RUSH: You Haven’t Seen ‘BLEEDING In The Streets’ Until Obamacare Passes The Senate

RUSH: The bottom line is this: Everybody on the left and in the media thinks that it is Trump losing his mind or ought to be losing his mind because anybody in Trump’s position would be driven crazy here by all this media harassment, by all this hatred.

Any normal human being would be suing for peace, would be asking for people to stop. “Can I resign? What can I do? I want to spare my family,” and Trump’s not doing that. And because he’s not, they’re getting more and more wacko. And this is gonna be… If this happens, if Obamacare passes the Senate? (choking) Folks, you haven’t seen chaos. (laughing) You haven’t seen panic. You haven’t seen bleeding in the streets until that happens! You think these women have been putting on their pussai hats and running around? Wait until this happens. Wait ’til you see the bought and paid for rioting. (interruption)

“OMG! Whisky Tango Foxtrot?” is exactly right.


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