LIMBAUGH: ‘SHOCKED’ Democrats Saw The Real Trump For The First Time

RUSH: So I’m watching this, and I’m becoming more convinced that many of them are hearing this, much of it, for the first time — really hearing it from Trump’s mouth for the first time. I think they are that sequestered, they are that secluded, but they seclude themselves in an air of superiority. Trump’s way down there on the food chain.

Trump’s an idiot. Trump’s this. They don’t need to take the time to understand Trump. They already know Trump: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. Remember, these are small-minded, narrow-minded people. And as this went on, the looks on the faces of so many of these Democrats… The expressions were at one time blank, they were shocked, they were surprised. And there are countless examples. If I wanted to search the deep, dark crevices of my fertile mind, I could give you examples where the Democrats actually have not heard or seen things exactly as you and I have — and when they do, they’re shocked and stunned.

I’ll tell you what else was going through their minds last night because of this. What they knew, what scared the heck out of them last night was that Trump — in their faces, in their presence, on national TV… Here’s another thing. There were many Americans watching that speech last night who themselves saw Trump for who he is for the first time. There were a lot of people in this country that only watch the Drive-By Media, and all they know of Trump is that he worked with the Russians to rig the election, or that he hates women, or that he’s a bombastic narcissist or whatever.

The daily criticisms. That’s what they know because that’s what’s in the media. Then they watch this last night, and it doesn’t compute with what they’ve heard. I’ve been there, folks, I know exactly how this happens. And the Democrats were witnessing it. And what they were realizing was that Donald Trump had just destroyed their efforts past five weeks to many of you define him. He went right over their heads. He went right over the heads of the fake news and the Drive-By Media and reached people who, in many cases — not all — were seeing the real Trump for the first time since the campaign began.



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