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HILARIOUS! Vlad Putin Calls Sarah Palin On The ‘Tonight Show’

Published on April 3, 2014 By Dyno Rush

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LIMBAUGH: TV Ratings Don’t Matter Anymore

Published on February 19, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH:  Okay.  I normally wouldn’t talk about what I’m gonna talk about next, but I’m gonna talk about it because I have a giant See, I Told You So here, just a huge See, I Told You So.  It’s a big See, I Told You So, but it’s nothing I alone predicted or came [...]

Limbaugh Compares Erin Andrews – Richard Sherman Interview To Christin Cooper – Bode Miller

Published on February 17, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: Okay, let’s do it. Let’s do the A-B, side-by-side comparison, and let’s do ‘em in order. Here’s Richard Sherman, and he’s talking to Erin Andrews. This is January 19th after the Seahawks had beat the San Francisco Fort’iners. ######### RUSH: Now, his head is head in his hands and he’s collapsing while crying. [...]

‘A Communist Network’: Glenn Beck Tears Into NBC’s Olympics Coverage

Published on February 10, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet This Via Erica Ritz @ TheBlaze Glenn Beck on Monday ripped into NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics, saying it may as well consider itself a “communist network” at this point. Beck referred to NBC’s coverage of the opening ceremonies, in which a narrator described communism as a “pivotal experiment” while speaking of [...]

Find Out How Jon Stewart Helped Get Rush Limbaugh’s Ban On MSNBC Sound Bites Lifted

Published on October 9, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: So the ban’s been in place for well over a year, maybe longer than that.  But something happened yesterday with Andrea Mitchell that we’re gonna lift the ban.  Wisconsin Republican, Sean Duffy was a guest with Andrea Mitchell, and it starts this way.  She said, “Why not sit down and negotiate over entitlement [...]

RUSH: Since MSNBC Sound Bite Ban, Their Audience Has Declined By Over Half

Published on August 28, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, even my own staff challenges me. When I issue edicts, commands, orders, ideas, you would think that there would be overwhelming blanket acquiescence, approval, and support. When I, a year ago, issued this ban, if you will, of MSNBC sound bites — I’m not playing them anymore; I’m not gonna [...]

RUSH: GOP Should Put Together Their Own Debates On Their Own Networks

Published on August 9, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: You know this whole War on Women thing, remember how that got started. Just to remind you again.  It was in January of last year and it was a Republican debate, ABC was doing it. Stephanopoulos was moderating it and out of the blue he starts asking Romney about contraception.  Contraception wasn’t an [...]

RUSH: GOP Should Pull Out Of All Debates On MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN. ‘There’s Nothing To Gain’

Published on August 5, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: “But if you do, if you produce these Hillary movies, we’re not showing up! We’re not gonna sign off on you moderating any of our debates.”  Now, maybe some people might find this good, or admirable or whatever.  I actually think that the chairman of the RNC could send this letter and simply [...]

Levin Goes Nuclear: I Don’t Care What Paula Deen Said 30 Years Ago! The Country’s Going To Hell!

Published on June 30, 2013 By Dyno Rush

TweetOn Friday’s show Mark Levin was fuming and  fed up with the Paula Deen story and the Zimmerman case and how America is being depicted as a racist country. Levin said, “America is a great country. America is not a racist country. Yes there may be individual acts of racism. No question about it. And [...]

NBC News’ Martin Bashir Jumps The ‘N-Word’ Shark

Published on June 6, 2013 By Dyno Rush

TweetDR: I have no words. This just has to be seen to be believed. This is so far beyond absurd that I don’t think it’s even retractable. Just watch and… I don’t know… I just don’t know. Head over to Twitchy to see some Twitter reaction to this insanity