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RUSH: Hillary Is Right. Putin Is Acting Like Hitler Did.

Published on March 5, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: This is getting out of hand now.  Hillary Clinton is saying that Vladimir Putin is a Nazi, and Putin is saying that the Ukrainians are Nazis, and Tony Kornheiser says that the whole state of Arizona is Nazis.  The only person that’s not a Nazi anymore is me.  This is progress, ladies and gentlemen.  […]

Mark Levin Calls For The Firing Of Al Sharpton

Published on May 29, 2012 By Dyno Rush

Levin: What is he [Sharpton]? Is he an activist, rabble-rouser, radio host, T.V. host, civil rights leader, what is he? He’s an A-Hole, that’s what he is. Watch Video Via FoxNation: SHARPTON: REPUBLICANS WANT TO ‘WIPE OUT INNOCENT PEOPLE’ LIKE ‘HITLER’S GERMANY’

Rush Caller Julie Wants Chris Christie To Be Our Churchill

Published on April 26, 2011 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Republican Leadership Is Not Acting Like The Country Is Facing An Immanent Threat

Hitler Finds Out That Olbermann Has Been Fired

Published on January 23, 2011 By Dyno Rush