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Limbaugh Withdraws Claim That Trump Budget Is DOA

Published on March 17, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The Trump budget. You know, I fell into a trap yesterday. My friends, I erred. I made a mistake. And in making the mistake I can demonstrate how easy it is for, even people like me, the most highly trained, the most highly aware specialist, people who know left and right, backwards and forwards […]


Published on March 16, 2017 By Dyno Rush



Published on March 16, 2017 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: So the president submits his budget, and it becomes a blueprint of what he wants, but it don’t carry any weight unless he has the muscle and the party support in Congress to work together with his Republican majority to craft a budget that Trump wants. Now, Trump clearly has a Republican majority. He’s […]

RUSH: We’re ‘On The CUSP’ Of Having The Entire Washington Game ‘BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS’

Published on December 19, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  These people are the Republican that looked the other way and didn’t have the guts to stop Obama when his budgeting went out of control.  I think Trump is literally going to try.  That’s why he’s got the people he’s got in his cabinet.  These are people that can’t spend willy-nilly.  These are people […]


Published on October 28, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I think what’s going on in Washington right now — and it isn’t new, it’s just more visible than it’s ever been.  I think there’s all kinds of bipartisanship going on in Washington.  I think there’s all kinds of cooperation going on in Washington.  I think that it’s kumbaya time.  I think they are […]

RUSH: If GOP Debate Moderators Don’t Ask About Budget Deal, Then ‘The Fix Is Really In’

Published on October 28, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  Big Republican debate tonight, Colorado, opposite the second game the World Series.  Cookie just sent me a note, “Do you have any predictions for the debate tonight?”  No. None.  No clue.  I mean, not along the lines of earlier debates when I was able to predict what the media was gonna do and so […]

INFURIATING! RUSH: Budget Deal Paves Way For Hillary Presidency

Published on October 28, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: So how does the budget deal pave the way for Hillary Clinton?  Folks, it’s real simple.  Over half of any Republican candidate’s campaign arsenal has just been neutered.  The Republican Party cannot campaign by running around blaming the Democrats for destroying budget, for overspending, for threatening the very fabric economically of the country.  They can’t […]

RUSH WAS RIGHT! Obama Making A Beeline For Retirement Accounts

Published on February 6, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: It’s a story from the website’s Watchdog.org, and the headline: “Obama’s Budget Targets Your Retirement Accounts.”  I can’t recall the number of times that I have mentioned casually, forcefully, predicted directly over the course of the years that, as this government continued to expand and spend money it didn’t have and print money it […]

RUSH: The Purpose Of The Government From The Left Standpoint Is NOT Results

Published on May 21, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH:  All right.  Let me answer my own question.  I’m best at that anyway.  Because, A, it’s a good question, B, the answer’s even better, and C, this is the kind of thing that the network’s gonna play for their guests to react to on future shows.  My question to the good doctor we just […]

RUSH: GOP Really Not That Unhappy With What’s Going On

Published on December 13, 2013 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: They had their Contract with America. Back when Newt was Newt, they fought the Democrats. They fought Clinton every day, every year. They ended up going off the rails, but the fact is that it can be done. This bunch, for some reason, takes comfort in — and wants us to take comfort in […]