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RUSH: What Happens When We Go Over The Cliff? A Democrat Orgasm

Published on November 30, 2012 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: So you say, “Okay, why would he want to go over the cliff?” Well, what happens when we go over the cliff? A Democrat orgasm happens. Taxes go up for everybody. That’s nirvana to these people. Taxes go up on everybody on January 1st, in all kinds of ways: income, payroll, Obamacare, taxes go […]

RUSH: Obama Agenda Is To Go Off The Fiscal Cliff

Published on November 21, 2012 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: … let me get into my prediction here on the fiscal cliff very quickly.  It won’t take much.  Not only are we not going to avoid the cliff; it is my contention, I say to you today that the Obama agenda is to go off the cliff.  He wants the cliff.  And he wants […]