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Rush Limbaugh And The Seven NAGs: Hilarious MRCTV Version

Published on May 22, 2012 By Dyno Rush

This Via Dan Joseph @ MRCTV When MRCTV heard about the National Organization for Women holding a rally to protest Rush Limbaugh, we knew we had to go. But, when we got there all we found was about half-a-dozen ladies on a street corner trying to get cars to honk their horns.  Here’s what happened. […]

Rush Limbaugh And The Seven NAGs: Grand Total Of 7 NAGs Show Up To Protest Rush

Published on May 21, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Watch Video:

Limbaugh: Stewart And Colbert Are Working For The Republicans

Published on October 27, 2010 By Dyno Rush

Operation Reverse Chaos

Limbaugh: Stewart & Colbert Rally Attendees Can Crap In Their Pants

Published on October 20, 2010 By Dyno Rush

Crap In Their Pants As Practice For Whats Gonna Happen On Election Day