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LIMBAUGH: Trump Has Changed The Rules Of Politics, Media Covering Wrong Things

Published on July 20, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Grab sound bites number eight and nine at least, because this is more of the same here. This is NBC Special Coverage, Republican National Convention, and the NBC crew is Tom Brokaw, F. Chuck Todd, Nicolle Wallace, and Savannah Guthrie.  We’re gonna play you audio sound bites of that moment in time when they […]


Published on May 10, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: American politics is determined by trolls on the internet today.  It may be is not determined, but internet trolls have a lot of say about what people are thought of. Well, Trump is an internet troll.  With all of his tweeting.  Trump is one of those guys.  Trump has brought the internet troll to […]

LIMBAUGH: Trump Has Violated Every DAMN Rule!

Published on May 6, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I think the biggest mistake people continue to make with Trump — and, by the way, again, I need to say this not as a Trump supporter.  I’m just telling you. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton, nor will I take any other action guaranteed to elect her, like third-party.  But I think […]

LIMBAUGH: I Want To Limit The Damage Of Trump’s Disastrous Abortion Comment

Published on April 1, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Whoever the nominee of this party ends up being, I want them to win because that is far more preferable to me than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or anybody else that they might nominate if they decide they don’t like Hillary, if they decide she can’t win.  If they try to do their […]


Published on April 1, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: My good friends at the Fox News Channel take issue with me. Dr. Krauthammer said that I was defending Trump, and Charles Lane of the Washington Post said I was defending Trump on the basis that he was asked a hypothetical question.  I wasn’t defending Trump at all.  If I was defending Trump I […]

RUSH: Trump Was Right On Abortion Question, But Politically Wrong

Published on March 31, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Here’s Nancy in Petoskey, Michigan.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello. CALLER:  Hi, Rush. RUSH:  Hey. CALLER:  Thank you for taking my call. RUSH:  You bet.  Great to have you here. CALLER:  Longtime listener.  Thank you for what you do.  My comment is this.  Donald Trump had that interview with Chris Matthews […]

Limbaugh Pushes Back Hard Against Accusations Of Defending Trump

Published on March 31, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  Okay.  I guess you’re just not as curious as I am.  These things are endlessly fascinating to me.  I have spent however many years doing this radio program.  I have been unable, in mass numbers, to separate Democrat voters from their stupid support of their candidates.  I can’t separate a mind-numbed robot that loves […]

RUSH: ‘Hypothetical’ Abortion Question To Trump Was A ‘GIANT SETUP’

Published on March 31, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  Right.  That’s Matthews.  But you see what’s going on here in this rapid-fire machine gun type accusation that is disguised as a question. (imitating Matthews) “Okay, so you think abortion is murder, you think it’s murder, answer the question. There has to be some form of punishment for the woman or what? She murdered […]

Rush Limbaugh Explains Trump’s ‘Abortion Punishment’ Comments

Published on March 31, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: This is a setup, now.  I’m gonna talk about Trump and abortion and Chris Matthews and PMSNBC — and we’ve got the audio sound bites — I’m gonna tell you what I think happened here.  And I want to stress that in explaining this, I am not — I’m serious.  People are making a […]

RUSH: Hillary’s Political Success Has ‘COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY BAFFLED ME!’

Published on March 14, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: First off, Hillary Clinton.  This is contradictory.  In addition to Mrs. Clinton announcing that foreign leaders have called her and asked to endorse her as a means of stopping Donald Trump, and she says that she said no, she said no, because American elections are just that, American elections.  And the American voters ought […]