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RUSH: ‘This Country’s Gonna Be Sizzling!’ ‘A-Listers Gonna Want To Be Close To Trump’

Published on December 23, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  And it’s risky because any number of things are going to happen that nobody can foresee.  But right now everybody is the left is playing to type.  They are behaving exactly as you could predict.  They’re children.  They think that they run the world. They think this election’s an aberration. They think that Trump […]

SHOCK! RUSH: ‘Trump Won The Presidency The Day He Descended The Escalator At Trump Tower’

Published on December 20, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I’m gonna shock the world. I think Donald Trump won the presidency the day he descended the escalator at Trump Tower. CALLER: Very good. RUSH: I do! I do. And I really had this reinforced for me, ’cause The Politico’s running a piece… Is it The Politico? Politico, somebody’s running a… Yeah, The Politico […]

Limbaugh HAMMERS Michelle Obama: “For The First Time In 8 Years We Have Some DAMN HOPE!”

Published on December 16, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The first lady of the United States, who in all of this we are constantly told is the epitome of class.  No matter what else, this Regime and the Democrat Party, no matter what kind of murk and muck it’s swimming around in, we are told that Michelle (My Belle) Obama is, what, Mr. […]

LIMBAUGH: Obama Has A Chip On His Shoulder From The Founding Forward

Published on December 13, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: What would come to your mind first or second if I asked you the question, “What have I said consistently about Obama in trying to get people to understand who he is?” Answer: “He’s got a chip on his shoulder about this entire country from the founding forward because he thinks it’s unjust and […]


Published on December 8, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  From the New York Post:  “Obama is Helping Trump with Cabinet Picks.”  Okay, let’s examine this. (interruption)  No, no.  Why are you reacting that way?  Well, no.  Obama believes it, and that’s the key.  Do not forget what I told you.  Remember after the 10-minute Oval Office meeting that stretched to 90 minutes between the […]

RUSH: Hillary Floating 2020 Option In Order To Keep Raising Money For Clinton Foundation

Published on November 29, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: There was a Ron Fournier tweet yesterday. I had it in the Stack.  I didn’t get to it: “Raising doubts about legitimacy of election, even w/out overturning result, is part of Clinton’s plans to keep her options open for 2020.” So Ron Fournier says that Clinton’s team getting involved with Jill Stein is not […]

Limbaugh Responds To ‘Rush Revere’ Children’s Books Being Banned At Wisconsin School

Published on November 23, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: We just released the fifth book in the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series yesterday, just hit the shelves yesterday.  The email from Mr. Snerdley was a Web link from our old buddy Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. “Rush Limbaugh Children’s Books Banned at Wisconsin School: They’re ‘Inappropriate’ — School officials in […]

Rush Limbaugh Has A ‘Donna Brazile’ Character In His New Children’s Book

Published on November 22, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: One more little thing, a little anecdote here about Rush Revere and the Presidency.  Little did we know when we were writing it — it was Kathryn’s idea — but we have a Donna Brazile character in this book. How prescient are we?  One of the other students running for class president is a […]

RUSH: They Should Put A ‘SORE LOSER’ Wing In Obama’s Presidential Library

Published on November 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The depth of the Democrat defeat is massive.  Whether you want to look at it in context of a Trump victory or not, they have their own problems in the Democrat Party. They have been rejected deeply and consistently, and it is their policies which have been rejected.  We now know that the last […]

RUSH: Trump SCHOOLED Obama On The Dangers Of Accusing People Of Being Supported By The KKK

Published on November 10, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Well, let me offer my thoughts on what might have happened.  Can I?  May I?  With a smile on my face, can I tell you what you think might have happened in this 90-minute meeting that’s supposed to go 15?  It might have begun cordially and Obama might have started off in his arrogant, […]