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LIMBAUGH: What In The World Happened To All The Trump Voters?

Published on October 19, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Let me first ask you a question.  Do you think Trump has less support from the base than Mitt Romney had in 2012?  I don’t know the answer.  I’m just asking you what you think as you ponder these things.  Remember we were told that anywhere from two to four million Republicans did not […]

LIMBAUGH: GOP Can’t Even Unify Around The Concept Of WINNING!

Published on October 10, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  Here’s the bottom line.  I note that Paul Ryan has all but concluded that Trump is gonna lose.  He’s not pulled back his endorsement, but he’s not gonna go out and fight.  That’s right.  He has not pulled the endorsement.  But he’s telegraphed he thinks Trump’s gonna lose and now he’s working on saving […]

RUSH: Media Not Offended In The Slightest By What Trump Said. They’re Capitalizing On It!

Published on October 10, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: All these people on the left and the media running around outrageously offended? They’re not offended in the slightest by what Trump said!  They’re capitalizing on it.  They’re the ones that set up this permissive society! They’re the ones who have shred the boundaries.  They are the ones who have erased… These are the […]

RUSH: Trump ‘Open-Mic’ Tape Is A Microcosm Of What This Entire Election Is About

Published on October 10, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  All right, sir.  That open-mic tape, let’s just cut to the chase here.  That open-mic tape is in a microcosm what this entire election is about.  You’re probably saying, “What?”  Yeah, it is.  That whole thing is exactly what Trump winning the nomination is about.  Now, whether it’s gonna see it through to victory […]

WHAT A MISS! RUSH: Women Quoting Trump Ad Is ‘FIRING BLANKS’

Published on March 15, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: We have that ad coming up, by the way.  Have you seen that ad? (interruption) You’ve seen that?  (interruption) Well, do you know that’s a Mitt Romney PAC that did that ad? That ad could have come from any feminazi PAC, but that ad came from the Mitt.  That ad… There is so much […]

#HILARIOUS PARODY: The Romney Report

Published on March 9, 2016 By Dyno Rush

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RUSH: NO WAY Anybody’s Gonna Talk Trump Voters Out Of Voting For Trump

Published on March 3, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Going after Trump… Especially after this today, going after Trump today is gonna be seen with piling on with Romney.  And that’s not gonna do him any good.  Nobody wants Romney to be joined in this. CALLER:  Okay, let me ask you this one.  Does this tactic…? What you think if this may or […]

LIMBAUGH: Everything Is Set To BACKFIRE On GOP Establishment

Published on March 3, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Now, remember, every four years when they nominate McCain, what do they tell us?  “We must unify.”  They come to us and they tell us it’s up to us to be good losers. Our guy didn’t win. “But we must — for the sake of party unity and for dealing with the Democrats — […]

BINGO! RUSH: Cruz Will Be The Next TARGET

Published on March 3, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Tony in Denver.  You’re next.  It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello. CALLER:  Hey.  So if they succeed in destroying Trump, then they’re gonna turn right around and have to do the same thing to Cruz, right? RUSH:  Bingo!  Bingo!  You got it.  Exactly.  That would be the next phase.  If […]

LIMBAUGH: It’s ROMNEY Who Has To Explain Himself, NOT TRUMP

Published on March 3, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: But the reason I want you to hear these sound bites is because these sound bites, matched against what Romney said today, are a glaring reason, one of many reasons why the Washington establishment is being rejected and not trusted and not supported.  Let’s go back, February 2nd, 2012, in Las Vegas, the Trump […]