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RUSH: Mexico ‘Driven Up The Wall’ By Trump

Published on April 26, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Look at this headline.  I mean, there’s all kinds of little nuggets out there.  “Driven Up the Wall by Trump, Mexico Looks to Recast Image in US.”  This is a Reuters story.  Why, some might say whatever Trump is doing is already getting results.  Page two of this story: Mexican officials say that Republicans […]

LIMBAUGH: The New Donald Trump

Published on April 21, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Donald Trump confounding his supporters today and confounding many in the Drive-By Media.  Donald Trump and his acceptance remarks after the New York primary referred to “Senator Cruz” a couple of times, did not refer to him as Lyin’ Ted.  And this prompted many in the Drive-By Media to applaud the Trumpster for now […]

LIMBAUGH: IT’S SAD… Schumer And Gang Of 8 Took Rubio Out Years Ago

Published on March 16, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The left, the happiest thing for them yesterday was Rubio losing because they really believe that Rubio was the one problem Hillary had.  I think they’re wrong.  But that’s what they think.  They think Rubio would have given her the big, ’cause he’s young, he’s energetic, because he’s got the policy down pat. He’s […]

Rush Limbaugh Opens Up About ‘OFF THE RECORD’ Immigration Reform Dinner

Published on February 29, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I was indeed invited to attend a dinner in New York on I think it was… Well, the dates are running together. When was the…? It was March 9th, 2011, five years ago now. I was invited. I got a call from Mr. Ailes, who is a friend of mine, and said (Rubio was […]

PATENTLY ABSURD! RUSH: NYT Implies That I Am A Secret, Clandestine Supporter Of Amnesty

Published on February 29, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Now, on Sunday, the New York Times had a story that is an attempt, was an attempt to drive a wedge between me and those of you in my audience.  The attempt was to imply, because they cannot state it, the attempt here was to imply that I am a secret, clandestine operative for […]

RUSH: What A ‘GIFT BASKET’ Trump Has Been Given By The Pope

Published on February 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Here’s Trump in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, during campaign event. Two more sound bites… TRUMP: He actually said that maybe I’m not a good Christian or something. It’s unbelievable. Which is really not a nice thing to say. If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS — which, as everyone knows, is ISIS’ […]

LIMBAUGH: It’s Now A LEGIT Question To Ask If The Pope Is Catholic

Published on February 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: You know, folks, I’ve been around so long, I can remember when it was a rhetorical question to ask, “Is the pope Catholic?” Now it’s a legit question. Here is the pope. This was on the papal plane, which I think is an Alitalia Airlines jet, on the way back to the walled Vatican […]

LIMBAUGH: Has The Pope Ever Questioned Obama’s Faith?

Published on February 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Now, Trump is out there saying that what the pope said is a disgrace. He didn’t specifically call the pope a liar and he didn’t threaten to sue the pope, so maybe he’s moderating. You know, if Ted Cruz had told him he wasn’t a Christian, he’d threaten to sue him and so forth, […]

LIMBAUGH: Who Is The Pope Working For?

Published on February 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I just got an e-mail. Somebody said, “Hey, Rush, is this now a problem for Trump with the pope claiming he’s not a Christian?” Ladies and gentlemen, no. If you’re still looking for that straw that’s gonna break the camel’s, this is not it. That’s not even the question. The real question here is […]

RUSH: Being Loyal To The GOP Hasn’t Worked

Published on January 22, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: What I know is that neither of these two parties, in recent years — well, one party is destroying what I wholeheartedly, fervently believe with every fiber of my being is the best nation ever conceived by human beings.  One party has set out to destroy it.  They call it transforming it.  Now, to […]