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Limbaugh Withdraws Claim That Trump Budget Is DOA

Published on March 17, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The Trump budget. You know, I fell into a trap yesterday. My friends, I erred. I made a mistake. And in making the mistake I can demonstrate how easy it is for, even people like me, the most highly trained, the most highly aware specialist, people who know left and right, backwards and forwards […]


Published on March 16, 2017 By Dyno Rush



Published on March 16, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: So the president submits his budget, and it becomes a blueprint of what he wants, but it don’t carry any weight unless he has the muscle and the party support in Congress to work together with his Republican majority to craft a budget that Trump wants. Now, Trump clearly has a Republican majority. He’s […]

Limbaugh Warns: Obama’s ‘DEEP STATE’ At EPA More Radical Than At Intel Agencies

Published on February 17, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Scott Pruitt was confirmed. Scott Pruitt was confirmed as director of the EPA, a guy who once stated he wanted to get rid of it. Now, what was happening today: “Employees of the [EPA] have been calling their senators to urge them to vote on Friday against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s […]

RUSH: 12-Year-Old, Margo, Asks ULTIMATE And BRILLIANT Question. ‘Why Don’t We Have The Freedom To Choose?’

Published on August 27, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The compact fluorescent bulb is a genuine hazardous material threat.  Inside each of these bulbs is mercury, and mercury is poisonous, and it is dangerous.  If one of these compact fluorescent bulbs breaks, shatters, like any other lightbulb does, in many cases you have to call professionals to come clean it up and remove […]

Levin FUMES: Obama Has Organized The Executive Branch Like A Dictator Or A Marxist Would

Published on May 6, 2014 By Dyno Rush

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RUSH: Journalism Is An Incestuous Pool, It’s A Revolving Door

Published on February 21, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Don’t you understand that these journalists are, in effect, part of these administrations? That’s what people can’t get their arms around.  Journalism in Washington is not in a cocoon.  A journalist will leave and go work for a Congressman.  Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, used to work at Time Magazine as a […]

Bo Snerdley To Obama: “You The BGIC, The Big Gangsta In Charge”

Published on June 14, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Now time, ladies and gentlemen, for the Official Obama Criticizer. Here is Mr. Bo Snerdley. OFFICIAL OBAMA CRITICIZER: Thank you. This is Bo Snerdley, the Official EIB Obama Criticizer, certified black enough to criticize, 100% American organic slave blood, with a legitimate birth certificate on file, uncut truth on your dial, delivered with a […]

Levin Hammers NYTimes: ‘This Newspaper Is A Disgrace, Has Been Rooting For Tyranny’

Published on June 6, 2013 By Dyno Rush

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Levin On NSA Spying: ‘We Have The Elements Of A Police State Here’

Published on June 6, 2013 By Dyno Rush

Watch the latest video at FoxNews.com by Fox News Insider Radio talk show host Mark Levin got more than a little worked up on Thursday’s Your World, telling host Neil Cavuto that in light of revelations about the NSA tracking Verizon subscribers’ phone records, “…we have the elements of a police state here, and I’m […]