn. They voted “no” on reforming the […]

RUSH: Rubio Holding Out On Tax Bill For ‘Attention’

Published on December 15, 2017 By Dyno Rush

 RUSH: Have you noticed that Rubio came out yesterday and said he’s a “no” vote on tax cuts until they do something more with the child tax credit for poor kids or whatever? Now, I know Senator Rubio, and I admire him, but I’m just gonna tell you what this is. He’s gonna vote […]

RUSH: How Leftists Seek To RUIN Thanksgiving

Published on November 22, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: In years past on Thanksgiving, Obama and the Democrats have always urged you to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner. Obama ran ads. Remember the Pajama Boy series of ads was actually an Obama administration production designed to get you to start selling Obamacare over the Thanksgiving holiday to your friends and family gathered for […]

RUSH: My House Was Almost ‘Auctioned On The Courthouse Steps’ For Failure To Pay Taxes

Published on July 25, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I need to say something. By the way, thanks, Rich, for the call. I appreciate it. Detroit News, it’s a story: “Half of Detroit Property Owners Don’t Pay Taxes.” From February 21st of this year. Half of Detroit property owners just don’t pay their property taxes. If I didn’t pay mine I’d get kicked […]

RUSH: Obama’s Purpose For Taxes is Redistribution

Published on December 16, 2010 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Let The Obama Presidency Fall

Published on December 16, 2010 By Dyno Rush