SOTU Drinking Game: Rush Has A Word Guaranteed To Keep You Sober… ‘WISCONSIN’

RUSH:  Really, if you’re gonna do a drinking game tonight… You know, we’ve often suggested this, drinking games. Pick a word, and every time you hear the word, you gotta take a shot, gonna take a hit.  If you want to do this and stay sober tonight, you tell your group that you will only consume adult beverages every time you hear the word “Wisconsin” mentioned, ’cause I guarantee you, ladies and gentlemen, you won’t hear Wisconsin mentioned because you will not hear it from the president tonight.

You will not hear him take note of anything that’s actually working, and Wisconsin is working.  You won’t hear what the governor there is doing.  You will not hear what the governor is doing that has worked so well.  You won’t hear about that tonight.

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