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Limbaugh Proves How STUPID The ‘Smartest Woman In The World’, Hillary Clinton, Really Is

Published on September 15, 2017 By Dyno Rush

EDITORS NOTE: This Is 2 Segments Combined For Your Convenience RUSH: Hillary Clinton was on PMSNBC last night with Rachel Maddow. Now, Hillary Clinton ran for president, everybody thinks that she was gonna win. She thought she should have won. She still thinks she should have won. She thought she was eminently, profoundly qualified, more […]

LIMBAUGH: Compared To Obama, Trump Is The Smartest Man In The Room

Published on March 24, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  Terry in Hewitt, Texas.  Great to have you.  Hi. CALLER:  Hi.  Hi, Rush. RUSH:  How you doing? CALLER:  I’m fine. RUSH:  Good. CALLER:  But I’m a little confused.  I’ve been listening to you warn us for years about the Democrats, you say, “when you can’t win in the arena of ideas you resort to […]

RUSH: Cruz Would Give Us The MOST FOCUSED, ORGANIZED, SMARTEST Effort At Unraveling ObamaCare

Published on March 11, 2016 By Dyno Rush

CALLER:  And Rush, let me ask you. Do you think if Ted Cruz were to win, do you think he would be able to fix Obamacare? RUSH:  I think if Ted Cruz were to win, we would get the most focused, organized, smartest effort at unraveling it we could get.  I think that there’s no […]