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RUSH: ‘Public Christianity’ Helps Sportswriters Dump On Tony Dungy

Published on July 23, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: The media was just orgasming over this.  They couldn’t get enough of it.  It was the storyline.  It was, “Oh, what a great country. Oh, we’ve overcome,” all of this.  Well, when they went and talked to Dungy and Lovie Smith about it, they didn’t fall in line.  Dungy and Lovie Smith said, [...]

RUSH: I Never Endorsed Tony Dungy’s Remarks

Published on July 22, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH:  I need to ask you all question.  Yesterday when the news hit of Tony Dungy, I remember previewing the news by saying, “Folks, there is a huge ‘uh-oh’ I just learned about.  I mean, it is an ‘uh-oh,’” and I admitted to teasing you, and I held the details through a commercial break, [...]

RUSH: : The Rams Are Not A Football Team, They Are A ‘Social Experiment’

Published on July 21, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: CBS News Pittsburgh.  This is the, “Uh-oh!” I have it right here.  It’s a Pittsburgh.CBSlocal.com report: “Former Pittsburgh Steeler defensive coordinator, NFL head coach, and NBC analyst Tony Dungy is making headlines after reportedly saying he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because he is gay, and wouldn’t want to ‘deal with it.’ “Dungy [...]

RUSH: When Are The Gay Activists Gonna Demand That Tony Dungy Be Fired?

Published on July 21, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: Anyway, a couple of snarky e-mails.  “So, when are the gay activists going to demand that Tony Dungy be fired at NBC?  When do you think that’ll happen, Rush?”  Because, if you’re just joining us, and it has now been confirmed, Tony Dungy did tell, and he’s the moral authority of the NFL.  [...]

Rush Limbaugh Remembers Chuck Noll

Published on June 16, 2014 By Dyno Rush


Mark Levin: Slip-And-Fall Lawyers Are Taking Over The NFL

Published on May 20, 2014 By Dyno Rush

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RUSH: I Wonder If Hillary Is Gonna Attend Obama’s Concussion Summit

Published on May 16, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: “Barack Obama to Host Summit on Concussions in Youth Sports — President Obama this month will host a summit at the White House devoted to the issue of concussions in youth sports, an administration official said Thursday. ‘On May 29th, President Obama will host a @WhiteHouse summit on youth sports safety and concussions,’ [...]

RUSH: NFL Admits They Can’t Police Pot Use Among Players

Published on May 15, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: But forget all that. Forget all that. Just, “NFL Set to Loosen Pot Policy.” What does that say just by itself? (interruption) Snerdley says they don’t care much about it now. But it’s more than that. It’s an admission that they can’t police it. Or it’s an admission they don’t find anything wrong [...]

Limbaugh Predicts Michael Sam Will NOT Be Cut

Published on May 12, 2014 By Dyno Rush