RUSH: Women Should Stop FARTING In Cars

RUSH: Shortly after this program began… (interruption)  What?  No, no, that’s true. It’s true.  (laughing) It is true to say.  Each day I probably do choose the path of the most resistance when doing this program.  (laughing) Some people choose the path of least resistance.  I aim this program at the most resistance. I do! Not even by design. Just standing up for what’s right takes you down the path of most resistance.  That’s where this program goes each and every day.

Anyway, shortly after this program began in August of 1988, something happened. I forget what it was, but there was a rash of highway accidents, and there was a lot of concern over people driving in ways that distracted them.  So I came up with a solution, and the solution was to get women to stop “farding” in their cars while they’re driving, and this caused an absolute outrage down the affiliate line. At our affiliate in Chicago, WLS, Tom Tradup was the program director, the general manager.

Back in those days, they still weren’t sure.  Not just LS, but they still weren’t sure that syndicated programming was the answer.  What I was trying to do had never worked in the daytime and had always failed, both in ratings and in financing terms.  So there was — and I knew this.  There was a very thin line that I was on, and it didn’t take much to veer off that line.  If I gave any ammunition to people who really didn’t want to carry this program, they would take it. 

That’s not a criticism of them; it’s just the lay of the land as it was back in 1988 when the program started.  I don’t want to get too inside baseball, but back then the belief was that radio, to succeed, had to be local, local, local.  You had to have local hosts. You had to have local phone numbers. You had to have local issues.  Or you didn’t have a prayer.  Television was national.  But radio? No, no, no.  It would never work.  Oh, yeah, and you had to have guests.

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