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RUSH: Trump Supporters Want Press Secretary That SNL Can’t Make Fun Of

Published on July 21, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: There’s a press briefing scheduled to have happened 10 minutes ago. It hasn’t started yet. The Drive-Bys with waiting with bated breath to see who comes out and who does the briefing. Will it be Scaramucci and will Scaramucci be combative? Will Scaramucci tell the press corps to go to hell? Something like that. […]

31 ROCK: Sarah Palin Is HILARIOUS As Tina Fey

Published on December 22, 2015 By Dyno Rush

Sarah Palin stars in Independent Journal’s new comedy about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show. Also starring Kevin Brown (Dot Com), Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain Click Here For More ‘Fun Stuff’ On DailyRushbo

RUSH: Luis Gutierrez Should Be Demanding That Trump NOT Be Thrown Off SNL

Published on October 27, 2015 By Dyno Rush

GUTIERREZ:  When I asked these young Americans whether they plan to get registered to vote, every hand goes up in the classroom.  Donald Trump is spurring youth voter mobilization like I’ve never seen before.  But let’s be honest.  Do we really want to motivate civic participation through fear of deportation, racial profiling, and families being […]

SNL’s Lovitz Slams Obama on Taxes: “What A F*#?ing A$$hole”

Published on April 23, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Language Warning: NSFW HT Breitbart

Limbaugh: Tea Party People Are Scratching Their Heads, “What The Hell Happened Here?”

Published on April 6, 2012 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: And the Tea Party people are scratching their heads, “What the hell happened here?” And what happened was that a dyed-in-the-wool Reagan-type conservative never got in the race. The Rubios never got in. The Paul Ryans didn’t get in. Some people think Christie would have been good. He didn’t get in. They didn’t get […]

SNL’s Rush Limbaugh Sketch or Neil deGrasse Tyson? A No-Brainer.

Published on March 11, 2012 By Dyno Rush

This is where I was going to post the SNL Rush Limbaugh Sketch. To say it was LAME and BORING would be too kind. If your idea of entertainment is watching the same joke repeated ad nauseum click here. In it’s place I give you this AWESOME video. Neil deGrasse Tyson – We Stopped Dreaming