RUSH: “Yes, Virginia, There Are Death Panels,” And Sebelius Is It

CALLER:  This morning I’m listening to CBS News, and I think I did a double-take when I heard a story about Kathleen Sebelius saying no to that kid, and I thought, holy cow, is that a shot across the bow to the public or what?  Then I hear a story about Mrs. Obama heckled at a private fundraiser, and they ran audio of that, and I’m thinking, okay, what’s going on here, you know?

RUSH:  Well, as far as Sebelius, the value there is that yes, Virginia, there are death panels, and she’s it.


RUSH:  This is where we’ve been headed.  We’ve got a 10-year-old girl that needs a lung transplant, and the government’s involved. The government says, yes, you can. Or, no, you can’t?  Does the name Jane Sturm ring a bell with you, Greg?

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Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Was Right ‘There Are Indeed Death Panels In ObamaCare’

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