RUSH: Women Better Be Glad Men Talk The Way We Do. It’s What Makes Babies.

RUSH: So I checked the email during the break. You knew this was gonna happen, didn’t you? You’re looking at me like you’ve got — “So, Rush, ‘Is Irene Kennedy a looker?’ That was your question for Vince? And Vince said, ‘No. You shouldn’t think of her that way. She is the epitome of intelligence.’ Rush, are you telling us that the epitome of an intelligence official cannot be attractive?”

No, folks, I’m not — I totally understand the snark in the email. I kind of did step into that ’cause I was just being my regular-guy self here without any concerns for political correctness. I did ask him. We read the Vince Flynn books, you get to know Vince Flynn, you ask him about the characters, and Irene Kennedy is brilliant, she’s a boss. Vince Flynn looks up to here. It’s natural to ask, is she a looker? She’s a character in a book.

There’s no picture there. I’m asking the author, what does she look like? I chose to ask, “Is she a looker?” Guys talk that way. I’m sorry, ladies, we talk this way. And you better be glad that we do. It’s what makes babies. Well, it is. I’m sorry. My dad told me that, and I thought, “What are you talking about?” It’s right. Anyway, I did not mean to imply that professional women cannot be attractive, nor did I mean to infer from Vince’s answer that.

It was about this particular character, and that’s how he chose to describe her to me. She is. She’s a looker in the movie. She’s African-American. She is the boss. She’s the boss of a black ops unit, is what she is. She’s not the CIA director. Later on in the book she becomes the CIA director. She’s not in the early stages. But she runs the black ops unit, which Mitch is the predominant member of. And that’s who he loves and respects and admires. And it’s to the CIA director that Irene Kennedy goes to not ask, but to tell him what the black ops people are doing.


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